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Cornell Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date 2025/2026

Are you a prospective student at Cornell University who desire to know how things are done in the school? Applying for an early decision plan in Cornell University will be a good decision because early decision applications permit applicants to hear from the school decision earlier than regular decision.

It also enables applicants to have a higher spot of being accepted in the school. In this article, you will get all the information you need on Cornell early decision acceptance rate & decision date.


Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell University is a private residential research university which focus mostly on undergraduate programs enrollments. The Ivy League and land-grant research university, was established in 1865.  

Scholars at Cornell university acquire knowledge under the seven undergraduate colleges and seven graduate divisions located at its main Ithaca campus.

The Institution also has two satellite campuses, which are located in New York City and Education City, Qatar.

The Cornell University has a very big Library which is the 11th largest academic library in the United States where their Students and other students in the United States can find solutions to problem that is facing the country.

The institution was the number one university among all United States colleges and universities to permit undergraduate scholars to borrow books from its libraries.

Although the Cornell University is not famous like other ivy league institutions but it has stellar reputation for educating the best scholars in the arts and entertainment. And this has continued to attract a diverse and inclusive student body to the institution.

The ivy league research institute is also the only United States member school in the CEMS Alliance, and the school Master’s in International Management is the only programme in the United States to offer the CEMS Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM) as a double degree option, permitting their students to learn at one of 34 prominent CEMS partner Institutions.

Some of the Alumni of Cornell University include Pearl S. Buck and Toni Morrison, and actors Christopher Reeve and Wizard of Oz star Frank Morgan.

Cornell Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Cornell University has an early decision acceptance rate of 23.8%.

Based on Fall 2021, About 6,615 applicants applied for Cornell University’s early decision option. Out of all these applicants, only 1,754 applicants were able to receive admission from the school.

That is an incredibly high number, especially when examined next to the school’s regular acceptance rates 12.5%. See Cornell University acceptance rate

This high early decision acceptance rate shows that Cornell is less Competitive than other ivy league universities.

What gave rise to this high number? Many factors are at play, but it tends to come down to the obvious.

Due to the fact that college applications require a great deal of work and preparation, those who apply early tend to be the most committed and focused. This is not to say that regular decision applicants are somehow lazy.

Rather, there tends to be a higher percentage of top-level students in the early application pool than in the regular decision pool.

That said, no one should be perturbed that they will look bad if they send in an application for an early decision or think that they will look best if they send in the application for a regular decision.  

Each application stands out on its own, irrespective of the group of people who apply at the same time. See what Cornell is known for.

Cornell Early Decision Decision Date

Cornell notifies early decision candidates of its decision by December 15th each year.

As you might expect, this date comes much earlier than those for standard enrollment who received their decision on April 6th, which is after so many months.

As you can see, early decision applications give students a quicker answer. Moreover, it also gives students more time to make their own plan.

It is necessary to note that all admitted students are expected to confirm their admission by May 1st irrespective of their application method.

Cornell Early Decision Deadline

The deadline for applying for early decision admission at Cornell is November 1st.

While the advantage of applying for early decision is that you have a limited time to wait prior to finding out if the school will admit you, but the challenge is that you have less time to get your materials ready.

Before you go about creating an early decision application, you must be sure that you have clear understanding of what is expected of you.

You will need to do everything that a regular admission applicant does, but with much less time.

The deadline for standard admission at Cornell University is January 2nd for future freshmen. Early Decision applications need to be filled out and submitted a full three months before regular admission to students.

For those reasons, anyone who wants to apply for early decision must be prepared to do a lot of excellent work within a short period of time.

Those stakes are especially high because a rejection for early decision is the same as a standard decision. Cornell University does not permit applicants to fill out a second application for regular admission after being rejected for early decision.

Does Cornell Have Early Decision 2?

Cornell University does not an Early Decision 2 option.

So, anyone who wants to benefit from the early decision plan, should not miss the early decision application date, since there is no early decision 2 option.

Cornell Early Decision Deferral Rate

Cornell has an early decision deferral rate of approximately 23.6%.

In some cases, Cornell chooses to defer an Early Decision applicant, waiting to provide an answer about admissions with the regular decision students.

In this type of scenario, students will not be aware if they have been accepted into Cornell until the middle of December.

Without question, it can be challenging for an Early Decision applicant to go experience all of the stress of applying before the regular deadline, without taking part in any of the benefits attached to early decision.

In short, it is bad, that these deferred students are required to wait even longer after the submission of their applications.

Notwithstanding, prospective students fail to keep in mind why Cornell decided to defer the decision. Deferments occur when the school wants to compare the Early Decision applicant against those of regular decisions.

In other words, instead of being rejected, deferment gives an Early Decision applicant one more shot to be admitted.

If not enough more impressive students come in with the regular applicants, there will be room for the deferred students, permitting them to be accepted.

How to Apply to Cornell for Early Decision

To apply for Early Decision at Cornell University, applicants must submit their completed application package by the given early decision deadline which is November 1st.

While there is certainly much to do for a college application, Early Decision aspirants need not do anything special.

There’s no extra paperwork to fill out, nor any special letters of recommendation. They only need to submit their applications by the above deadlines.

Notwithstanding, that is not quite as easy as you might think. To gain admission into an elite school such as Cornell University, applicants must provide a great deal of information, which takes time to gather.

  • Cornell requires aspiring students to complete an online Common Application.
  •  Pay an application fee of $80.00.  
  • Applicants must also send to the school transcripts,
  • A mid-semester report, and
  • A letter of recommendation from the school counselor.
  • Two evaluations from teachers as well as a supplemental essay.

Cornell does not require standardized tests from applicants, they must be submitted by the November 1st deadline from anyone who would like to include them.

For some programs, you must also provide a portfolio or audition materials. These must be submitted by their own deadlines, provided by the specific school or department.


That was all about Cornell early decision acceptance rate and decision date. Don’t feel to share your thoughts about this post because by sharing we will be able to serve you better.

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