Jamb Mathematics Questions and Answers for 2020 (CBT)

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JAMB Mathematics Questions and Answers for 2020/2021 CBT Exam

You are welcome to 2020 JAMB mathematics questions and answers. Before we proceed, let’s get ourselves acquainted with what you need to know in order to excel in JAMB mathematics.

Following the tips below would help you score high in JAMB mathematics:

Tip One: Study Intensively:

I must sincerely tell you that studying mathematics is not just reading it without solving and practicing it yourself.

Many Jambites and Jambito read mathematics the way they read other subjects that do not really involve calculations but that’s wrong.

jamb mathematics questions and answers

To score high in Jamb Mathematics, you must spend quality time in solving and understanding everything single thing in each topic you come across as much as you can.

Do not just read to pass your Jamb Mathematics exam but study to know it and keep your mind away from JAMB Mathematics Expo. Many candidates always have it in mind that current will flow in the hall, What if reverse becomes the case? That’s one of the reasons you need to study hard.

You can become a Mathematics guru by studying math consistently and trying to understand everything required of you as a Jamb candidate.

I can tell you from experience that JAMB mathematics is not difficult. You only need to read using the JAMB Mathematics syllabus as a guide to know the topics JAMB requires you to know.

Tip Two: Always Read Your JAMB Past Questions after Studying

If there is anything you need most after your textbook, then it should be Jamb past questions. You have really gotten this point very well because I know this was what you had in mind before coming to Google to search for JAMB MATHEMATICS QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS TO CBT EXAMS 2020.

Believe me, 90% of Jamb questions are repeated questions. when I say repeated questions, I mean “they are similar questions with the same pattern of solving” although they may not actually appear the same.

So don’t let anyone deceive you to go and start buying the biggest mathematics textbooks in bookshops. Studying Past questions has all it takes to grant you success in your Jamb CBT exams.

Tip Three: Avoid Fear

Fear can make you forget what you have studied or make unnecessary mistakes. Believe you can and have the confidence of scoring high.

Sorry if the above tips have taken much of your time but I think they are important to be shared here.

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Having said that, let’s quickly go to Jamb questions and answers.

2020 JAMB Mathematics Sample questions and answers to CBT  exams

1. Express, correct to three significant figures, 0.003597.

A. 0.359

B. 0.004

C. 0.00360

D. 0.00359

2. Evaluate:  (0.064)^-1/3

A. 5/2

B. 2/5

C. -2/5

D. -5/2

3. Solve:  y+1/2 – 2y-1/3 = 4

A. y = 19

B. y = -19

C. y = -29

D. y = 29

4. Musa borrows #10.00 at 2% per month interest and repays #8.00 after 4 months. However much does he still owe?
A. #10.80
B. #10.67
C. #2.80
C. #2.67

5. If 3 gallons of spirit containing 20% water is added to 5gallons of another spirit containing 15% water, what percentage of the mixture is water?
A. 24/5%
B. 167/8%
C. 181/8%
D. 187/8%

6. What is the product of 27/5 – (3)3 and (1/5)?
A. 5
B. 3
C. 1
D. 1/25

7. Simplify 2log2/5 – log72/125 + log9
A. 1 – 4log 3
B. –1 + 2log3
C. –1 +5log2
D. 1-2log2

8. A car travels from Calabar to Enugu, a distant of pkm with an average speed of ukm per hour and continues to Benin, a distance of qkm, with an average speed of wkm per hour. Find its average speed from Calabar to Benin.
A. (p+q)/(up+wq)
B. u+w
C. uw(p+q)/(wp+uq)
D. (wp+uq)/(u+wq)

9. If w varies inversely as uv/u + v and is equal to 8 when u = 2 and v = 6, find a relationship between u, v, w.
A. upw = 16(u + t)
B. 16ur = 3w(u + t)
C. upw = 12(u + t)
D. 12upw = u + r

10. If g(x = x2 + 3x ) find g(x + 1) – g(x)
A. (x + 2)
B. 2(x + 2)
C. (2x + 1)
D. (x + 4)

11. Factorize m3 – m2 – m + 2
A. (m2 + 1)(m – 2)
B. (m + 1)(m + 1)(m + 2)
C. (m + 1)(m + 1)(m – 2)
D. (m2 + 2)(m – 1)

12. The angles of a quadrilateral are 5x – 30, 4x + 60, 60 – x and 3x + 61. find the smallest of these angles.
A. 5x – 30
B. 4x + 60
C. 60 – x
D. 3x + 61

13. What is the nth term of the sequence 2, 6, 12, 20,…?
A. 4n – 2
B. 2(3n – 1)
C. n2 + n
D. n2 + 3n +2

15. If the binary operation * is defined by m*n = mn + m + n for any real number m and n, find the identity element under this operation.
A. e = 1
B. e = -1
C. e = -2
D. e = 0

17. Each of the interior angles of a regular polygon is 1400. How many sides has the polygon?
A. 9

B. 8

C. 7

D. 5

This is a typical JAMB MATHEMATICS QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Read and solve them. If you have any question, feel free to ask.

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