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Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

This post will vividly state and explain how to secure Facebook account from hackers.

Security is what everyone needs and it is important you keep track of what is happening around you.

Hackers are upgrading themselves on daily bases to get people’s account hacked but I can clearly tell you that the best and fastest way to know a secret is by asking people who made the secret.

Password is a secret code created by you that gives you access to your account. You can learn how to change your Facebook password here

One of the Keys to securing your Facebook account from hackers is by creating a strong password.

How to Create Strong Password that cannot be hacked

It is a good practice to combine alphabets; symbols, and numbers while choosing a password.

This will make your password more secure as hackers find it difficult to hack a password that has all these things put together.

Have you forgotten your Facebook password and would like to change it? See how to change a Facebook password without the old password

How Do I Know When My Facebook account is Hacked?

The following notification may be due to a hacked Facebook account:

  • Your email has changed
  • A change of password
  • Your name or birthday have changed
  • Friend requests have been sent to people you don’t know
  • Messages have been sent that you didn’t write
  • Posts have been made that you didn’t create

How Do I Deal with Spam?

Spam involves contacting people with unwanted content or requests.

This includes sending bulk messages, excessively posting links or images to people’s timelines and sending friend requests to people you don’t know personally.

Spam is sometimes spread through clicking on bad links or installing malicious software.

How do Scammers gain access to your Facebook account?

On other occasions, scammers gain access to people’s Facebook accounts, which are then used to send out spam.

If you have mistakenly clicked on something that turned out to be spam or your account is creating unwanted posts, events, groups or Pages, try these steps:

How to Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

Review account activity and remove any spam to secure your Facebook account

Report spam to Facebook

  • If you come across spam on Facebook, report it here. By doing so, you’ll be playing an important role in helping Facebook protect other people from scams.

Learn more

  • It’s possible that you clicked a malicious link, downloaded a bad file, or logged into a fake Facebook Page and someone got access to your account. Learn more about keeping your account secure.

Suggested Privacy Settings to help you secure your Facebook Account

Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log in to your account

2. Click on the three horizontal lines at the right-hand corner of the screen (main menu)

secure your facebook account

3. Scroll down and click Privacy and Security Settings

privacy settings

4. Click Settings


5. Click Personal Information and update your personal details

how to scure facebook account from hackers

6. Go to Settings

7. Click Security and Login and set up extra security measures, including alerts about unrecognized logins, two-factor authentication, and choose three to five trusted friends who can help you to recover your account should you get locked out.

8. Under Privacy, choose the privacy settings that you want. Bekeking recommends letting only friends see your future posts and retroactively limiting visibility of past posts.

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