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NECO Agric Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

NECO Agric Questions and Answers 2022. I will be showing you the NECO Agricultural Science objective and theory questions for free. You will also understand how NECO Agric questions are set and many more examination details.

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The National Examination Council is an examination body that set questions annually from areas students should, after their studies in senior secondary school, be able to write and pass without stress.

NECO Agric Science answers and questions Objectives and Essay will be provided here and the authenticity of this NECO 2022 Agric solutions to questions has been tested and confirmed to be sure.

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NECO Agric Essay And Objective Questions and Answers 2022 (EXPO)

The NECO Agric Science answers will be posted here during the NECO Agriculture exam.

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Today’s NECO Agricultural Science OBJ: The Answers will soon be posted. Wait patiently.

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No (2b)

(i) National Horticulture research institute

(ii) National root crops research institute

(iii) Lake Chad research institute

(iv)Rubber research institute of Nigeria

(v)Agricultural research Council of Nigeria

(vi)International institute of tropical Agriculture


(i)Grease Frictional part

(ii)Always check the radiators

(iii)Ensure the bolts and nuts are well tightened

(iv) Wash all dirty part

(v) Check the oil level


(i) Relative humidity

(ii) Temperature

(iii) Sunlight


Sandy Soil.


Clay Soil.


Clay/Loamy Soil.


Loamy Soil.


(i) Tillage Practices.

(ii) Deforestation.

(iii) Overgrazing.

(iv) Bush Burning.


(i) Carbondioxide is lost in the atmosphere mainly by photosynthesis during which plants use it to manufacture their own food.

(ii) By Direct air Capture.

(iii) Carbon mineralization.


(i) It makes the farm more prone to hazard lds, e.g. falling into an open drain.

(ii) It is expensive and difficult to establish.

(iii) They are prone to gully erosion.

(iv) They hinder the passage of machine like tractor.

(v) It occupies good land (space) that could have been used for planting


(i) forest regulations

(ii) selective exploration

(iii) deforestation


(i) some beneficial insects and soil organisms may be destroyed.

(ii) The chemical used may be toxic to man and domestic animals

(iii) It may leave. undesirable residue in the environment.


Soil requirements:

(i) Deep , fertile well drained laomy soil

(ii) loose and friable with high water retention

(ii)Cocoa grows best in areas with 1140 – 2000mm annual rainfall, well distributed most of the year

(iii)Needs constant supply of moisture


Method of propagation:

(i) By seeds

(ii) Vegetatively by budding and stem cutting


Planting date:

Nursery is done October to January. Field(transplanting) between April and June



(i)Nursery : 20cm × 20cm

(ii)Field : 3m × 3m


Two stage of processing:

(i) Breaking of pods: The pods are carefully opened with a blunt cutlass or by hitting them with heavy rod to remove from the cocoa beans

(ii) Fermentation: Cocoa beans can be fermented by using the sweat box or tray method for about five days. During the fermentation process, cocoa beans undergo chemical changes brought by the action of heat.


(i) weeds cause losses in crop yield.

(ii) Reduce the quality of crop products.

(iii)weeds lead to increased cost of farm operations thereby leasing to inefficiency of farm operations.

(iv) form alternative hosts for pest.


(i) Treatment them with coccidiostat or anticoccidial drugs

(ii) prophylactic use of coccidiostat in feeds

(iii) vaccine and maintain good hygiene and sanitation practices


(i) coccidiosis

(ii) Enteritis

(iii) Ear canker mange


(i)it is easier and less expensive than t mating since the farmer is saved the expense of maintaning a herd of male animals.

(ii)It is easier and cheaper to import the semen of exotic breeds rather than the male animals themselves.

(iii)It makes it possible to use the best male animal to a large extent.


(i) Regular feeding

(ii)Deweeding of the pond

(iii) control of predators

(iv) Regular application of fertilizer


(i) Traditional method of bee keeping


(i) location of apiaries far from human dwellings

(ii) putting warning symbols near apiaries



(i) It helps the entrepreneur to determine the best proportion to combine the various factors of production.

(ii) It enables him to determine the wages he will pay to his workers.

(iii) It enables him to minimise cost and avoid wastage of resources in order to make profit.



(i) Central Banks

(ii) Commercial Banks

(iii) Acceptance Houses

(iv) Nonbank financial institutions

(v) Bill Brokers

(vi) fund managers

(vii) institutional investors



(i) Skilled personnel, at both the managerial and operational levels, are scare.

