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NECO English Language Questions and Answers 2023/2024 ( Essay/Objectives)

NECO English Questions and Answers 2023. I will be showing you past English objective and theory repeated questions and NECO English Test of Oral for free in this post. You will also understand how NECO English questions are set and how to answer them.

The National Examinations Council (NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

NECO English Language Objectives and Essay Answers 2023

The 2023 NECO English expo will be posted here today 26th July during the NECO English examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.

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               [Your Name]
               [Your Address]
               [City, State, Country]

Dear Mother,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. Thank you for your love and concern, as always. Your letter brought me much joy, and I am grateful for your support and interest in my future plans.

As I approach the end of my secondary school education here in Nigeria, I have carefully considered the profession I would like to pursue, and I am excited to share my decision with you. After much contemplation and soul-searching, I have set my heart on becoming a Civil Engineer.

I understand that this choice might come as a surprise to you, but allow me to explain my reasons for selecting this profession. First and foremost, I have always been intrigued by the world of construction and infrastructure development. Growing up in Nigeria, I have witnessed both the challenges and the opportunities we face in the field of civil engineering. The state of our roads, bridges, and public facilities often leaves much to be desired. I believe that as a civil engineer, I can play a pivotal role in improving the physical infrastructure of our nation, contributing to its progress and development.

Nigeria is a country with immense potential, and I am eager to be part of its transformation. With a rapidly growing population, there is a pressing need for skilled professionals who can design and build sustainable structures and systems. I want to be at the forefront of these efforts, ensuring that our communities have access to safe and reliable infrastructure.

Moreover, civil engineering is a field that offers diverse career opportunities. From designing and constructing buildings to working on transportation systems and water supply projects, there is a wide range of specializations within this profession. This flexibility excites me, as it allows me to explore different areas and find the niche that best aligns with my interests and strengths.

Another reason for choosing civil engineering is the potential to make a positive impact on the environment. I am deeply passionate about sustainability and environmental conservation. As a civil engineer, I can adopt eco-friendly practices and incorporate green technologies into my projects, reducing our ecological footprint and preserving the natural beauty of Nigeria for future generations.

Furthermore, pursuing a career in civil engineering is aligned with my academic strengths and interests. Throughout my secondary school education, I have consistently excelled in mathematics and physics. These subjects form the foundation of civil engineering, and I find great joy in applying their principles to solve real-world problems.

Lastly, I have conducted thorough research on reputable universities in Nigeria and beyond that offer excellent civil engineering programs. I am confident that with hard work and dedication, I can gain admission to one of these institutions and receive a quality education that will equip me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this field.

In conclusion, I am passionate about becoming a civil engineer and contributing to the development of Nigeria. I believe that this profession aligns with my values, interests, and academic strengths, providing me with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of my fellow citizens. Your unwavering support means the world to me, and I promise to work diligently towards achieving this goal.

Thank you once again for your love and encouragement. I look forward to your response and the guidance you can offer as I embark on this exciting journey.

                Yours lovingly,

No (4)

Indiscipline among Secondary School Students and Ways of Curbing it

Secondary school is a crucial phase in the life of a student where they are not only acquiring knowledge but also developing their personality and character. However, in recent years the issue of indiscipline among secondary school students has become a cause for concern. It is not uncommon to hear stories of students engaging in acts of vandalism bullying substance abuse and even violence. This indiscipline not only affects the overall learning environment but also hinders students’ personal growth and future prospects.

Indiscipline among students can manifest in various ways. Some students may consistently skip classes or arrive late disrupting the flow of learning. Others may engage in disruptive behavior during class interrupting the teacher and distracting fellow students. Then there are those who resort to violence or bullying creating a hostile and unsafe atmosphere. All these instances of indiscipline have long-term consequences for the students themselves as well as for their peers and the school community as a whole.

There are several underlying causes of indiscipline among secondary school students. One primary factor is the lack of proper guidance and supervision from parents or guardians. In many cases parents are too preoccupied with their own lives or neglectful of their children’s activities leaving them to their own devices. This lack of attention and guidance can result in students seeking their own path often leading to indiscipline.

