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Duke Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date 2023/2026, 2027

Are you planning to apply to Duke University for its early decision admission? That will be a good decision but there is certain information you need to know to make the admission process an easy one for you.

As an applicant, you are required to know information about Duke early decision acceptance rate, admission deadline, decision date, and how to apply to the school.

I will be communicating all these things to you in this article, so avoid reading this article halfway. See Duke Medical School Acceptance Rate.

Established in 1838, Duke University is a private research institute with a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,717 according to fall 2020, and the institution utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.

Duke University ranked 9th in the 2022 edition of best colleges National Universities, and the campus spans over 8,600 acres on three sub-campuses in Durham.

 Its tuition and fees are $60,489. Duke students receive some form of financial aid, which includes need-based aid, athletic aid, and merit aid. The average need-based grant for the 2019–20 academic year was $54,255.

Duke offers 46 arts and sciences majors, four engineering majors, 52 minors (including two in engineering) and Program II, which allows students to design their own interdisciplinary major in arts & sciences, and IDEAS, which allows students to design their own engineering major.

The institute is classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities with very high research activity” as a result of the breakthrough of its researchers have made all through the institution’s history.

Such breakthroughs include the biomedical engineering department’s development of the world’s first real-time, three-dimensional ultrasound diagnostic system and the first engineered blood vessels and stents.

Duke University’s Early Decision Acceptance Rate – Class of 2026.

This marks an Early Decision admission acceptance rate of approximately 21.3% for the Class of 2026.  

This shows that there was a sizable decrease from the 5,036 applicants they received for the Class of 2025 last year with an Early Decision acceptance rate of 17%.

This marks an Early Decision admission acceptance rate of approximately 16.4% for the Class of 2027.

Duke Admissions – SAT and ACT

Of those who ultimately joined, Duke’s Class of 2025, the middle 50% range on the SAT was 1510-1560; the ACT range was 34-36. 

Duke University Early Decision Date

Early decision applicants will receive a decision from Duke University by Mid December. They Will receive that as either an admit, defer, or deny.

Duke University early decision program is binding, so those who are admitted are expected to enroll at Duke University. See what Duke is known for.

Upon learning of their acceptance to Duke University, early decision applicants should withdraw any other active applications at other colleges.

Duke University Early Decision Deadline

It is mandatory for Early decision applicants to submit their materials to the institution by November 1st.  

All applicants are expected to submit their application with the items listed below, failure to do that will make your application become incomplete.

Here are the items;

Application for Early Decision, Early Decision Agreement, High School Transcript (will accept through November 20), First Quarter Grades (will accept through November 20 or when your first term ends), Secondary School Report with Counselor Recommendation (will accept through November 20), Two Teacher Recommendations (will accept through November 20), SAT and/or ACT Scores (optional, last day to take standardized tests is November 6), Arts Supplement (optional), and Financial Aid Forms.

Does Duke University Have Early Decision 2?

 Duke University has only one early decision date. So, if an applicant is not admitted in the early decision evaluation period, their application will either be deferred or denied.

Deferred applications move to the regular decision application pool, and at that point, are no longer qualified to attend Duke University even if they gain admittance.

Students whose applications are denied will not be able to re-apply for the remainder of the cycle academic year. See if Duke is ivy school.

How to apply to Duke University

If you are planning to join the 50,000+ Blue Devil hopefuls for the next admissions cycle, it is very necessary you should know the following:

It is important to note that Duke’s temporary test-optional policy will remain intact for the 2022-23 admissions round (Class of 2027).

Duke offers optional alumni interviews as part of the admissions process. After submitting your application, you will be matched with an alumni interviewer in your area on the basis of first come, first served.

The time for interviews is generally between 30-60 minutes in duration and no applicant is granted an on-campus, evaluative interview with a Duke University admissions officer.

It is essential to note that every student will not be permitted to be interviewed at the end. Those who do not get the opportunity to be interviewed will be invited to submit an additional recommendation with their application.

Duke does consider “demonstrated interest” so it is crucial to make contact with the admissions office, connect via social media, visit campus or meet Duke representatives at college fairs that is nearest to you.

Applicants should ensure to commit enough time and effort to the supplemental essays required by Duke University.

In the 2021-22 cycle, there were three prompts—one mandatory, one technically optional (but, in reality, mandatory), and one that only applies to members of the LGBTQ community.


Duke University has only one application deadline and decision date. So, it is very important for applicants to document these dates which are November 1st and Mid December, to avoid waiting for an additional one year before they can be able to reapply to the school. This article was written on Duke early decision acceptance rate & decision date.

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