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WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Essay and Objectives)

WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers. I will be showing you WAEC Data Processing objective and theory repeated questions for free. You will also understand how WAEC Data Processing questions are set and many more examination details.

The West African Examination Council is an examination body that set questions yearly from areas students should, after their studies in senior secondary school, be able to write and pass without stress.

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The 2023 WAEC Data Processing answers (Expo) will be posted here today, 19th May 2022 during the exam.

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Note: The answers below are for 2022

OBJ Answers:





Information Transmission can be referred to as the process of sending out processed data from one person or place to another in a meaningful form through a communication medium.

The Internet is a globally-connected network of computers that enables people to share information and communicate with each other. While an intranet, is a local or restricted network that enables people to store, organize, and share information within an organization.

A LAN, abbreviated from Local Area Network, is a network that covers a small geographical area such as homes, offices, and groups of buildings. While a WAN, abbreviated from Wide Area Network, is a network that covers larger geographical areas that can span the globe.

(i) Hub
(ii) Switch
(iii) Router
(iv) Bridge

A database refers to a collection of logically related information organized so that it can be easily accessible, managed, and updated.


(i) MySQL
(ii) PostgreSQLO
(iii) Microsoft SQL Server
(iv) Oracle

(i) Painting
(ii) Drawing

(i) MS Paint
(ii) PC Paintbrush
(iii) Adobe Photoshop
(iv) CorelDraw

A presentation package is a software program that contains a text editor and the ability to add charts and graphic images, such as photographs, clip art, or other objects so as to make a slide show for the purpose of communicating visually to an audience.


(i) Microsoft PowerPoint.
(ii) Macromedia flash.
(iii) Windows movie maker
(iv) Open office


(i) Presentation packages contain slides.
(ii) Presentation packages allow users to insert pictures and objects into their presentation from external sources.
(iii) Presentation packages allow users to insert video and audio into their presentation from external sources.
(iv) Creation of Graphics
(v) Creating organizational and other types of chart

– Click the Find & Select button on the Home tab.
– Select Replace. Press Ctrl + H
– Type the text you want to replace in the Find what box.
– Type the replacement text in the Replace with box.
– Click the Find Next button. The first instance is selected.
– Click Close when you’re finished

No 5 (a)

(i) Click the Microsoft office button

(ii) Click on Microsoft Access

(iii) Click new

(iv) Click the new blank database icon

(v) Type in the name “student_ Record”

(vi) Click create


(i) Click the table design button from the create tab

(ii) A blank table appears. Enter each Field

(iii) Enter the name for each field eg  ID Number, Full name, Data of Birth, Age and Home address

(iv) Select each Field’s data type from the next column

(v) Enter the field properties using the button panel of each field

(vi) Click save


ID_Number ==> Number data type

Full Name ==> Short text data type

Date of Birth ==> Data/Time data type

Home Address ==> Long text data type


ID_Number Field


It serves as a unique identifier for a row of data in a database table.


(i)Open a blank word document

(ii) On the top, click on insert

(iii) Click the table button

(iv) Click on “insert table”

(v) Go to number of columns band enter 4

(vi) Go to number of rows and enter 6

(vii) Click ok


(i) Select the text you want to use as a hyperlink

(ii) Click the insert tab

(iii) Click on hyperlink

(iv) Enter the web address and click ok


I = Alignment to the left

II = It centers a text

III = It Align text to the right

IV= It Align text to both right and left margins

V = change the spacing between lines of text


Note: The answers below are the 2021 answers. The 2022 answers will soon be posted.


(i)Insert the flash drive into a USB port on your computer.

(ii)With your Microsoft word document open, click the “file” tab and select “save as.”

(iii)Click the “save in” drop-down menu at the top of the save as dialog box.

(iv)Navigate to and click the flash drive. the flash drive is typically drive letter “e” or “f.”

(v)Type the name of your document into the file name field and click “save” to save the file to the flash drive.


(i)Navigate to the location where you want to create the folder that is the desktop of the computer.

(ii)Hold down the ctrl, shift, and n keys at the same time.

(iii)Enter your desired folder name that is “assignment”

(iv)Navigate to the location where you want to create the folder.

(v)Then save to finish


(i)Open the folder that contains the word documents you want to print.

