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NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Essay and Objectives)

NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2023. I will be showing you NECO Geography objective and theory questions for free. You will also understand how NECO Geography Practical (map reading) questions are set and many more examination details.

The National Examination Council is an examination body that set questions annually from areas students should, after their studies in senior secondary school, be able to write and pass without stress.

NECO Geography answers and questions Objectives and Essay will be provided here and the authenticity of this NECO 2023 Geography solutions to questions has been tested and confirmed to be sure.

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NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2023 (EXPO)

The 2023 NECO Geography Expo will be posted here today 1st August during the NECO Geography examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.

Human and Regional Geography Answers



NECO Geography OBJ Answers:







NECO Geography Essay Answers:

No (1)


(i) Solstice occurs twice a year while equinox occurs twice a year.

(ii) Solstice is when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky while equinox is when the day and night are of equal length.

No (2c)

(ii) They are imaginary circles that run parallel to the equator.

(ii) They are used to measure distance north or south of the equator.

(iii) They are measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds.

(iv) The equator is the largest line of latitude, while the poles are the smallest

No (4)


Weathering refers to the process of breaking down rocks, minerals, and other substances on the Earth’s surface into smaller pieces or altering their composition through physical or chemical means.



(i) Temperature

(ii) Moisture

(iii) Oxygen

(iv) Carbon dioxide

(v) Acid rain


(i) Oxidation – The chemical reaction between oxygen and minerals causes them to break down into smaller pieces or change their composition.

(ii) Hydration – Water molecules in the atmosphere combine with minerals, resulting in the formation of new minerals, or altering their existing composition.

(iii) Carbonation – Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reacts with certain minerals, causing them to dissolve or break down into smaller pieces.


Renewable resources: These are natural resources that can be replenished or regenerated within a human lifespan or at a faster rate than they are consumed. They are considered sustainable as they can be used without depleting the resource itself. Examples of renewable resources include solar energy, water, wind power and plant life.


Non-renewable resources: These are resources that come from a finite source that cannot be replenished in a short period of time. Examples include fossil fuels (such as oil and natural gas), uranium, and gemstones.



(i) Reduced air pollution and water contamination resulting from the extraction and burning of non-renewable resources.

(ii) Increased energy security since reliance on renewable energy sources reduces the vulnerability to price unpredictability associated with non-renewable resources.

(iii) Increased economic development and job creation since renewable energy requires significant investments in technologies, engineering, construction and operations.

(iv) Reduced water use since non-renewable resources usually require more water for extraction and utilization.

(v) Reduced land degradation due to the extraction of non-renewable resources, such as mining and drilling.

(vi) Reduced greenhouse gas emissions since renewable energy does not typically produce as much carbon dioxide (CO2) as burning fossil fuels.



(i) Navigation and mapping: GPS enables accurate positioning on maps, allowing individuals to find their way and plan routes.

(ii) Surveying and mapping: GPS assists in surveying and mapping operations such as measuring distances, angles, and slopes.

(iii) Vehicle Tracking: GPS can be used to track objects or vehicles in real-time, allowing for efficient fleet management and improved security.

(iv) Disaster Management: GPS plays an important role in early warning systems for natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

(v) Goods Tracking: GPS is used to track the movement of goods to ensure they reach their destination safely.

(vi) Agriculture: GPS can be used to facilitate precision farming by providing vital information about local soil, terrain, and climate conditions.



(i) Data Acquisition: Both GIS and Remote Sensing systems are used to acquire data which is then used for various applications.

(ii) Spatial Analysis: GIS uses data collected by remote sensing systems to perform spatial analysis, such as analysis of land use or population density.

(iii) Creation of Maps: GIS and Remote Sensing are used together to create maps with geographical and other features.

(iv) Updating of Maps: Remote sensing image data is used to update existing maps and make new maps.

(v) Decision Making: GIS is used to visualize data collected from remote sensing images to make informed decisions.



(i) Lack of Infrastructure: There is a lack of adequate infrastructure for the proper implementation of GIS in Nigeria, such as access to quality Geographic Information data and reliable internet connections.

