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How to Change Facebook Password Without Old Password

Have you Forgotten your old Facebook password? If yes, do not nurture any fear for this post is here to show you how to change your Facebook Password without the old password.

One can easily forget his or her password, it’s not a crime. Forgetting your password does not mean that you won’t have access to your account again.

Can I Recover My Forgotten Facebook Password?

The answer is just yes. Recovering a forgotten password is very simple. It just needs a few steps to get it done.

How Do I Recover My Forgotten Password?

You can simply recover your forgotten password by using Facebook forgot password code which can also be called the Facebook password reset code.

People use different devices to assess Facebook and for that reason, the steps outlined in this post have covered how to change Forgotten Facebook password for different devices like Android, desktop, iPhones e.t.c. Just follow the steps Chronologically.

How to Change Facebook Password on Android

Follow the steps below to get it done:

  1. log in to your Facebook account or
  2. Open your Facebook app on your Android phone
  3. A page like the one shown in the picture below will appear
change forgotten password

4. Click on Forgot your password?

5. Another page will open where you will enter your phone number or email

Enter your phone number

6. Enter the phone number you used to open the account and click on search or you can search by your username.

7. A code will be sent to the phone number you entered.

enter your confirmation code

8. Enter the 6-digit code sent to you and tap continue.

Congrats! You now have access to your account again. To change the code and put your own password, click here to see how to go about it.

I hope this article on how to change Facebook password is helpful. Please share it with other Facebook users by using the Facebook share icon in this post. Thanks.

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  1. i want my old facebook account back , what i need to do?

  2. who can i get my facebook accout with no phone number or email


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