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JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers for 2024/2025 (CBT)

2024 JAMB Literature in English Questions, JAMB Literature in English past questions and answers, JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2024: Bekeking will show you past JAMB Literature in English repeated questions for free.

You will understand how JAMB Literature in English questions are set and how to answer them.

The secret to passing any exam is to study hard. JAMB Literature in English questions are set just like other JAMB questions.

JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers(Expo)

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Below are the JAMB Literature in English Practice Questions to get you ready for your 2024 JAMB Literature in English Questions.

The answers to this Jamb Literature question can be found at the end of each question. Use them to prepare for mock and JAMB examination.


1. In Literature generally, a stock character is a character
A. who plays the role of a stock
B. broker or merchant
C. whose actions, speech, style, and role are predictable
D. whose manner is as stiff as a dry stockfish
E. Hypocrite

ANSWER: C (whose actions, speech, style, and role are predictable)

2. A light or amusing interlude inserted in the middle of a tragic play is called

A. a comic relief

B. an aggression

C.a contrast

D. digression

E. drama

ANSWER: A (comic relief)

3. When one author produces a mocking invitation of another author’s work we call his product
A. a conceit
B. an aggression
C. a contrast
D. a parody
E. Monologue

ANSWER: D (parody)

4. A type of poem which may be sung and embodies a tale is called
A. sentimental poem
B. sonorous poetry
C. musical interlude
D. a ballad
E. satire

ANSWER: D (a Ballard)

5. Poetry is distinguished from prose fiction in that it
A. uses puns and persona
B. injects emotion and sentiment
C. does not have a hero
D. uses rhyme and meter
E. uses stanza

ANSWER: D (uses rhyme and meter)

6. Go, lovely rose,

Tell her that wastes her time and me

When I resembled her for thee,

How sweet and fair she seems to be

In the above line lines, the rose is presented as having human characteristics or abilities. This is knowns as

A. climax
B. epigram
C. Personification
D. hyperbole
E. paradox

ANSWER: C (personification)

7. When a story is told at one level but has its true meaning at another level it is called
A. a horror story
B. a confusing story
C. an epic
D. an allegorical story
E. theme

ANSWER: D (allegorical story)

8. When an unrelated incident is inserted in a work of literature it is called
A. a dream sequence
B. a flashback
B. a digression
D. a masque
E. a prologue

ANSWER: C (digression)

9. The first eight lines of a sonnet are called?
A. a couplet
B. an octave
C. a quatrain
D. a sestet
E. a set

ANSWER: B (octave)

10. The last part of a literary work is known as
A. acknowledgment
B. an epilogue
C. an epitaph
D. a prologue
E. conclusion

ANSWER: B (epilogue)

11. The identical sound at the end of a poem is known as
A. mere
B. refrain
C. rhyme
D. rhythm
E. verse

12. The language of David Diop’s ‘Africa’ suggests

A. the beauty of the African countryside

B. that black is beautiful

C. that the poet is sad because Africa has been exploited and laid waste for too long

D. that the poet remembers the great empire of Africa

E. that the poet sees Africa as a colonial power

13. In ‘I Will Pronounce Your Name’Senghor writes: ‘Naett that is the dry tornado, the clap of lightening’.
The figure of speech used in the above line is

A. metaphor

B. simile

C. hyperbole

D. irony

E. synecdoche

14. You cannot know
And should not bother;
Tide and market come and go
And so shall your mother.
In this verse the poet uses

A. alternate rhymes

B. monorhyme

C. couplets

D. triplets

E. blank verses


15. The Comstocks belonged to the most dismal of all classes, the middle-middle class, the landless gentry. In their miserable poverty, they had not even the snobbish consolation of regarding themselves as an ‘old’ family fallen on evil days…..This writer’s tone is

A. melancholic

B. matter-of-fact

C. bitterly humorous

D. sympathetic

E. sad

16. Which of the following is not a play?
A. Doctor Faustus
B. Romeo and Juliet
C. Galileo
D. Dizzy Angels
E. The trail of Dedan Kimathi

17. But from this earth, this grave, this dust my God shall raise me up, ‘I trust’ The feeling of the poet is one of
A. hatred
B. indecision
C. love
D. optimism
E. sarcasm

18. But from this earth, this grave, this dust, my God shall raise me up, ‘I trust!. The underlined are examples of
A. assonance
B. paradox
C. repetition
D. rhyme
E. sarcasm

19. The period of laughter or amusement in a tragic play is called
A. comedy
B. comic relief
C. denouncement
D. interlude
E. suspense

20. The principal female character in a novel is called a/an
A. actress
B. clown
C. hero
D. heroine
E. villain

See: JAMB Literature Syllabus

21. A Poem telling of spending deeds of a hero is
A. a ballad
B. a lampoon
C. an epic
D. a parody
E. a sonnet

22. The major features of a play are
A. acts and scenes
B. chapters and paragraphs
C. characterization
D. metres and rhythms
E. stanza and verse

23. One of the main aim of a did active literary work is to
A. laugh at the society
B. make people laugh
C. show man’s weakness
D. teach a moral lesson

24. A poem which portrays a simple rural life of the common people is called
A. a carol
B. a lyric
C. an epic
D. an ode
E. a pastoral

25. The expression ‘He is a living dead’ is an example of
A. antithesis
B. imagery
C. oxymoron
D. paradox
E. personification

26. The counsel for the accused addressed the bench. The underlined is an example of
A. a seat
B. metaphor
C. metonymy
D. onomatopoeia
E. oxymoron

27. A sonnet may be divided into an octave and a/an
A. a couplet
B. octave
C. quatrain
D. Sestet
E. tercel

28. In drama, the clown
A. creates confusion
B. creates hatred
C. creates humour
D. generates horror
E. identifies with the hero

29. Pick out the odd item
A. ballad
B. hyperbole
C. metaphor
D. pun
E. simile

30. A protagonist who has a disastrous end is a
A. comic character
B. flat character
C. round character
D. tragedy
E tragic hero

31. Romantic poetry deals with
A. beauty
C. kingdom
D. marriage
E. nature

Answers to Jamb Literature Questions

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Tips to Score High in 2024 JAMB Literature in English Questions

Tip 1: Read Past Questions

Reading past questions on JAMB Literature in English not only exposes you to the likely questions that will repeat themselves in 2024 JAMB CBT but will also show you the areas to concentrate on while reading your textbooks and novels.

Tip 2: Study Hard

Reading your books always gets you acquainted with the things you will see in the examination hall.

It is good to feed your brain with what it is going to give you during the examination. Not reading hard would make your brain dull and empty.

If you have any questions on the JAMB Literature in English questions and answers, feel free to use the comment box.

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