(ii) Cost Issues: Developing and implementing GIS projects in Nigeria can often be expensive due to the cost of hardware, software, training, and personnel required.

(iii) Limited Resources: There is a lack of skilled personnel and resources to implement GIS projects in Nigeria.

(iv) Data Issues: There is a shortage of quality geographical data available for GIS projects, or the data is often outdated.

(v) Security Risks: If GIS is not properly implemented, there is a risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

(vi) Technological Limitations: There may be technological limitations that prevent the full utilization of GIS or hinder its effectiveness.



The questions below are not exactly 2023 NECO Geography questions and answers but likely NECO Geography repeated questions and answers.

These questions are strictly for practice. The 2023 NECO Geography expo will be posted on this page on the day of the NECO Geography examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.

1. a) Highlight any three main characteristics of each of the following settlement types:
i) village;
ii) town.

b) State any four factors which are responsible for the growth of urban centres.

2. a) Define the following population terms:
i) census;
ii) mortality rate;

b) family planning. Outline any three problems confronting a country that is overpopulated.

c) Highlight any three ways by which the problem of overpopulation can be solved.

3. Write a geographical description of Chad Basin under the following:

a) relief and drainage;
b) people, population and settlement;
c) economic activities;
d) problems of development.

4. (a) Draw an outline map of Africa. On the map, show and name:
(i) any three rivers important for generating hydroelectricity;
(ii) any two dams on two of the rivers.

(b) Outline any five benefits of hydroelectric power to the people of Africa.


How To Pass NECO Geography Examination

The National Examination Council (NECO) is a body in charge of the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination.

The Certificate offered here is a very important credential that awards or certifies the completion of your Secondary School Education.

It is a major document that qualifies you into any tertiary institution and is equally a major factor affecting admission today.

For this reason, every Student preparing for this examination NECO 2023 is preparing for something great.

Care should be taken when participating in this examination in other not to come out with bad grades. The following are the key answers to  NECO Geography 2023.

1. Be Determined to Pass

The NECO 2022 Geography is mainly for those who have made up their mind to pass it with a good grade.

Any candidate who, at this point in time, has not made up his or her mind to make the excellent grade in the forthcoming NECO 2023 Geography is actually not ready to pass.

Your mind should be ready for the task ahead, do not follow lazy friends who believe in a miracle on the day of the exams, stay positive and study your books.

2. Have self-confidence

Self-confidence is another factor that affects a candidate’s performance. Promise to do it all by yourself and everything will come out very simple for you.

It is a well-known fact that many students cancel the right answers just to copy the wrong ones because of a lack of self-confidence. Study and pray hard and you are the miracle for the day.

3. Start Studying Early

Studying is very important in your life as a student. NECO is a very simple Exam to deal with as long as studies are involved. Studying is one thing and studying on time is another thing entirely.

Do not wait for the NECO 2023 Geography exams to be so close before you start studying for them. Late preparation will not really help you. When you start studying early there will be time for you to revise before the exams.

2. Make Use the NECO 2023 Syllabus

Using the NECO 2023 syllabus is very essential as it will guide you on major topics to cover. Studying without the Syllabus will make you focus on unnecessary topics that will not appear in the exams.

Also, most of the Geography topics you have not done in class are there in the NECO syllabus.

3. Pray to God Your Creator

Many think that they can do it all alone without God. The Almighty God is your creator, seek His assistance and He will never fail to help you. Your faith in God determines your success. God is there for you, call upon Him.

4. Adhere to exam instructions.

Any student who is not ready to adhere to the examination conducts is planning to fail. The majority of NECO Candidates that have their results held are those that were not ready to follow the Exam instructions.

5. Use Your Time Wisely.

It is a well-known fact that NECO Geography map-reading needs a lot of time, manage the little time given to you wisely. Consider the number of questions you are to answer and the time given so that you can time wisely.

6. Be punctual to the examination venue

Punctuality matters during the exams. Go to the exam venue early so that your brain can settle for the task. Rushing to the exam hall will make you unstable for the exam and can prone you to so many mistakes.

Take time to go through the exam question paper before you start answering. NECO Geography Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about the 2023 NECO Geography questions and answers, do well to let us know in the comment box.

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