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How to Change Facebook Password (Step by Step Guide)

Facebook users are tensed on how their accounts are being hacked by unknown defrauders. This article will show you how to change your Facebook password and prevent it from being hacked.

This post will outline the steps to change your Facebook password on your Desktop, Android App, Mobile website, and iOS App.

Change Facebook Password on Android App

Follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Facebook account through your Facebook app

2. Click on the menu at the top right corner as indicated by the arrow below

Change facebook password

3. Scroll down to Settings and Privacy, click on it

settings and privacy

4. A page will open up with settings being the first thing, click on Settings


5. Another page will open. Move down to Security and select Security and Login

security and login

6. Security and Login page will open. Select Change password

Change password

7. Enter your current password and the new password you want to change

enter current and new password

8. Retype the new password to confirm it and click on Save Changes

That’s it for the Android app. Let’s quickly move to Desktop (PC)

Desktop Website

  1. Log in to your Facebook account via
  2. click on the v shape icon at the top right corner
change password

3. Select Settings from the drop-down


4. Select Security and login under general

security and login

5. A page will open, click on change password

change password

6. Enter your current password and the new one in the space provided.

enter password

7. Re-type the new password and click on save changes

You are done.

Change Facebook Password on iOS

  1. Click on the More button at the lower right of the screen
  2. Select Settings
  3. Go to General
  4. select Password
  5. Enter the old password
  6. Enter the new password, re-type it to confirm and click on save changes

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