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British Army Recruitment 2021. This article is here to guide you on how to apply for UK Army recruitment on the British Army official portal.

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Are you interested in joining the British Military? If yes, ensure you read this post to the end to get everything needed to stand a chance of being shortlisted for the UK Army recruitment 2021.

Many aspirants have asked us; when is the British Army 2021 recruitment starting?

This question will be answered on this page and everything you need to be shortlisted for the UK Army will also be clearly stated. So, don’t go anywhere.

Applicants who want to download the British Army for commonwealth application form should do so by visiting the UK Army website at and download the British Army form 2021 PDF.

Having said that, let’s quickly move to how to register British Army job vacancies.

Requirements for UK Army Recruitment 2021

To be qualified for the 2021/2022 British Army for foreigners recruitment, you need to meet the following

If you can say Yes to all of the following statements you have met basic entry requirements for joining the Army.

1. AGE: I can join between the ages of 16 and 50 years old

2. NATIONALITY: I am a British, Irish or a Commonwealth citizen

3. HEALTH & FITNESS: I am fit and have no injuries

4. MEDICAL CONDITION: I have no medical issues at the moment

5. EDUCATION: I have finished school, or am still studying

6. CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS: I have no unspent criminal convictions

7. TATTOOS & PIERCINGS: I don’t have any tattoos above my collar, or that are offensive

How to Apply for British Army Recruitment 2021

The procedures below will walk you through to apply for British Army job vacancies:

  1. Visit the UK Army recruitment login portal at
  2. Follow the instructions on the UK Army official website.
  3. Fill your details and submit your application form
UK Army application form

Trending Jobs:


  • Regular Soldier (Standard Entry)
  • Junior Soldier (Harrogate)
  • Professionally Qualified Entry


  • Regular Officer (Standard Entry)
  • Bursary
  • Scholarship
  • Gap Year Commission
  • Professionally Qualified Officer (PQO)


Hear from some new recruits, and their experiences of the application process and how they felt during their journey.

 The recruits talk about the support they had during the journey, and help they received when needed – whether it was reassurance about things that they were worried about, or practical help in getting them ready to do their best at the Assessment Centre.

If you’re thinking about joining, but not sure what to expect, this video should answer some of your questions. You can also talk to your local recruitment team, who are on hand to offer any advice.

Whether you’re joining as an officer or a soldier, you’ll find all the help you need from your local Army Career Centre.

Here you’ll have a recruiter who will help you through your application. They’ll get to know you, and when you’re ready to move on to the next stage. The office occasionally holds sessions for candidates on different topics, that you might be invited to. 

These events include:

  • Information and advice about the Assessment Centre tests
  • Fitness support sessions
  • Running clubs
  • Drop in sessions on different topics, like Junior Entry or Basic Training

UK Army Recruitment Registration Closing Date

The closing date or deadline for UK Army Recruitment/Registration has not been officially announced. Once the deadline is announced, you will be notified

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  1. I am interested in joining the British Army Force. I am from Fiji Island and would like to join in for more learning experiences from your country!

  2. I downloaded a PDF application form for joining the British army and filled it. This was towards the end of March, 2021 . When I clicked on “done”, a Guide Book appeared. I reasoned that the Guide Book could be read for facts but could not be recited like poems. So I saved a copy of it quickly and clicked on “done”. This time, a new thing did not appear. The Guide Book remained where it was. Up to now, it is there and I am studying it gradually. I have not lost hope at all.

    This article gives me a second hope. I now hope to get a recruiter from a local army career centre to help me throughout the application process.

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    • Keep checking this page. When the deadline is announced, I will update it here.

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