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Columbia University Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date 2024, 2025,2026

Are you interested in joining Columbia University Academic community of elite students? You can achieve this by utilizing the early decision plan to increase your chances of being admitted to the school.

In this article, we will discuss everything that is involved in Columbia University’s early decision application.

Such things include Columbia early admission acceptance rate, deadlines, deferral rates, and other vital information you need to know to ensure an increase in your chances of attending Columbia University.  

Established as King’s College in 1754, Columbia University is a private Ivy League research university in New York City. See Columbia University Transfer Acceptance Rate.

Being the oldest institution of higher education in New York and the fifth-oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, Columbia University has graduated various well recognized and prominent personalities in the United States and such personality include Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Barack Obamathe Former Presidentof United States, Ruth Bader Ginsburg The Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 54 living billionaires and lots more.

A Pulitzer Prize which is among the most prominent awards any individual can receive in the whole wide world is administered by Columbia University.

The institute also has the third-largest private research library anywhere in the world. This library assures that, notwithstanding of anyone’s curiosities, Scholars will have the capacity to rigorously search for solutions with the best research equipment one can find anywhere in the United States.

Although Columbia University is the only institute with the smallest campus among all the 8 Ivy League schools, this implies that students only explore a city that is vast, but Columbia as an institution remains tight-knit and non-overwhelming.

Columbia University Early Decision Acceptance Rate

The early decision acceptance rate at Columbia University is around 15%. This will put students at a significant advantage when compared to non-early decision applicants.

For those who do not take advantage of the early decision application, the acceptance rate at Columbia University sits around 6%

Columbia University’s early decision admission numbers for the Class of 2027 reveal an early acceptance rate of 11.3%, with approximately 650 students being accepted out of 5,738 applications

According to Columbia University, early decision applicants should be those students who are bold that Columbia University is their top choice.

This is one of the reasons those who apply using the early decisions option have a higher acceptance rate than those who do not.

To Columbia University, applying for early decision indicates to them that you are excited about being a Columbia University student and that their offer of admission is sure to bring you to Columbia University, as opposed to you attending another institution.

Columbia University Early Decision Decision Date

Early decision applicants will hear back from BU admissions no later than mid-December.

On the Coalition and Common applications, choosing Columbia University as one’s early decision application is binding.

As a result of that, if one takes advantage of the early decision application, one will be demanded to approve their enrollment at Columbia University lest their admissions decision be revoked.

It is worth noting that, the date at which students hear back regarding an admissions decision is different from when students hear back regarding financial aid.

Although many universities pair financial aid with an admissions decision, early decision applicants can look forward to hearing back regarding financial aid sometime around early April.

Columbia University Early Decision Deadline

The early decision deadline for Columbia University is November 1st. This is also when one’s CSS and FAFSA are required to be submitted.

After hearing back based on one’s admissions decision around mid-December, early decision applicants will have until mid-January to submit their enrollment deposit.

The date by which one must accept their offer of admission and submit their enrollment deposit is particularly essential to document or keep in mind for early decision applicants.

Early decision admission is binding, and thus not doing the necessary things by the above mentioned date would cause Columbia University to revoke the offer of admission.

Does Columbia University Have Early Decision 2?

No, Columbia University does not have an early decision 2 plan.

Columbia University Early Decision Deferral Rate

Students can expect a deferral rate of roughly 65% at Columbia University.

Being deferred means that those applicants who have been denied early decision admission will be considered for admission with regular-decision applicants.

Suppose an applicant has been deferred from an early decision at Columbia University. In that case, they will hear back regarding this decision on April 1st when acceptance and rejection letters are sent out to early decision applicants.

After hearing about whether or not one has been deferred, they should expect to wait several months before hearing back regarding whether they have been accepted into Columbia University along the line with those admitted from the pool of regular decision applicants.

How to Apply to Columbia University for Early Decision

There are three ways to apply for early decision at Columbia University: one of the way is via the common application and another is via the coalition application and the third one is via Questbridge.

On the common application portal, while completing the Columbia University section of the application, there would be a prompt question that students are expected to answer if or not they are interested in applying early decision.

This section of the Columbia University application will clarify the binding nature of early decision. If one is admitted via early decision, they must study at Columbia University unless their offer of admission is absolutely revoked.

This will give students access to a form that they, their parent/guardian, and potentially their school counselor must sign, which shows that if an offer of admittance is granted to the student, they are now eligible to accept that offer.

With all three of these signatures added to the early decision section of the Common Application, students then must submit their application prior to November 1st in order to be considered for early decision.

On the coalition application, there will be a section entitled “Term.” Within the Term section, look for the subsection entitled “Decision Plan.”

Choosing “Early Decision” within the decision plan section will then cause the application to download the Early Decision agreement.

Like with the common application, this agreement must be signed by the applicant, a parent/guardian, and a school counselor.

Then, students will be able to re-upload the signed document into the term section of the coalition application.

And once this is done, and all the requirements for the early decision have been met, then all students need to do is patiently wait for the admissions decisions to be out in either mid-December.


This article meticulously identified and explained all the applicants at Columbia University who need to know about the school’s early admission plan.

Knowing all these will guide them well on the Columbia early decision admission processes such as their acceptance rate, decision date, application deadline, and how to apply to the school. I hope it was helpful.

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