(ii) Lack of adequate information. Farmers need to be convicted to the benefits of insurance before they accept it.

(iii) Uncertainty of weather conditions.

(iv) Some losses due to natural disaster which is known as an act.

(v) Reinsurance for agricultural risks is not easily available.


(i) To increase food production.

(ii) To popularise agriculture.


(i) To encourage large-scale farming.

(ii) To establish River Basin Authorities to boost the supply of water for irrigation purposes.


(i) To stimulate small rural farmers to increase their productivity and improve their standard of living.

(ii) To check land tenure system



(i) It gives and obtains information that with be useful to farmers and/or researchers.

(ii) It can only work for small group of farmers.

(iii) More attention is given to the individual farmers than any other method.

(iv) It may involve the use of telephone which makes information dissemination faster.



(i) Poor Management:

The senior officials of these cooperatives on the average lack business experience. Their managerial skills are low and thus reduces the efficiency of the cooperatives.

(ii) Illiteracy: These societies are usually made up of ordinary people who want to get better deals. The members are mostly illiterates and create so many problems for the societies without even realising it.

(iii) Lack of Cooperation: Since the members are made up of people from different backgrounds and with different experiences, there is usually a lack of cooperation since people have different views of things.


(i) Organisational Ability

(ii) Clear Judgement

(iii) Initiative

(iv) Excellent public speaking skills


(i) Farm Gate

(ii) Wholesale Markets

(iii) Retail Markets

(iv) Distributors


(i) SALES ACCOUNT: It is also called sales and receipt account. It shows the details of farm produce sold (type of produce, quantity, date sold, to whom, and at what price)

(ii) PURCHASE ACCOUNT: It is also known as purchase and expenses account. It shows in details, all items purchased and used during the production period. The detail includes inputs name, date purchased, quantity, cost per unit and from whom.

(iii) FARM VALUATION: Farm valuation is carried out in order to get a time value of the farm. It involves the complete listing of assets and their values. Farm valuation carried out at the beginning is called opening valuation while that carried at the end is known as closing valuation. Every valuation must be based on the market value or production cost. The value of each item in stock is estimated. Changes in the value of the farm should be included to get the true value of the farm profit and loss

(iv) CASH ANALYSIS ACCOUNT: It shows the income and expenditure of a farm over a given period of time. In preparing this account, sales and receipts are recorded on the debit side(containing columns for date, name, and details or particulars) while purchases and payment are entered on the credit side(purchase and expenses).

NECO Agriculture Practice Questions and Answers

The questions below are not exactly 2022 NECO Agric science questions and answers but likely NECO Agric repeated questions and answers.

These questions are strictly for practice. The 2022 NECO Agric expo will be posted on this page on the day of the NECO Agriculture examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.

