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US Army Recruitment 2023/2024 Form Portal |

US Army Recruitment 2023. This article is here to guide you on how to apply for US Army recruitment on the US Army official portal.

US Army recruitment

Are you interested in joining the US Army? If yes, ensure you read this post to the end to get everything needed to stand a chance of being shortlisted for the US Army recruitment 2023.

Many aspirants have asked us “When is the US Army 2023 recruitment starting?”

This question will be answered on this page and everything you need to be shortlisted for the US Army job will also be clearly stated. So, don’t go anywhere.

Applicants who want to download the US Army application form should do so by visiting the US Army website at and download the US Army form 2023 PDF.

Note: US Army registration is completely free. Do not pay anyone to register for the job.

Having said that, let’s quickly move to how to register US Army job vacancies.

Requirements for US Army Recruitment 2023

To be qualified for the 2023/2024 US Army recruitment, the applicant must:

  1. be single
  2. not be pregnant
  3. be at least 17 but not less than 22 years of age
  4. not be legally responsible for support of any child
  5. in good physical and mental health
  6. pass a medical examination (DODMERB)

How to Apply for US Army Recruitment 2023

The procedures below will walk you through to apply for US Army job:

  1. Visit US Army login portal at
  2. Follow the instructions on the US Army official website.
  3. Fill and submit your application form

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Important Things to Know About the US Army

Army ROTC Four-Year High School Scholarship

If you’re in high school and looking for help with college tuition, the Army ROTC Four-Year High School Scholarship could be right for you.

With it, you can attend college, train to be a leader and earn a commission as an Army Officer upon graduation.

Become an Enlisted Soldier

Enlisted Soldiers are the backbone of the Army. The enlistment process begins your career as an enlisted Soldier in the Active Army or Army Reserve.

Filling out the application is not a commitment to serve. A recruiter will contact you once you submit your application.

Enlisted Soldiers

Enlisted Soldiers are the most important part of the Army structure. They carry out orders and complete missions.

As a Soldier, you will be challenged to accomplish tasks that will put your abilities to the test, and you will discover talents that you never dreamed you had.

What Does Enlistment Mean?

Enlistment is the process of taking an oath of U.S. Army service and becoming a Soldier. During this process, you will talk to a recruiter, attend Basic Combat Training (BCT), and choose your Army job.

Your responsibilities as an enlisted Soldier will depend on your choice of career path. You will have many options from which to choose, including intelligence, combat support, law enforcement, arts and media, healthcare and aviation.

Basic Combat Training

After a recruiter successfully helps you enlist, you will enter Basic Combat Training (BCT). During Basic Training, you will learn the ins and outs of being a Soldier.

Talk to a Recruiter

Recruiters are always available to answer any questions you may have about the Army and enlistment. 

What Are Active Duty and Reserve

The regular Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard are each important components of the total Army structure.

While active duty Soldiers serve full time, Army Reserve and Army National Guard Soldiers serve part-time. Find out more by clicking the links below.

Active Duty


The Army counts on active duty Soldiers for day-to-day operations. Each Soldier has his or her own specialized training and serves a critical function within his or her unit.


Active duty Soldiers serve in the Army 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the duration of their service commitment. Think of it as working a full-time job.


Your living situation will be based on a number of factors, including your unit, your Army job (Military Occupational Specialty), and your deployment status.

But generally, you will live on a base, either in a forward area of operations or within the United States.

Most bases have a fitness center, a community pool, parks, walking and biking trails and camping areas.

You could also take part in a wide variety of intramural sports, including football, baseball, soccer and Frisbee golf.

Soldiers have access to specialized and discounted shopping at the Post Exchange (PX), and you’ll find all of the brands you would in the civilian world, but at much more affordable prices.


Both single Soldiers and Soldiers with families may live on an Army base. Single Soldier barracks are equipped with general-purpose washrooms, an apartment-style kitchen area, walk-in closets and a common area.

Families are provided with modern housing with yard space, appliances, laundry rooms and a garage.


Active duty service terms typically last two to six years, but your service length may vary depending on your unit’s mission. Soldiers are eligible for a two-week rest and relaxation leave after six months of deployment.


When you make the decision to join the Army, you will take a test called the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

Think of it as the Army’s version of the SAT. It’s designed to help the Army understand your skills.

Once you complete the test, you’ll be able to choose from a list of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) that match your qualifications.

After you complete Basic Combat Training (BCT), you will then move on to Advanced Individual Training (AIT), where you will become an expert in the MOS you have chosen. Think of it as a technical school for Army Soldiers.

After you graduate from your AIT school, you will receive orders to join your unit at your next duty station.

Serving in the Army Reserve

Unlike active duty, Army Reserve Soldiers serve part time, allowing them to earn an extra paycheck, go to school, or work a civilian job while still maintaining many of the benefits of military service.

What is the Army Reserve?

The Army Reserve is the Army’s pool of extra resources and personnel. Reserve Soldiers perform critical Army jobs on a part-time basis.

When Will I Serve?

You will spend one weekend a month on duty and two weeks a year in training. Soldiers in the Army Reserve may be called to active duty to provide their expertise.

Your total service contract length in the Army Reserve may range from three to six years, depending on your Army Reserve job.

Where Will I Live?

Unlike serving on Active Duty, you will be able to live anywhere in the United States. If you are planning on attending college or advancing within your civilian career, Army Reserve service will provide you with the flexibility to live where you choose.

What’s The Pay Like?

Even though you will spend a limited amount of your time on duty, Army Reserve Soldiers earn competitive salaries, and have access to a wide range of benefits.

As a Private, for example, you will make more than $3,000 a year, and you’ll receive health care, retirement and education benefits. As you move up in rank, your pay increases.

Simply signing up as an Army Reserve Soldier may qualify you for a list of bonuses and incentives, including a skills bonus, Officer Candidate School bonus, and a translator aide bonus.

Part of the benefit of becoming a Soldier in the Army Reserve is the free time you will have to accomplish your goals.

In the Army Reserve, not only will you have time to complete school, but you’ll have the money for it too.

Soldiers qualify for a variety of education funding opportunities for their military service, including the Montgomery GI Bill Kicker, the Army Reserve Education Assistance Program and more.

Does Army Reserve Get Deployed?

Generally, Active Duty Soldiers are the ones who are deployed overseas, while Army Reserve Soldiers fill their positions at home, but there are times of great need when Reserve Soldiers may be deployed.

US Army Recruitment Closing Date

The closing date or deadline for US Army Recruitment/Registration has not been officially announced. Once the deadline is announced, you will be notified

To stay updated on the latest news about US Army Recruitment 2023, kindly let us know in the comment box and please, remember to share this information by clicking the Facebook share button or any of the social media share buttons below.

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