NECO Marketing Questions and Answers 2020 (Essay/Objectives)

NECO Marketing Questions and Answers 2020. I will be showing you past Marketing objective and theory repeated questions for free in this post. You will also understand how NECO Marketing questions are set and how to answer them.

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The National Examinations Council (NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

NECO Marketing Objectives and Essay answers 2020 (Expo)

The 2020 NECO Marketing expo will be posted here on the day of the NECO Marketing examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.

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The questions below are the Neco past questions and answers that will help you in your 2020 Neco Marketing Questions.

The questions below are the NECO 2020 Marketing Practice Questions. Go through them and be ready to score high in your NECO 2020 Marketing Examination.

Tips on How to Pass NECO Marketing Questions

Following the tips provided in this post will help you score high in the upcoming NECO Marketing examination.

1. The performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer is
A. distribution.
B. marketing.
C. advertising.
D. promotion.

2. Goods produced for immediate use by a household is classified as
A. industrial goods.
B. market goods.
C. durable goods.
D. consumer goods.

3. Which of the following is not a component of marketing mix?
A. Price
B. Product
C. Profit
D. Promotion

4. Which of the following is not influenced by consumer behavior?
A. Life style
B. Culture
C. Religion
D. Distribution

5. In Nigeria, the body that ensures that its members operate according to their professional ethics is the





More objective questions and theory loading…


Have a Target and Work Towards Actualizing it 

You have decided to pass NECO Marketing 2020 and I am sure of that. Now, the next thing you should do is set targets.

You have told yourself, “I will score A in Neco Marketing 2020”, that’s not all. You need to plan on how to make it happen to make an excellent NECO result. Create a timetable and master plan to achieve your goals.

 Get the Recommended Textbook on Marketing for 2020 NECO Examination

Normally, Neco recommends books for the examination. But apart from NECO Literature in English where certain novels are compulsory, you are free to use any good Marketing textbook to prepare for NECO 2020 exam.

Some textbooks are more difficult to understand. If you have any topic you are finding difficult to understand, then get a textbook that will simplify the topics and make life better for you.

 Do not Skip Marketing Examples and Exercise you Come Across While Reading: 

Many candidates are fond of skipping exercises and even examples while studying textbooks. In fact, we like notebooks so much that we could ask, “can I read my notebook and pass NECO Marketing 2020?” Don’t be scared of attempting exercises in Marketing. Face the challenges.

Note: The above questions are likely NECO Marketing Questions and Answers, not the real questions

If you have any question about the NECO Marketing Questions and Answers 2020, kindly drop your question in the comment box.

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