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How to Remove Friends or Unfriend Someone On Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that its users sometimes feel like not keeping friends who are not worthy to be kept as friends. This post will show you how to remove those disturbing friends on Facebook.

Are you searching for a way to unfriend someone on Facebook? If yes, read this post to the end and follow the outlined steps to get it done in a few minutes.

Steps to Remove Friends On Facebook

Follow the steps listed hereunder to unfriend someone on Facebook:

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. Go to the timeline of the person you want to unfriend

3. Click a friend icon that has friends written under it

remove friends

4. A menu will pop up, select unfriend from the list


5. A message will pop up “Are you sure you want to remove “x” as your friend?” (where x is the name of the person you want to unfriend).

6. Tap confirm to remove the person.


That will enable you to remove the person from your friend list.

To log in to your Facebook account Click here

That’s how simple it is to delete Facebook friends.

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Do your Friends Know when You Unfriend them on Facebook?

The answer is no. Facebook will not notify anyone you unfriend. The person will automatically be restricted from seeing your post and he/she won’t be able to chat with you again.

Reasons People Unfriend their friends on Facebook

The following are the reasons people remove friends on Facebook:

  1. Because Some friends are annoying
  2. To be able to add more friends
  3. To stop unwanted friends from chatting with you
  4. To restrict the person from viewing their posts.

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