Policerecruitment.gov.ng Portal | Login to 2020 NPF recruitment Application Portal

This article will walk you through on how to apply for Nigerian Police recruitment on the Police recruitment portal www.policerecruitment.gov.ng

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www.policerecruitment.gov.ng portal is the official portal or website for the registration of the 2020 Nigerian Police application form. If you are searching for the Police recruitment portal, this post will give you everything you need.

The Nigerian Police has commenced the recruitment of new workers on www.npf.gov.ng

You will be provided with the Nigerian Police available job vacancies and how to apply for them here.

The Federal government of Nigeria has approved the recruitment of police officers into the Nigerian Police Force.

Applicants who are interested are to apply for the Nigerian Police recruitment form through www.policerecruitment.gov.ng   by following the procedures outlined in this post.

Latest Recruitment in Nigeria:

www.policerecruitment.gov.ng Police Job Portal

To apply for Nigerian Police recruitment, you need to login to www.policerecruitment.gov.ng and fill in your application details by following the instructions provided on the Nigerian Police official website to complete your 2020 Nigeria Police application form.

Note: The portal is open for registration. Enter your NIN and Email to create account.

Policerecruitment.gov.ng – Police Recruitment Portal

The official portal for the Police Recruitment portal is www.policerecruitment.gov.ng. You are to visit the portal and sign up for an account before proceeding with the registration.

See video and steps on how to apply here

If you have a question on how to login or sign up on www.policerecruitment.gov.ng login portal, kindly let us know in the comment box.

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193 Comments on “Policerecruitment.gov.ng Portal | Login to 2020 NPF recruitment Application Portal”

  1. Hello Admin Please I Want Register into NPF but the thing is writing NIMC verification failed…
    U have any idea why d error message pop out

  2. hello, i had created the login id, and i received a pop up message ( confirmation code had been sent to your email addressed) but i hadnt received any message since july 15.

    did you have any updates on that?

          1. I am yet to receive my registration number and am done with my registration. Please where do I upload my credentials.

          2. I cant create an account, writting invalid password and have try the password I use.please help me

          3. Use a different password and make sure you answer the captcha challenge before clicking on create account.

          4. I have create the account since but still I didn’t get any response in my email

        1. You are using ur phone that’s y. Login shows only on computer. Or u copy the Home page URL to ur phone and add /login to access login page.

        1. Login to your email, click the link sent to your inbox and enter your email address and password to sign in to the Police portal.

  3. Please Admin, i have been waiting for the confirmation email to be sent to my inbox since Wednesday. I have refresh, check my span and even refresh again and again.

    Please any help to render me on that ?

      1. I’m having the same problem… I still didn’t get any email since d day I tried registering… pls wat should I do???

        1. I was trying two log in to my account with two emails Account because I was not sure of either but the first email days NIN has been taken while the other one says account is blocked…
          What should I do?

      1. Hello my name is sulaiman yakubu shitu I opened an account and I want register now but I forgot my password how do I do nownow? please I need your help

          1. I send mail but it show me that address not found,me I used another gmail?please

    1. I want to create acct, is writing gmail has already been registered. I deicide to change the gmail is bringing NIN has already been registered. Pls what can I do?

        1. Pls it said my account has been blocked as I tried logging in. I may have mistakenly created the account twice. Please help me

      1. Good morning sir please, I had registered and create account on the portal, but to print now ,the only information is : Enter your Reference ID, pls how can get my id since I didn’t receive any confirmation message in my mail box?

      1. Hi good afternoon
        ..please I’ve created my account but can’t login…please where can I login so as to continue the registration… I got a number from the site so I placed a call to someone I told him about how I can’t Log in…so he asked me to wait for a link in my email since Friday I’ve not gotten it.. Please help me I want to finish my registration ASAP.. where can I login the account that I’ve already created.becauae I tried creating again they said NIMC AND EMAIL ADDRESS had already registered… Still I haven’t gotten any link on my email

        1. I did not copy my reference ID before registration, now i can’t get it back to print my Slip…what do I do? Their contact number is nonsense and they don’t reply emails.

      2. Yes I use different email the other one says Account block while the other one says NIN has been taken… What should I do?

  4. Mr admin I create the acct since Wednesday.
    But I didn’t see confirmation text at my mail address plz what is the solution.

        1. I hope you logged in to your email account and clicked the confirmation link sent to your inbox before trying to log in?

          1. I didn’t receive any confirmation link after creating my account. And now its saying account blocked. Admin please help me

  5. It do not show me the form to fill, it always show to me nin, email, pw and sum of…
    When ever I fill that one and send, it just says to me the email was registered already. Please how can I solve the problem?

    1. Log in to your email and click on the confirmation link sent to your inbox, enter your email address and password to login via the link.

  6. Please I tried to create an account on the police recruitment portal but all I kept seeing is. … Your NIMC has been registered. Pls, what should I do? and no message was sent to my inbox or spam.

  7. That’s the fact, no message sent to the inbox and no login button. Its been for days now after registration!

  8. I was not sent any message on my email address i have been able to download my guarantor form but o can login. why that?

  9. Please Admin, how do I lay my complain to them? I can’t find any video here.
    I have not gotten any confirmation email. I’ve checked my inbox and spam…. Pls help!!

