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Old Dominion University Acceptance Rate 2023

Are you an aspiring student of Old Dominion University who is willing to know some vital information about the school? Then this page is a sure bet for you.

Here is the important information you are expected to know about Old Dominion University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Requirements, and lots more, even before sending your admission application to the school.

Old Dominion University is deemed one of the best public research universities in Norfolk, Virginia, because of its outstanding academics, salient research profile, and world-class faculty. See Oberlin College Acceptance Rate.

The campus is situated in a Midsize city and on 251 acres. The university offers 73 bachelor’s degrees, 60 master’s degrees, and 35 doctoral degrees in a wide range of fields.

Old Dominion University students get the best of both worlds: high-quality academics and an excellent collegiate experience!

The school is also known for its wide research output, with research expenditures in the millions. It is home to diverse research centers, including Center for Telehealth Innovation, Education & Research.

The center promotes innovation, education, and research in telehealth for those involved in the provision of healthcare education, research, and technologies through collaborative opportunities, educational programs, and telehealth innovation.

With such an impressive research profile, it is no surprise that Old Dominion University faculty are world-class scholars and teachers.

Old Dominion University Acceptance Rate

Old Dominion University has an acceptance rate that is one of the highest in the country, its acceptance rate is not selective, but this doesn’t mean that the school gives admission easily.

Old Dominion University’s acceptance rate is 96 and 92.5% for early admissions, according to the latest US News & World Report.

Among an estimated number of 24,176 applications received in the Fall 2021 admissions cycle, about 96% of applicants were offered admission as part of the class of 2025.

There are many factors that may have driven the number of applications. Old Dominion University offers high-quality, affordable education through its financial aid packages and scholarships.

Old Dominion University’s Admission Requirement

High acceptance rates don’t mean that anyone can just get Admission into the school. You need to stand out from everyone else with a 3.3+ GPA and high SAT scores.

What does it take to get into Old Dominion University? Let us start with some stats and numbers.

The SAT score and ACT score range for the class of 2024 was 1120 and 23, respectively. This suggests that students with composite SAT and ACT scores that fall within those ranges have a much higher chance of getting in.

Needless to say, an exceptional academic record would significantly boost your chances of getting admitted, but it does not guarantee to get your foot in the door.

The Old Dominion University admissions committee doesn’t follow a holistic process in which no single factor determines the outcome.

Other Requirements

  • Graduate in the top half of your high school class
  • Submit letters of recommendation from your teachers


It is not exactly news that the cost of attending college has risen sharply over the years. The total cost of attendance for a resident freshman at Old Dominion University is $426.00 for Undergraduate and $623.00 for Graduate (plus the cost of transportation).

But do not let sticker shock deter you from applying. After all, you do not want to pass up on an excellent education when there are ways to help you tackle the costs.

The good news is that Old Dominion University offers a variety of full and partial scholarships and awards.


Based on what we have presented to you in this article, you will get to know that all the necessary information you are required to know about Old Dominion University acceptance rate, tuition, requirements, and others before applying in the school has been highlighted and discussed in it.

This is to help you have a good chance of getting admission in the school. Our comment box is open to receive your thoughts and questions based on this article.

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