Another contributing factor is the influence of peers. Teenagers are highly susceptible to peer pressure and can easily be swayed by their friends’ actions and attitudes. If a student’s social circle consists of individuals who engage in indiscipline it is highly likely that they will also indulge in such behavior. Schools need to create an environment where positive peer influence is encouraged and students have role models to look up to.

Furthermore the current education system often focuses solely on academic achievements putting immense pressure on students to perform well. This intense pressure can lead to stress anxiety and frustration among students making them more prone to indiscipline. It is imperative for schools to adopt a holistic approach to education considering the overall development of students’ physical mental and emotional well-being.

To curb the issue of indiscipline among secondary school students various measures can be implemented. Firstly there needs to be enhanced communication and collaboration between parents teachers and students. Regular parent-teacher meetings should be conducted to discuss student progress and any behavioral concerns. Parents should be actively involved in their child’s life providing guidance and support.

Additionally schools should prioritize character development and impart values such as respect empathy and responsibility. This can be done through extracurricular activities community service projects and workshops on life skills. By instilling these values early on students will be more likely to exhibit disciplined behavior and make positive choices in their lives.

Creating a safe and inclusive school environment is also crucial in curbing indiscipline. Schools should have strict policies against bullying violence and substance abuse with a zero-tolerance approach. Teachers should undergo training on conflict resolution and classroom management techniques to effectively deal with disciplinary issues. Encouraging open communication and providing counseling services are also important in addressing the underlying problems that may lead to indiscipline.

Ultimately curbing indiscipline among secondary school students requires a collective effort from parents teachers and the education system as a whole. By creating a nurturing and disciplined environment fostering positive values and providing appropriate guidance and support we can reshape the future of our students. Let us work together to instill discipline and ensure that our secondary school students are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

(i) The teacher shapes young minds, preparing them for future roles in the country’s economy.
(ii) The teacher instills moral values in children who have been exposed to misguided teachings.

(i) The teacher becomes the focus of criticism from other groups concerned about the declining standard of education, even though the teacher lacks the power to improve on the infrastructure of the school or access grants for the enhancement of libraries or laboratories.
(ii) The teacher is wrongly blamed for imposing illegal fees, which indicates a misunderstanding of the teacher’s responsibilities and financial role within the educational system.

The irony of life highlighted in the passage is that the teacher, who is the builder of a nation’s human resources and plays a crucial role in national growth and development, is despised and neglected by the people and institutions he serves.

Religious leaders impart the wrong values of affluence and fanaticism on the child.

The teacher addresses this issue by providing moral instruction in schools, emphasizing the importance of justice, love, honesty, sincerity, diligence, discipline, reward, and punishment in the process of re-orienting the students.

It means that the teacher willingly accepts the challenge or responsibility to address the misinformed teachings and re-orient the children in the right direction.

(i) Relative  clause.
(ii) It modifies the noun, “parents.”

(i) noble – honourable, decent
(ii) cradle – start, beginning
(iii) impart – convey
(iv) affluence – wealth, opulence
(v) denigrated – belittled, disparaged
(vi) important – significant, essential

-The electoral commission is responsible for organizing and conducting elections in a political system.

-The commission divides the country into constituencies or electoral districts to provide easier access for the electorate to express their franchise.

-It registers political parties according to laid down rules and regulations.

-The commission registers eligible voters, either manually or electronically, and facilitates the expression of their franchise through universal adult suffrage.

-The commission educates the electorate about election-related issues, including their rights, voting methods, party symbols, and proper voting procedures.

-It provides all necessary materials for an election and ensures the eligibility of aspirants.


NECO English Questions and Answers For Practice

You are required to answer only one question from this section. Your answer should not be less than 450 words. All questions carry equal marks. You are advised to spend about 45 minutes on this section.

