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Boston Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date 2025/2026

Welcome to this page! Do you have plans of studying at Boston University through early decision plan? Gaining Admission into Boston can be time consuming but by using the early decision application, applicants can make themselves stand out among others.

With an early decision round, applicants will be able to increase their possibility of being admitted into Boston by a significant margin.

Therefore, this article will communicate to you all an applicant may be required to know to facilitate the process of taking the benefits of early decision plan in Boston. See Towson University Acceptance Rate.

We will be disclosing early decision acceptance rates, deadlines, the process of applying, decision date. Let’s get started!

Founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1839, Boston is a thriving research institute that received almost 81,000 applications for a spot in the 2022-23 First-year class.

Boston University is one of the 16 most academically rigorous universities in the nation, based on how difficult it is to receive an A letter grade.

It offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctorates, and medical, dental, business, and law degrees through 17 schools and colleges on three urban campuses.

According to the 2022 U.S. News and World Report ranking of the best US national universities, it ranked #42.

Boston University Early Decision Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for early decision applicants at Boston University is 33%. In comparison, the standard acceptance rate for students who did not apply under the early decision application had an acceptance rate of 20%.

Therefore, applicants who take advantage of the early decision deadline almost instantly give themselves a 10% higher likelihood of acceptance when compared to standard admission applicants.

Notwithstanding, acceptance rate percentages do not give absolute information on  Boston admission.

For instance, applicants who take advantage of early decision deadlines may concentrate on perfecting their Boston application specifically compared to other colleges they apply to since Boston is their first choice.  

Boston Early Decision Decision Date

Applicants who apply under early decision will hear back from Columbia by December 15.

If one is accepted into Boston University under early decision, they are obligated to approve Boston’s offer of admission.

After approving an early decision application, applicants must suspend all other applications they have submitted to other schools.

After being admitted, Boston will start to review applicants’ senior-year academic performance to ensure they continue to meet Boston’s academic standards.

Therefore, applicants will be required to start reporting mid-year and final grades during the middle of their senior year.

Columbia Early Decision Deadline

The deadline by which early decision students must submit their application is November 1st. It is required of every applicant to submit all standardized testing scores by the November test date, if applicable.

Boston states that early decision and regular decision applicants will be considered equally when it comes to their financial aid package.

Therefore, although applicants will hear back based on their admissions decision early, applicant’s financial aid package will be released alongside typical decision applicants.

When an applicant’s early decision comes out, there are three various answers one can get from Boston by December 15. See Boston University Acceptance Rate.

One of these is an offer of admission, the second is a deferral to be considered alongside regular decision applicants. Finally, students can be denied admission during the early decision timeframe.

Does Boston University Have Early Decision 2?

Yes, Boston University does have an early decision 2.

Some universities provide an initial early decision date and a secondary early decision date that operates similarly to Early Decision 1 but with a slightly later application deadline.

That being said, Boston does have an early action application option. The early action deadline is January 4th. See what Boston University is known for.

Although statistics regarding the acceptance rates of early action admits are not available, one can reasonably assume that those who apply under early action are also more likely to be admitted compared to general admission.

However, early action applicants will not have as high of a likelihood of admittance compared to formal early decision applicants.

Boston ED Deferral Rate

The deferral rate for early decision applicants to Boston University sits around 42%.

When one is deferred, this means that they will be considered for admission together with regular-decision applicants. See Boston University School of Law Acceptance Rate.

Boston declares that, that it will take several months for those who were deferred for early decision admittance to hear back from them.

Between the deferral notification and the notification of acceptance/rejection, Boston University advises those who were deferred to keep the school up to date with mid-term grades or any other significant developments that may impact their admissions decision.

As such, even if one experiences a deferral after applying for early decision, they still have some benefits over those who do not take advantage of the early decision deadline.

They will hear back from the school concerning their admissions decision within a short time. During this process, they will be able to contact the school concerning factors that can maximize their possibility of being admitted to the school. 

How to Apply to Columbia for Early Decision

On Boston’s Common Application portal, there will be an agreement which one can gain access to by showing on the Common Application that the institution is their choice for early decision.

This will give students a way to a form that they, their parent/guardian, and potentially their school counselor must sign, which shows that if an offer of admittance is given to the applicant, they are now bound to approve the offer.

This agreement is how Boston enforces the policy that it is compulsory for a student to accept an offer of admission if they apply under early decision. Check if Boston University is ivy league.

For the Coalition Application and Questbridge, students will find the early decision agreement form on their application’s status page only after submitting the application.

Once the applicant has their way to the applicant status page, one can officially submit their early decision agreement form.


That was all you need to know about the Boston Early Decision acceptance rate & decision date, to guide you on the best things to do to increase your possibility of gaining admission into the school. Feel free to ask your questions using the comment section.

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