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BU Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

Are you a student who is not satisfied with your recent school and also desires to switch over to Boston University?

Doing that won’t be a bad decision because Boston University is an elite School and it also gives room for students to transfer to the school.

But it is a prerequisite for you to put BU transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements into consideration before applying to the school. See University of Hawaii Acceptance Rate.

We will be discussing things about BU transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements in this article to guide you well. Do well to read this article to the end.


Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Boston University is a private research institute that presently has above 4,000 faculty members and approximately 34,000 students.

The institute offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctorates, and medical, dental, business, and law degrees. Students at Boston University learn and earn these degrees through 17 schools and colleges on three different campuses.

As a result of Boston commitment to academic learning, U.S. News & World Report ranked Boston University 42nd among national universities. See University of Arizona Acceptance Rate.

It was also ranked by U.S. News & World Report ranked Boston University’s online graduate information technology programs 10th in the United States.

Historically, a good number of people associated with Boston University have become well recognized in their various disciplines. With over 342,000 alumni, graduates from this Institution are found in all walks of life.

Some of the prestigious alumni of Boston University include; Martin Luther King Jr. the American civil rights movement leader who earned his doctorate in systematic theology at this institute, Howard Thurman, the Dean of Marsh Chapel, Rebecca Lee Crumpler the first African-American woman to be certified as doctors, and Helen Magill White the first woman in the US to earn a Ph.D.

Boston University Transfer Acceptance Rate

The school’s acceptance rate for transfer students applying to begin in the fall at the Boston University is about 16%.

Because according to Fall 2020, 5164 applicants applied to transfer to Boston University. But out of those applicants, only 840 applicants were offered admission and enrolled.

The transfer acceptance rate is much in line with Boston University’s standard acceptance rate, which was 19%. See Boston University Acceptance Rate.

This shows that Boston University gives more chances to transfer, thereby increasing its student body, unlike most of the schools with a lower transfer acceptance rate.

Notwithstanding that most of those schools may have various reasons for doing so, thereby making it hard for transfer students to switch to their schools.

Application Requirements & GPA for BU Transfers

Boston University doesn’t have any specific minimum GPA score and it doesn’t require transfer students to submit any standardized test scores.

Although the school states that GPA is far from being the sole basis on which they make admissions decisions for transfer students, the average college GPA of accepted transfer students at Boston University is 3.5.

This means that in order to be a competitive Boston transfer applicant, students will need to earn at least a B+ letter grade average, or a mixture of As and Bs, in all courses at their previous undergraduate institution.

The institution also expects SAT scores around 1420 and ACT scores near 32.

Notwithstanding, if any applicant has lower grades, Boston University uses numerous ways to make acceptance decisions.

In order to complete the Boston University transfer applications, applicants must submit all their past college and high school transcripts. They must also be in good academic and social standing at the formal institution.

The Boston University transfer application can be completed through either the Common Application or Coalition Application, followed by the Boston University supplemental questions.

The Common or Coalition Application will include a required essay prompt. See if Boston University is ivy league.

Other required application materials include two letters of recommendation, one from a past teacher or professor and one from a school counselor.

Boston University Transfer Deadline

The deadline for applying to the Boston University as a transfer student for fall semester is March 15th of each year.

For those who are applying to transfer to Boston University in the spring semester, the deadline is November 1st each year.   

Transfer students are also required to submit their financial aid applications on that same dates.

The institution suggests that applicants switching over to the School of Music or the School of Theatre should submit their applications by January 1st. This is to enable them to have a good time for auditions.

What is the Decision Date for Boston University Transfers?

Transfer students who apply for admission to Boston University for the fall semester can expect to receive notification of their admissions decision around the middle of April and middle of May each year.

For spring semester transfer applicants, decisions are generally released by the middle of November and the middle of December. 

This means that irrespective of the semester during which the applicants intend to transfer to the school, there will be about one or two months between when the application is due and when they will be notified of the admissions decision.

While waiting to get notification of their admissions decisions from Boston University, students can pass the time by applying for financial aid, if they have not already done so.

Deciding Whether You Should Transfer to Boston University

Ultimately, whether transferring to Boston University is the right choice for you depends on diverse factors, such as your personal preferences, your professional aspirations, what you intend to study, and more.

Still, there are a number of reasons to believe that attending Boston could transform your undergraduate experience for the better.

Firstly, Notwithstanding that Boston University is continuously connected to Ivy League schools, it defines itself by its dedication to social advancement and equality.

Numerous programs at Boston University are specifically designed to empower their Scholars, for instance, its art initiative is designed to do so.

The institution also displays artwork from students across the campus as a way to motivate expression and ownership of the campus.

Secondly, Boston University works to maximize the horizons of its student body. To achieve its scientific agenda, the school secured $1 million to develop a new Faculty of Computing and Data Sciences position.

These funds will permit students to comprehend the role of technology in everyday life in a better way.

Most prestigious caliber of people from all walks of life were Boston University alumni, such people include actors such as Julianne Moore and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Winners of every major award have graduated from or taught at BU, including eight Nobel Laureates and twenty-three winners of the Pulitzer Prize.

How to Apply As a Transfer Student to Boston University

The first step of applying to Boston University as a transfer student is to ensure that you are qualified.

Those eligible to transfer to Boston can start the application process by filling out either the Common Application or the Coalition Application and Boston’s supplemental questionnaire. 

Additional application materials include official transcripts from the student’s high school and all formally attended colleges.

Other required supplemental documents include a short essay response, not more than 600 words, and letters of recommendation from both a past teacher or professor and a school counselor.

The application and all required supporting materials should be submitted to Boston University on March 15th for those who wish to transfer for the fall semester. Spring semester transfer applicants must submit the completed application by November 1st.


Everything you are expected to know about BU transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements as an applicant who desires to transfer to the institution has been summarized in the article written above. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on this article with us using the comment box.

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