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How to Poke On Facebook ( A Step by Step Guide)

How to poke on Facebook has been what so many Facebook users aspire to know and also the meaning of Facebook poke itself. You are welcome to this step by step guide on how to poke on Facebook.

How to Poke Someone On Facebook

Follow the steps below to send a poke notification to your friends using the Facebook lite app:

1. Login to your Facebook account via the Facebook Lite app

2. On your homepage, click on the icon at the center that looks like a circle. You will see a list of friends

facebook pokes

3. Select the friend whom you would like to poke

4. Tap on the person’s profile picture, and your chat with the person will open. tap on the profile picture again to go to the timeline.

tap profile picture

5. You will see three vertical dots at the right-hand corner of the page, click on it and select poke from the dropdown list.

select poke

That’s how to use the poke feature on Facebook

How Many Times Can You Poke Someone?

You are allowed to poke someone once and wait for the person to poke back before you can poke him or her again.

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