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Vanderbilt Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date 2024, 2025, 2026

Do you desire to be a student at Vanderbilt University? Applying through the early decision should be considered as a result of diverse advantages that accompany it. Among the advantages is its ability to maximize applicants’ chances of being admitted to the institution.

I will uncover everything you need to know about Vanderbilt Early Decision acceptance rate & decision date in this article. Keep reading!

Established 1873, Vanderbilt University is a private institution which is situated in Nashville, Tennessee. The institute offers 70 majors and had an enrollment of approximately 13,796 students(fall 2021).

Students in Vanderbilt university are allowed to create or select their discipline among 70 majors offered in the school, under its four undergraduate schools and colleges. See Boston Early Decision Acceptance Rate.

These are the College of Arts and Science, the School of Engineering, the School of Engineering, Blair School of Music, and Peabody College of Education and Human Development.

As a result of their dedication to service, Vanderbilt is ranked #116 in the best university in the world according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Vanderbilt also ranked #33 in the U.S According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Moreover, Reuters ranked it #10 most innovative university in the world.

Vanderbilt Student’s admission process is evaluated on the basis of a meticulous look at their academic performances and values, not by personal interest.

This is as a result of their attempt to make a high standard of education accessible to students from every nation. See Vanderbilt Transfer Acceptance Rate.

From a student’s first day at Vanderbilt, they will understand that they have entered into an institute of higher education that does things differently from the rest.

This commitment to service makes a difference: U.S. News and World Report ranked Tulane as the 4th best university in the nation for the quality of their service-learning.

For the fact that Vanderbilt University is among one of the nation’s most well respected institution does not prevent its students from having funs while in school.

Vanderbilt Early Decision Acceptance Rate

The early decision acceptance rate at Vanderbilt sits at around 17.6%. This is almost the same when compared to the Vanderbilt regular acceptance rate, which is 17.1%.

Part of the reason that an early decision applicant may be more likely to be admitted at  Vanderbilt is the binding nature of the early decision application.

Those who submit an early decision application must sign an agreement declaring that if they are to get an offer of admission from the institution, then they must decline all other offers from other colleges, suspend all other applications, and accept Vanderbilt’s offer.

Therefore, early decision shows Vanderbilt that one is particularly dedicated to attending the school, thereby making the applicant more outstanding, and it gives assurance that Vanderbilt will not give an offer and be declined.

Nevertheless, it is still reliable to say that an early decision plan can increase applicant’s likelihood of being admitted to an institution mostly if one is set to dedicate to Vanderbilt.

Vanderbilt Early Decision Decision Date

Early decision applicants will hear back regarding their admissions decision by the middle of December.

This is important to keep the date in mind coupled with the early decision financial aid application deadline date which is slated to be submitted on November 4th because it is very likely that Vanderbilt applicant will hear back before another.

After the submission of all the necessary items, applicants will then wait for the school’s decision. While waiting for a decision, Vanderbilt encourages students to submit supplemental materials which is likely to help in their admissions decision.

Vanderbilt Early Decision Deadline

The deadline for the submission of an early decision application to Tulane is November 1st. On that very date, it is mandatory for applicants to submit their early decision application, the early decision agreement form, their secondary school report, certification of finances (this is specifically meant for international applicants alone), and an optional portfolio/audition.

Vanderbilt requires that applicants fill out a CSS profile, the CSS profile is used to determine applicant qualification for the school’s financial aid. The priority deadline for both the FAFSA and the CSS profile is November 4th for ED.

December 1st is the general deadline for merit scholarship at Vanderbilt. See what Vanderbilt is known for.

Does Vanderbilt Have Early Decision 2?

Definitely, Vanderbilt University has an early decision ll. The early decision ll application deadline is January 1st.

Applicants will be notified of the institution’s decision on their application by the middle of February.

Both the Early decision plan and regular decision plan have the same application deadline, which is February 1st. Check if Vanderbilt is ivy league school.

But The major difference between early decision plan and regular decision plan is that regular decision is not binding.

One can submit an early action application and still choose to attend another university, while early decision plan is binding.

Applicants who applied for early decision round will fill out an early decision agreement form, the agreement form assures the school that if ab early decision applicant is being offered admission from Vanderbilt, they will certainly choose the institution over any other institutions.

But regular decision applicants are permitted to apply in another school while waiting for Vanderbilt decision.

Vanderbilt ED Deferral Rate

Vanderbilt does not make any information available about its Deferral Rate. Applicants who applied under ED will either be accepted or waitlisted.

When one is deferred, they are considered alongside those who applied for the regular decision deadline.

Notably, a deferral is not a declination but merely a notification that someone’s application will be reviewed at a date that is different from the typical date.

Deferral can be the student’s choice.

Applicants who were given admission into the school via early decision might decide to defer their admission as a result of unforeseen circumstances which might for early decision and get accepted will have the option to defer their acceptance if life circumstances come up that require a pause on their enrollment.

Students who desire to defer their enrollment, are required to reach out to [email protected] by July 1st in order to request for a deferral.

Vanderbilt will consider the requests on a case-by-case basis. Students whose referral requests were granted will be required to pay a deferral fee of $400 to hold their spot.

How to Apply to Vanderbilt for Early Decision

The process of applying for early decision at Vanderbilt is relatively simple compared to most universities.

Rather than having to find a section of the application via which one will gain access to the early decision form through the Common App, Vanderbilt makes its early decision agreement form freely available.

This form details the early decision agreement: if Vanderbilt offers you admission to their university, you cannot accept an offer anywhere else.

One must fill out this form and then have it signed by the applicant, a parent or guardian, and a guidance counselor at one’s high school.

Then, students will email the filled-out and signed document to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

An application fee of $50 application will be required to be paid or waived via the application.

 Moreover, students will be required to submit the core documents that nearly all colleges request. Such prerequisites are;

Transcripts: Transcripts from high school and/or colleges are demanded to be sent directly to Vanderbilt.

Letters of recommendation: Vanderbilt requires students to submit two letters of recommendation from a teacher and one from a counselor.

Then, the final step an early decision applicant must take before beginning their journey to Vanderbilt is to submit the enrollment deposit by January 1st.


What you just read is all about the things applicants need to know about Vanderbilt early decision acceptance rate & decision date to assist them during the early decision admission process. Was it helpful?

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