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Tufts Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

If you are willing to apply for a transfer admission to Tufts University. Here is the crucial information you are required to know because it will guide you on the necessary steps to follow in pursuit of your admission.

Things to know about Tufts University

Tufts University in Medford University is presently recognized as one of the best university in a region known for its excellent private schools, the school began as a liberal arts school in New England.

Moreover to the first-rate academic programs and student initiatives, one expects of an academic research institution, Tufts also listen to an ethos of public service and active citizenship.

The distinguished academic programs stand as proof of the Institution’s outstanding combination of academics and values.

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy which stands as one of the oldest law schools in the country boasts a world-famous international affairs program.

Those who graduated from the program have continued to serve as ambassadors, diplomats and corporate executives, and ambassadors in 150 countries approximately.

The Tufts Medical Center is also a well recognized world-class teaching hospital. In the Medical Center, scholars can be educated in the medical center’s renowned emergency department, which is part of its level-one trauma center.

These resources exist to provide students with hands-on training for the most high-stakes situations.

By means of the Medical Center’s research programs, Students can create projects associated to a range of problems, encompassing cardiac health and obesity.

With these above exceptional attributes, you can easily see why the institution is highly sort after by so many students who desire to transfer to it.

Tufts Transfer Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is one of the factors which determine the tendency of an applicant to get admitted into an institution.

So it is vital for applicants to always look out for this crucial factor before sending an application to any school.

Tufts University has a transfer acceptance rate of 14.5%. This implies that Tufts University has a very low transfer acceptance rate.

This equally means that transfer applicants have a very slim opportunity of gaining admission into this academic Institution.

Though the majority of other universities have a transfer acceptance rate that is lesser than that of the freshmen acceptance rate.

There are many reasons behind this, such reasons could be from limited available slots to a preference for educating students for their full college experience.

Tufts University separated itself from this fact by having a transfer acceptance rate that is more extreme than its standard freshmen acceptance rate which is presently 9%.

As shown by the numerical figures, only a very limited number of applicants are admitted each year to study in the school. See Tufts University Acceptance Rate.

This extreme selectivity admission policy increases the prestige of Tufts university’s education, which can make better job prospects available.

It is essential to note that though the 14.5% transfer acceptance rate of Tufts University may look high from the side of freshmen acceptance rate but it doesn’t mean that the probability of transfer students being admitted to the school is high. The transfer acceptance rate is low and extremely Competitive.

Your chances of being among the fortunate ones who will be admitted into the school depend on your ability to understand the Institution’s admission requirements and also abiding by them whenever you are sending in your application to the school.

Application Requirements & GPA

According to the transfer students who were admitted into tufts University, the school requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 because on average, the transfer students who were accepted into Tufts have a GPA of 3.0, which means that they get mostly B’s and A’s.

The transfer students who got admitted into Tufts University are those who were able to make an outstanding case to the admissions board, demonstrating how they can impact the Tufts university’s student body.

However, you must understand that it is important you also have a good high school grade coupled with the minimum GPA score, by so doing you will have a very chance of getting admitted to the school.

Also know that, Tufts University receives applications from anyone who has completed even a semester at another university, which means that freshmen may attempt to transfer. See what Tufts is know for.

Moreover, it is by far more common for the school to admit those who have completed their prerequisites in the first two years of study and plan to enter at the junior level.

These students have a record of strong scholarly activity and a clear academic plan, which makes a compelling argument for joining the Tufts community.

Tufts Transfer Deadline

The transfer deadline for Tufts University is March 15th. As seen above, Tufts University has diverse expectations for those hoping to transfer to their school.

But the most important thing to remember is that the application must be completed and submitted by March 15th each year.

It is very important to have this transfer deadline in mind because the institution admits transfer applicants during the Fall semester.

Once you miss the assigned deadline date which is March 15th, you have to wait a full year before you will be eligible to apply again.

That shows the difference from the standard application deadline. For those admitted as freshmen, who have three application deadlines each year.

The two early decision deadlines occur in early November and early January, while the regular admission deadline is early January. Check if Tufts University is ivy league.

Why is the transfer deadline so much later than the regular deadline?

The reason is that Tufts University makes its transfer decisions on the basis of the total number of admission slots available.

Once they know the number of first-year students they are admitting, then the Institution will put the transfer applicants into consideration.

What Is the Decision Date for Tufts?

The assigned decision date for transfers to Tufts University is from May to the middle of June.

Nevertheless, there is a good reason for the extended decision date. As a school friendly to transfers, the institution would want to ensure that it can admit as many people as possible. But it has several factors to put into consideration when completing its decisions.

Deciding Whether You Should Transfer to Tufts

As you can see, it takes a lot of hard work to transfer to Tufts University. So much that some may wonder if it’s worth the effort.

To remind ourselves why someone would go through all these troubles to attempt to transfer to Tufts, let us look at the reputation of Tufts University.

According to U.S. News & World Report, which is considered by many to be the most accurate ranking outlet, Tufts University is the 28th best school in the United States, tied with distinguished institutions such as the University of California.


That was all on Tufts transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and Requirements. We will recommend you put all you have read into work anytime you are set to send your application letter to the school.

It is important you document the school’s application deadline to avoid waiting for an extra full year before you will become eligible to apply for transfer admission again.

Was this article helpful to you? If you have any questions about the Tufts transfer acceptance rate, kindly let us know in the comment box.

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