(ii)Press [ctrl], and select the files you want to print. (if the files are adjacent, select the first file in the list, press [shift], and select the last file in the list.)

(iii)Right-click the selection, and select print from the shortcut menu.

(iv)Select the desired print options, and click ok. (the selected options will apply to all of the documents.)






(iii)Indirect access



(ii)Not removable

(iii)Random/Direct access




(iii)Indirect access


(Choose any 3)

(i)Google Sheets

(ii)Lotus Symphony

(iii)Microsoft Excel

(iv)Open office

(v)Libre Office

(vi)Lotus 1-2-3


(i) On the Basis of Size and Capacity, [Supercomputer, Mainframe, Mini, and Micro Computer].

(ii) On the Basis of Purposes, [General and Special Purpose].

(iii) On the Basis of Hardware Design and Type [Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Computer].



(i) Analog computers works with continuous values or these types of systems process continuous data.

(ii) Analog computer has very low or limited memory and it can store less amount of data.


(i) Digital computers works with discrete values or these types of systems process discrete data.

(ii) Digital computer has very big memory it can store large amount of data.


(i) Access to information

(ii) New tools, new opportunities

(iii) Communication


(i) Guided Media

(ii) Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)


(i)Disk formatting is the configuring process of a data storage media such as a hard disk drive, floppy disk or flash drive for initial usage.

(ii)Data backup is a copy of computer data taken and stored elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

(iii)Virus scans: this is the process where antivirus search through your system to locate and remove any malicious threats on your device.


(Choose any 4)

(i) it is used for intra bank transfer

(ii) it is used for inter bank transfers

(iii) it is used to check account balance

(iv) it is used for printing of mini statement of account

(v) it is used for bank withdrawal


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WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers

The Objectives questions will be given to you to choose the right option, kindly check and read the questions well before attempting the questions.

1. The first generation computers made use of
A. low level programming language.
B. high level programming language.
C. object-oriented programming language.
D. procedural programming language.

2. Microprocessor was used as the main electronic component of the
A. first generation computers.
B. second generation Computers.
C. third generation computers.
D. fourth generation computers.

3. The act of producing information from figures, text or images is called data
A. collation.
B. conversion
C. preparation.
D. processing.

4. The following are primary sources of information except
A. questienaire
B. publication
C. observation
D. interview.

5. Which of the following factors is not considered when classifying computers?
A. Size
B. Type
C. Location
D. Purpose

6. Which of these channels would enable business transactions between a buyer from Nigeria and a seller from Ghana?
A. e-portal
B. e-library
C. e-commeree
D. podcasting

7. The ICT application which helps to resolve road congestion at junctions is
A. automatic teller machine.
B. automatic traffic marshal.
C. street light.
D. traffic light.

8. The main components of the central processing unit (CPU) of the computer are.
A. register and memory.
B. control unit and register.
C. control unit and At t
D. ALUartdBUS.

9. Stages in data processing cycle include the following except data
A. collation.
B. gathering.
C. parsing.
D. processing.

10. At what stage of information processing is data validation carried out?
A. Data analysis
B. Data collection
C. Data processing
D. Data summarization

11. The media which enable electromagnetic signals to be transmitted through free space is known as
A. unguided media.
B. intranet.
C. guided media.
D. ethemet.

12. Information that stimulates both the senses of hearing and sight is called
A. audio information.
B. audio-visual information.
C. video information.
D. visual information.

13. The following are advantages of networking except
A. spamming.
B. sharing of resources.
C. communication.
D. backup.

14. Which of the following devices would not transmit signals from one point to another?

A. Telephone line
B. Modem
C. Fibre optics
D. Coaxial cable

15. Another term for Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is
A. website address.
B. IP address
D. data link

WAEC 2023 Data Processing Theory Questions

WAEC Data Processing Past Questions for practice. Below are the repeated WAEC Data Processing Essay questions. Go through them and get prepared for the upcoming WAEC examination.

1. (a) (i) What is data model?
(ii) State three types of data model.

(b) (i) List three approaches to data modelling.
(ii) Explain any. one approach listed in l(b)(t).

2.(a) Vera, a secretary to the manager of her organization is saddled with the responsibility of typing a confidential report. She is also instructed to insert the word. “CONFIDENTIAL” diagonally in the background of every page of the report.