  10. Have registered my NIN and email on Saturday since then I didn’t receive any information from my email and I can’t complete my registration

  11. They said my account is blocked, and many applicants are complaining the same thing u keep on telling them to watch the video. Is there no way u can assist them without pushing them to watch the video. You are here to render help to them.

      1. Excuse Sir,
        how can I get my Reference ID, after submitted.
        because when I go back to recheck, the Reference ID change somehow.
        in short, how can I print the slip, if I forget the Reference ID

  12. please i registered and no confirmation has been sent, its also not in my spam and im trying to login and its saying account blocked please help me

  13. sir Admin i registered my email and the portal said a confirmation mail will be send to me and upto now i did’nt see it and i try to log in to my account but they are telling me that my email is not registered. pls what can i do

  14. Please, I have created account but if I add my Education (WAEC) the server will not move in order to save it rather it will go back to login page again. pls help me because am using a strong network.help!!!

  15. Please, Admin, I have successfully created my account but I have forgotten the password that I used. Kindly provide me information on how to get my password back.

  16. Please admin, i register with my yahoomail account but till now I couldn’t get a confirmation message. I have checked my inbox and spam but not there. What can I do please?

  17. please I have registered and I forgot the password, I mistakenly put wrong password which I can’t remember. please what can I do to retrieved my account?

  18. Morning sir, I have created an account but could not sign in. it show that the account has been block contact administrator

  19. Sir, I registered my my NIN and Email but could not sign in help me out please it shows ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BLOCKED CONTACT ADMINISTRATOR.

  20. Sir, l have gone through the comments posted by majority of the would be applicants and realised that their comments are similar. I also experienced the same issues even as a cafe man. What I discovered is that no message is being sent to the applicants e mail address and even at that applicant can log in without receiving any e mail and complete the form. In lie of this, the admin need to improve on the site for it is battling with technical issues.

  21. I want to log in into my account have already create account but I can’t proceed please help me on how to proceed

  22. Please Admin How can I reset my password because I tried putting the one I used they said is wrong password. Thank you

  23. Sir, I registered my NIN and email but I couldn’t get any confirmation, I tried to re-register my NIN and the email but the site shows that my NIN and email already been registered….
    Please help me figured it out..

  24. Please admin have successful apply, is just for me to download ,on trying that it disappears, how can can i go about d printings

  25. Sir the login is the problem, ,am trying to do that but the page is refreshing to start from d beginning that is to input my nimc to verify,i tried to that but it brings another application number for me which means d application will b twice so i stop it ,initially am at downloading of guarantor form so please help me sir

      1. No that swhat am saying ,am using my phone to do the application, i wanted to save it on my phone so as to print it later so that how it disappears, so am going to do to get d page back for printing

  26. Please @admin, after the first registration, I didn’t copy the reference ID. I clicked back and copy the reference ID I saw but it was invalid. I re-registered and the new reference ID is still invalid. Please what is the solution. I sent them mail but it did not deliver

  27. Please how do i retrieve the reference ID. It wasn’t in the instruction to copy the reference ID before proceeding for the registration. Now i have submitted my application but i can’t retrieve my initial reference ID.

  28. Please how do i retrieve the reference ID. It wasn’t in the instruction to copy the reference ID before proceeding for the registration. Now i have submitted my application but i can’t retrieve my initial reference ID.

  29. Please after entering it, i was told have already registered but have not printed my confirmation page. 
    All i need now is to print that, without it i cant do anything.
    Please can it be rectify

  30. Have fill out the form and have submit the form, thou it prompted me to put in my reference ID to enable me for my Print out but is not working that way, what should I do

  31. We have been doing police force registration but the problem here is that after the submission of information and when you want to print out the confirmation slip, if you enter your Reference ID then, it will said The REFERENCE ID IS INVALID Why?
    And those who have recently do there own how can we prin there slip

    1. You are to copy your reference ID before submitting the form. The reference ID changes immediately you refresh the page. Ensure you copy it before refreshing the page to avoid invalid Application Reference ID.

  32. I did not copy my reference ID before registration, now i can’t get it back to print my Slip…what do I do? Their contact number is nonsense and they don’t reply emails.

  33. I have filled the form on getting to submit is still loading since Tuesday 4th August 2020 till today 6th August 2020

    1. Use another browser and make sure you copy out your Reference ID before submitting the form to enable you print your application form

  34. I did not copy my reference ID before registration, now i can’t get it back to print my Slip…what do I do?

  35. Sir, have done with my registration and already download my slip but I’m unable to download my guarantor form and there is no any message in my email. So what step should I take sir

  36. Admin please I need your help, after updating my data and submitting it, I found out my email address was not there, only my phone number, what do you think I should do

  37. Dear admin
    I will join since last week I printed my slip but I don’t see confirmation number from my gmail
    Is really 24 August date for screening or not

    Good luck

  38. goodmorning sir, sir i need your assistance i make a mistake while creating my police profile i forgot to write my email, state, and LGA how can i edith it.

  39. Pls admin I registered in a cafe I was later told that if you’ve registered before come back to re register again with indigene certificate since early of this month and it was written you’ve successfully registered but since then I didn’t receive any message in my email

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