1. Write a story to illustrate the saying: prevention is better than cure.
2. Write an article suitable for publication in your school magazine on ways of improving reading culture among students.
3. You are a chief speaker in a debate on the topic: Our forefathers upheld our cultural values more than this generation. Write your argument for or against the motion.
4. Your best friend has just been suspended from school for truancy. Write a letter to him/her expressing your displeasure and advising him/her to turn a new leaf


The following NECO English questions are questions to expect in the 2022 NECO examination.

The questions below are the NECO past questions and answers that will help you in your 2022 NECO English Questions.


In each of the following sentences, there is one underlined word and one gap. From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and that will, at the same time, correctly fill the gap in the sentence.

  1. Most African countries face poverty while few enjoy ………………
    A.  influence
    B.  money
    C.  affluence
    D.  power.
  2. Last year our farmers cultivated more crops than they……………
    A.  destroyed
    B.  uprooted
    C.  harvested
    D.  yielded


From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences.

  1. There would have been a riot in our school but for the timely ……….. of our staff.
    A.  intervention
    B.  interruption
    C.  interference
    D.  invasion.
  2.  The armed robbers …every room in the bank to look for money.
    A.   explored
    B.  ransacked
    C.  raked
    D.  swept.


After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations is given.   Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.

  1.  Ade is too clever by half. This means that Ade is
    A.  far cleverer than others
    B.  actually very stupid in his behaviour
    C.  annoyingly clever
    D.  behaving to be clever but is not.
  2. Ameh is really being economical with the truth. This means that Ameh
    A.  is being praised for being honest
    B.  does not know enough
    C.  knows more than he is prepared to say
    D.  is not telling the truth.

See: NECO Examination Timetable


From the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence.

  1. By failing to attend the interview, Idoko has lost a golden opportunity.
    A.  blessed
    B.  bright
    C.  good
    D.  delightful.
  2. I hope the principal would be gracious enough to forgive us.
    A.  cordial
    B.  polite
    C.  merciful
    D.  gentle.


From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

  1. A good citizen abides …..  the rules of the land.
    A.  with
    B.  in
    C.  at
    D.  by
  2. Since his swearing in, the governor ………..  his hometown.
    A.  had not been visiting
    B.  has not visited
    C.  did not visit
    D.  had not visited.

NECO English Essay Question
Section A: 50 Marks

Answer 1 Only [Please Answer Correctly]

(1) the literary and debating society of your school is organizing a debate on the topic: poverty, and not corruption is the bane of our society. Write your arguments for or against the motion

(2) write an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper on the danger posed by the use of commercial motorcycles in our cities and suggest ways of curbing them

((3) write a story that best illustrates the saying: A leopard cannot change its spots

4)write a letter to the honourable minister of agriculture on ways of bossing agriculture in your country

NECO 2023 English Language Answers and Questions

The following has been proving itself very useful in time like this, follow it and passing the NECO English Language Exam can never be a problem for you.

Tips on How to Pass NECO English Examination

The following tips will walk you through to pass your NECO English language examination.

Have a Target and Work Towards Actualizing it 

You have decided to pass NECO English 2023 and I am sure of that. Now, the next thing you should do is set targets.

You have told yourself, “I will score A in NECO English Language 2023”, that’s not all. You need to plan on how to make it happen. Create a timetable and master plan to achieve your goals.

 Get the Recommended Textbook on English Language  for 2023 NECO Examination

Normally, Neco recommends books for the examination. But apart from NECO Literature in English where certain novels are compulsory, you are free to use any good English Language textbook to prepare for NECO 2023 exam.

Some textbooks are more difficult to understand. If you have any topic you are finding difficult to understand, then get a textbook that will simplify the topics and make life better for you.

 Do not Skip English Language Examples and Exercise you Will Come Across While Reading: 

Many candidates are fond of skipping exercises and even examples while studying textbooks. In fact, we like notebooks so much that we could ask, “can I read my notebook and pass NECO English Language 2023?” Don’t be scared of attempting exercises in Biology. Face the challenges.

Note: The above questions are likely NECO English Questions and Answers not the real questions

If you have any questions about the NECO English Questions and Answers 2023, kindly drop your question in the comment box.

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