(i) State the most suitable application software needed by Vera to produce the report.
(ii) What feature of the application software can be used to insert the word “CONFIDENTIAL ” as instructed?
(iii) Mention one measure that can be taken to ensure the confidentiality of the soft copy of the report on the computer.

(b) Explain the following terms:
(i) icon
(ii) browser

3. (a) Outline the steps involved in printing the first five pages of a Word document from the print dialog box on a computer with two printers installed.

(b) Sadiq complained that a pop-up usually appears on the screen of his personal computer thereby disturbing him while using the computer.
(i) What is the possible cause of the pop-up?
(ii) State a possible source of the element causing the pop-up.
(iii) What measure would be necessary to stop the pop-up from reoccurring?

(c) Mr. Aneke is billed to address a large audience in an auditorium.
(i) What computer application package is suitable to prepare and deliver his speech?
(ii) State the output device that can be used to transmit Mr. Aneke’s speech note from his computer to a large screen in the auditorium.

(d) Give two types of computer networks.

How to Pass WAEC Data Processing Examination

1. Have a Positive Mindset:

It is obvious that until your mindset is positive, your life will not be positive. As you prepare for WAEC, you must develop a positive mindset toward your fate.

Don’t say, “WAEC is very hard I don’t know whether I will pass” and don’t believe anyone that says you cannot pass 2023 WAEC Data Processing questions on your own.

Have the mentality, “If others passed WAEC Data Processing WAEC questions in the past, then I will be like them. Refuse to be identified with failure or those that failed in the past.

Even if this year’s WAEC Exam is not your first time, it doesn’t mean that you cannot pass WAEC 2023 Data Processing this time around.

Sit for WAEC Data Processing 2023/2024 with a refined mindset. Nothing will make you fail WAEC 2023. Until your mindset is positive, your life will not be positive.

2. Avoid Bad Companies

If you are really serious about passing WAEC 2023 Data Processing, try and avoid bad companies. They will discourage and engage you in activities that will not enhance your success. Remember that their mindset may not correspond to yours.

3. Set Good Targets and Plans:

If you have made up your mind to pass WAEC Data Processing 2023, the next thing you should do is set targets. Write down the type of grades you want in WAEC 2023. If you want all As, zero Fs, and Zero Es then you should start planning it now.

Make sure you create a timetable and master plan to achieve your set goals. Remember, it takes nothing to dream but it takes everything to focus on your dream.

4. Get WAEC Data Processing Recommended Textbooks 2023 :

One of your plans should be to get the WAEC 2023 Data Processing recommended textbooks. Normally, the West African Examination Council recommends books for the examination.

But apart from WAEC 2023 literature in English where certain novels are compulsory, you are free to use any good textbook to prepare for WAEC 2023 Data Processing exam.

Some topics are more difficult to understand. If you have any topic you are finding difficult to understand, then get another textbook that will make things simple for you.

5. Get WAEC Data Processing Past Question:

This is a very good plan. Since WAEC has the same standard, you could use the same past questions to study for its examination.

If you are confused about how to get WAEC Data Processing past questions. They are sold in good bookshops around. It is possible that the school where you registered could offer to give you some current past questions that will help you in WAEC 2023.

6. Start Preparing for WAEC Data Processing Questions 2023:

Stop wasting your time. Now that you have gotten textbooks and past questions, the next thing is to begin your reading. Early reading and practice are good for you; you will pass well on WAEC 2023.

7. Avoid Skipping Examples and Exercises:

It is very unfortunate that Secondary school students are fond of skipping exercises and even examples while studying textbooks.

They loved notebooks so much that they could ask, “can I read my Data Processing, Mathematics, etc notebooks and pass WAEC 2023?”

Don’t be scared of attempting exercises; they are there to help you. Face it and overcome it!

8. Test Yourself on WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers

This is a good practice. Once in a while, answer full one year WAEC Data Processing past questions on your own without checking the answers. Then mark to see your score. This will help you in many aspects.

9. Do Constant Practice:

Don’t get discouraged when certain topics are annoying, keep on practicing until you master everything. Never give up.

10. Create Time for Recreation

Create time for yourself where you play and ease off stress. Do not overwork yourself; it can make you waste time unnecessarily. Once you work more than necessary, you are not gaining anything.

If you have any questions about WAEC 2023 Data Processing Questions and Answers, kindly let us know in the comment box.

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