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Oberlin College Acceptance Rate 2023, 2026, 2027

Is studying at Oberlin College your desire and do you care to know information that is necessary to note about the school? This article is meant for you specifically.

In this article, things you are expected to know about the school’s acceptance rate, tuition, courses, and admission requirements are carefully stated and discussed. Do not fail to go through it.

Oberlin College is an educational institution that is located on a suburban campus in Oberlin, Ohio. This school is home to many excellent undergraduate and postgraduate degree study Programs.

Their mission is to provide high quality, relevant education enabling the broadest possible community of learners to achieve their goals and enrich the world. See Nova Southeastern University Acceptance Rate.

The institution has an average undergraduate enrollment of 2,647 annually. An annual cost of attendance of $78,396 for on-campus students and $72,930 for off-campus students. with that of the national median pegged at $15,523.

In addition, Oberlin College Graduate rate is 86% which is higher than the national median percentile of 49%. This doesn’t mean that one should not stay focused and concentrate on studies to be able to graduate from school.

Moreover, an average of 83% of students return after the first year. This is also higher than that of the national median which hovers around 68%.

Oberlin College Acceptance Rate

Oberlin College Acceptance rate is 35%. This shows that the institution is very competitive, which implies that one cannot easily gain admission into the school.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to have:

  • Test scores
  • A High school transcript
  • Letter of recommendation
  • High school GPA
  • Completion of college prep program
  • Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL)

Transfer Credit Policy

  • Advanced placement (AP) credits

*This can include previous jobs, training, licenses/credentials, or seminars. You may need to complete an exam or provide a portfolio to earn credit.

  • SAT & ACT
  • The college requires high test scores.

Students who attend this school typically have higher standardized test scores than students at other schools.

While test scores can be an important aspect of college applications, schools determine admission based on several factors, and these test scores are only a suggested range.

ACT  25th-75th Percentile: 28-33

SAT 25th-75th Percentile: 1270-1360

Courses offered in the school

The list of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs offered by Oberlin College is listed below;

  • Africana Studies.
  • Anthropology.
  • Archaeological Studies.
  • Art History.
  • Arts Administration and Leadership.
  • Astronomy.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Biology.
  • Music
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Medicine
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Chemistry
  • Business
  • Book studies
  • Cognitive science
  • Comparative literature
  • Dance
  • Creative writing
  • Data science
  • Education studies
  • Economics
  • Food studies
  • Global health
  • History
  • Jewish studies
  • Journalism
  • Linguistics
  • Musical studies
  • Neurology


This article was written about Oberlin College Acceptance Rate, Courses and admission Requirements.

This was done to help prospective students of the school get knowledge about the necessary information about documents and other things that will be required of them before sending in their application to the school.

We hope the guide was useful to you. You can ask your questions in the comment box if you have any.

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