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How You Can Remove a Facebook Connection ( A step by step Guide)

How to unlink accounts on Facebook, how to remove Facebook connections, remove the Facebook connection, unlink Pinterest from Facebook will be explained in this post.

Facebook Connect is a feature on Facebook that enables its users to log in to many websites with their Facebook account.

The good news about this is that you can access many websites on the internet without creating a new user account. What do you think? It saves time and makes things easier.

This post will show you how to disable/enable the Facebook Connection. Let’s get started.

We shall consider the Facebook Connection in two phases:

  1. Enabling or disabling Facebook Connection on Computer.
  2. How to unlink Facebook information on mobile.

How to Remove a Facebook Connection

How to Remove a Facebook Connection on Phone

1. Open your Facebook app

2. Enter your login details if you are not logged in already.

log in facebook

3. Tap the Main Menu (the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the page on your timeline).

hide post on Facebook

4. Click Settings & Privacy and tap Settings


5. Scroll down to Apps and Websites Under Security and click on it.

apps and website

6. To remove a website you are logged in with Facebook, click Edit next to Logged in with Facebook.


7. You will see the list of websites you are logged in with Facebook

8. Select the website you want to remove and click on Remove

Facebook connection

9. To see expired logged in, Navigate to EXPIRED and the list of expired logged in websites will be displayed

10. To check the list of removed websites, navigate to REMOVED

You can turn off Apps, Websites and Games with just just a click but these are what happens when you turn it off:

  1. You won’t be able to log into apps or websites using Facebook
  2. Apps and websites you’ve logged into with Facebook may delete your accounts and activity.
  3. you won’t be able to play some games on Facebook, and your gaming activity may be deleted
  4. Your posts, photos and videos on Facebook that apps and websites have published may be deleted
  5. You won’t be able to interact with or share content from other apps and websites on Facebook using social plugins such as the Share and Like buttons.

Having known this, let’s see how to turn it off.

To turn off Apps, Websites and Games, click Edit next to Apps, Websites and Games and tap turn off

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How to Unlink Facebook Connection Using Computer

1. Go to

2. Enter your username and password and tap log in if you are not logged in already.

log in to facebook

3. Tap the v-shaped icon at the top right corner of the screen and click Settings

select settings

4. Click Apps and Websites at the left sidebar

apps and websites

5. Select the website you want to remove and tap Remove

remove facebook connection

That is how to remove a Facebook Connection

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