 1. Oestrogen in female animals is not responsible for

A. development of secondary sexual characteristics

B. on set of heat period

C. milk let – down after parturition

D. development of udder

2. A beef cow gained 75 kg over a period of two months and two days. What is its average weight gain?

A. 0.83 kg

B. 1.21 kg

C. 1.28 kg

D. 2. 25kg

3. A disadvantage of natural incubation is that

A. the eggs cannot be candled

B. the chicks are less healthy

C. the brooding hens sometimes abandon the eggs

D. it takes a longer time for eggs to hatch

4. Ruminants fed on dried grasses are given feed supplements to

A. increase in water intake

B. provide bulk to feed

C. reduce microbial activity

D. provide deficient nutrients

5. Which of the following animal disease is not associated with malnutrition?

A. Aspergillosis

B. Acidosis

C. Milk fever

D. Rickets

6. The type of energy obtained from the sun for agricultural uses is known as

A. potential energy

B. mechanical energy

C. nuclear energy

D. solar energy

E. kinetic energy

7. Which of the following implements will be used for the next farm operation after clearing a new farmland?

A. harrow

B. ridger

C. cultivator

D. planter

E. plough

8. Which of the following cannot be used to rub the metal parts of farm tools before storage?

A. grease

B. palm oil

C. water

D. petroleum jelly

E. spent engine oil

9. The common surveying equipment for farmland include the following except

A. ranging pole

B. prismatic compass

C. measuring tape

D. gunter’s chain

E. spade

10. An example of fungal disease of stored grains is

A. rosette

B. wilt

C. soft rot

D. damping off

E. mould

11. Which of the following farm animals possess a pair of caeca?

A. pigs

B. cattle

C. sheep

D. rabbits

E. fowls

12. The head of the tapeworm is known as the

A. sucker

B. rostellum

C. scolex

D. hook

E. segment

13. Which of the following is not a function of the ruminal microorganism?

A. digestion of cellulose

B. conversion of plant proteins into microbial protein

C. production of vitamin B

D. production of gas in the rumen

E. eructation of the ruminal gas

14. Which of the following factors would you consider the least important for the successful incubation of eggs?

A. light

B. temperature

C. ventilation

D. relative humidity

E. turning of the egg

15. In which area of Nigeria is the kuri breed of cattle commonly found?

A. borno

B. sokoto

C. plateau

D. obudu

E. oyo north

16. Which of the following activities is not a marketing function?

A. Buying of agricultural commodities

B. planting of crops

C. transporting of farm produce

D. storage of farm produce

17. Risks on commercial farms could result from

A. price stability

B. crop failure

C. insurance

D. diversification

18. An agricultural extension officer should be able to

A. create new jobs for farmers

B. raise funds for farmers

C. cultivate a large farm

D. guide and educate farmers

19. An agricultural extension officer should be able to

A. create new jobs for farmers

B. raise funds for farmers

C. cultivate a large farm

D. guide and educate farmers

20. An agricultural extension officer should be able to

A. create new jobs for farmers

B. raise funds for farmers

C. cultivate a large farm

D. guide and educate farmers

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How To Pass NECO Agric Science Examination

The National Examination Council (NECO) is a body in charge of the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. The Certificate offered here is a very important credential that awards or certifies the completion of your Secondary School Education.

It is a major document that qualifies you into any tertiary institution and is equally a major factor affecting admission today.

For this reason, every Student preparing for this examination NECO 2022 is preparing for something great.

Care should be taken when participating in this examination in other not to come out with bad grades. The following are the key answers to  NECO Agric 2022.

1. Be Determined to Pass

The NECO 2022 Agricultural Science is mainly for those who have made up their mind to pass it with a good grade.

Any candidate who, at this point in time, has not made up his or her mind to make the excellent grade in the forthcoming NECO 2022 Agric Science is actually not ready to pass.

Your mind should be ready for the task ahead, do not follow lazy friends who believe in a miracle on the day of the exams, stay positive and study your books.

2. Have self-confidence

Self-confidence is another factor that affects a candidate’s performance. Promise to do it all by yourself and everything will come out very simple for you.

It is a well-known fact that many students cancel the right answers just to copy the wrong ones because of a lack of self-confidence. Study and pray hard and you are the miracle for the day.

3. Start Studying Early

Studying is very important in your life as a student. NECO is a very simple Exam to deal with as long as studies are involved. Studying is one thing and studying on time is another thing entirely.

Do not wait for the NECO 2022 Agriculture exams to be so close before you start studying for them. Late preparation will not really help you. When you start studying early there will be time for you to revise before the exams.

2. Make Use the NECO 2021 Syllabus

Using the NECO 2022 syllabus is very essential as it will guide you on major topics to cover. Studying without the Syllabus will make you focus on unnecessary topics that will not appear in the exams.

Also, most of the Agricultural Science topics you have not done in class are there in the NECO syllabus.

3. Pray to God Your creator

Many think that they can do it all alone without God. The Almighty God is your creator, seek His assistance and He will never fail to help you. Your faith in God determines your success. God is there for you, call upon Him.

4. Adhere to exams instructions.

Any student who is not ready to adhere to the examination conducts is planning to fail. The majority of NECO Candidates that have their results held are from those that were not ready to follow the Exam instructions.

5. Use Your Time Wisely.

It is a well-known fact that NECO Agric requires a lot of time, manage the little time given to you wisely. Consider the number of questions you are to answer and the time given so that you can time wisely.

6. Be punctual to the examination venue

Punctuality matters during the exams. Go to the exam venue early so that your brain can settle for the task. Rushing to the exam hall will make you unstable for the exam and can prone you to so many mistakes.

Take time to go through the exam question paper before you start answering. NECO Agriculture Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about the 2022 NECO Agric Science questions and answers, do well to let us know in the comment box.

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