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How to Change Phone Number on Gmail Account

change gmail phone number

Welcome to this tutorial on how to change Gmail Phone number. There might be a need to change the phone number you used in creating your Gmail account. One may not have access to the phone number he/she used to register a Gmail account due to one reason or the other. This post will walk … Read more

How to Download Videos on Youtube (The Most Simplest Way)

youtube video

Download Videos on Youtube Welcome to this interesting article on how to download videos on Youtube. The following will be discussed in this post: How to download video on youtube for free How to Download video on youtube to your computer How to download videos from youtube on a Mac The following questions as pertaining … Read more

How to Calculate CGPA

Calculate CGPA This article will show you how to calculate CGPA. Before we go ahead with how to calculate your CGPA, let’s look at the terms used in the calculation of Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) CREDIT HOUR This can also be called a credit unit or credit load. It is simply the number of … Read more Protection Status