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Npower Physical Verification 2023/2024 | See Requirements and Date for Batch C Candidates

Npower Physical Verification for Batch C successful candidates 2023/2024. You will find on this page how to do the Npower physical verification, the requirements for the Npower physical verification, and everything you need to know about this stage of Npower screening.

You can check your Npower Test Result here before you read on. Successful applicants who were preselected will have to pass through the physical verification for confirmation.

The verification which will be carried out by the Npower officials comprises of:

  • Age Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Educational Certificates verification
  • NYSC Certificate Verification

When Is The Npower Batch C Physical Verification?

The Npower Batch C Physical Verification will start on…

The date of physical verification has been set aside to screen the documents of the Npower Batch C shortlisted names.

This verification is strictly for the shortlisted candidates who made it to the Npower shortlist. Candidates whose names did not appear on the preselected lists are advised not to come for the physical verification.

The Npower verification exercise will involve the Npower Build verification, Npower Agro physical verification, Npower Teach physical verification, Npower Health physical verification.

You will also be provided with the Npower news today on physical verification to keep you updated on the latest news about Npower verification.

Before we talk about Npower news on Verification, let’s quickly look at the requirements for Npower verification.

Npower Physical Verification Requirements

The items listed here under are the required documents for the verification process:

  1. NYSC Discharge Certificate (only for Graduate category)
  2. Print of of your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  3. Valid ID Card
  4. Educational Credentials
  5. Npower 2023 online printout with your reference number.

For those who applied using awaiting NYSC certificate, ensure your certificate is ready before the verification to avoid being disqualified.

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Npower Physical Verification News

For now, the Npower physical Verification is yet to commence. We urge you to keep your eyes on this page to know when the verification will start.

The verification is compulsory for the shortlisted candidates as it is one of the screening processes required to be undergone by the preselected applicants.

If you have any questions about the Npower Physical Verification, do well to let us know in the comment section.

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  2. Good afternoon, please I want to know when the physical verification will commence. And where is it going to take place

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  4. Good afternoon , please when is the date for physical verification please,has the Admin fixed the date.

  5. How will I know that I have been qualified for physical verification?
    Is primary first school living certificate among the educational certificated?


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