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James Madison University Acceptance Rate 2023

Have you heard about James Madison University and you are eager to know more about the school? If your answer is positive, then feel relaxed because this article is for you.

In this article, we will be discussing all you need to know about James Madison University acceptance rate, tuition, courses, and admission requirements. Keep reading to get the information you need.

James Madison University is a public research academic establishment located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. See Grand Canyon University Acceptance Rate.

Founded in 1908, James Madison University is organized into 7 colleges and schools and some of the colleges include the College of Arts and Letters, the College of Business, the College of Education, the College of Integrated Science and Engineering; the College of Science and Mathematics.

Over its 115 years, James Madison University has graduated so many outstanding alumni. The school also has a faculty-to-student ratio of 17:1, thereby making the class interactive during learning.

James Madison University is an institution where excellence and accessibility meet to develop a well-balanced academic experience for students from every background.

They are committed to a high quality standard of education for its students making them excel in all areas of their academic field.

James Madison University Acceptance Rate

As one of the public universities in the United States, James Madison University receives thousands of applications each year.

As one of the top schools in the state of Harrisonburg, Virginia, the University gets thousands of applications each year.

James Madison University has an acceptance rate that sits around 69%. This shows that the institution has a moderate probability of giving admission to its applicants.

While there are certainly some people who value exclusivity in a college, this high acceptance rate is good news, for a few different reasons.

Obviously, it’s good news because most people who want to study at James Madison University will get the opportunity to do so.

But it’s also good because more accepted applicants make for a more diverse student body, which gives everyone a more enriching educational experience.

James Madison University GPA

At James Madison University GPA, there is no minimum GPA requirement. However, the school does expect top-level work from its students.

On average, students who get accepted to James Madison University GPA have a 3.55 GPA. To earn that type of grade, it is mandatory that one earn primarily A’s and B’s in high school classes.

More importantly, applicants should work to get substantial grades in the classes related to their major.

James Madison University SAT & ACT Requirements

Similar to GPA, James Madison University does not need SAT and ACT for admission to James Madison University, this shows that submission of these test scores is optional.

Applicants who desire to submit their scores to the school are free to do so but they will need to send them directly to the James Madison University from the testing center or have them recorded on their high school transcripts.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips for James Madison University

James Madison University has a reasonably straightforward application process. Anyone who has academic transcripts from their high school degree can apply by filling out an application and paying the application fee of $70.

James Madison University has various application deadlines based on what major a student has interest in and the time they would like to begin.

Applicants can apply for Early Action before June 1st, for the fall semester. James Madison University permits those

Applicants who want to commence in the Winter are required to submit all the admission materials required of them before February 15th, and those who want to attend in Spring will need to have all the requirements by October 1st.

Once a date is selected, applicants can commence with sending in their admission application coupled with other required materials to James Madison University virtually. Using their school online application portal.

Other materials required by the school include original copy of high school transcripts which must be in English,

Proficiency in English shown through test scores, One letter of recommendation,

Financial Certification of around 45,000 USD to verify financial support for 1 academic year, A copy of Passport.


That was all you need to know about James Madison University – Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements prior to applying to the school. You can contact us via the comment box if you need more information about the school.

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