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What is Cornell University Known For? Is Cornell a Good School?

Today, we will be talking about “What is Cornell University Known For?” Is Cornell a Good School? If you are one of those who desire to know what Cornell University is all about.

In this article, we’ll share key information about Cornell’s most popular majors, then explore some of the things that make it a good school. We encourage you to read the article to the end to get all this information.

Founded in 1865 with the intention to teach and make contributions in all fields of knowledge, Cornell is a private land grant university in the United States.

Its admission rates are among the most competitive in the nation at 6.9%, and its undergraduate population is 15,507.

Cornell University is large enough for its students to explore various interests and intellectual pursuits.

Cornell is located in Ithaca, New York, United States, a small city sitting on 4,800 acres.

The co-educational and non-sectarian institution is organized into seven undergraduate colleges and seven graduate divisions at its main Ithaca campus.

And since the inception of the school, admission has not been restricted by religion or race.

Students attending Cornell will join the ranks of some of the nation’s greatest writers, inventors, leaders, and humanitarians.

As of September 2021, the school is associated with 61 Nobel Prize winners, 35 billionaire, 63 Olympic Medalists, 500 CEOs, and 33 Rhodes Scholars.

What Majors & Academics Are Cornell Known For?

Cornell’s biology and agriculture programs are ranked 5th best in the country according to the US News and World Report.

Its engineering program has also consistently been ranked within the top 10 in the country, occupying the #9 position in current years.

According to Times Higher Education, Cornell’s programs relating to life sciences are the 14th best among all universities in the world.

Moreover, Cornell University is known for its research programs. According to Good Food Institutes, the Cornell’s research relating to plant-based meat has been rated as the best in the world in terms of its innovation in the area of faux meat development.

Beyond its world-class STEM program offerings, Cornell University is also known for having fantastic architecture and hotel management programs.

The School of Hotel Management is widely revered as the most preeminent school for hotel management in the United States.

Is Cornell a Good School?

Cornell University is a good school. With a 9:1 student-to-teacher ratio, Cornell students receive more individual attention from their professors than their peers at other universities.

On top of that, teaching quality is exceptional – Cornell was recently ranked #36 in best undergraduate teaching.

Cornell University graduates go on to work in lucrative positions at top companies like Meta, and Spotify, the median earnings for a Cornell graduate amount to almost $168,000,

Cornell is easily one of the best universities in the nation, and other eminent sources agree. The U.S. News and World Report ranked Cornell #5 in their Best Colleges edition.


This is the end of this article, it focused on What is Cornell University Known For? Is Cornell a Good School?

Vital information which made Cornell an exceptional school was discussed in it and we believe that you were able to get the information. You can feel free to ask questions on this topic using the comment section if you have any.

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