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UC Berkeley Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

If you are planning to study at the University of California, Berkeley as a transfer student, there are very important things that are prerequisites for you to know before applying to the school.

As an aspiring student at Berkeley, you are required to know things about its transfer acceptance rate, GPA, application deadline, decision date, and requirements.

All of these will be discussed in this article meticulously, to serve as a complete guide to you anytime you are set to begin your application process journey. Let’s get started!


Founded in 1868, The University of California, Berkeley is a public institution located in Berkeley, California.

As the first land-grant university and the first campus of the University of California system, it has an enrollment of 31,800 undergraduate and 13,200 graduate students since it started. Check if UC Berkeley is ivy league

As a residential Tier One research institution, University of California, Berkeley hosts various outstanding research institutions committed to science, engineering, and mathematics and it has also taken part in a distinguished position in various scientific advancements like in the discovery of 16 chemical elements, breakthroughs in computer science and genomics.

So many billionaires, Nobel Prize laureates, heads of state, chief justices, U.S. ambassadors, professional athletes, and members of Congress all are the products of The University of California, Berkeley.

Students in the institution learn under 14 colleges and schools, they also have an opportunity to earn a degree from the diverse degree programs offered in the institution under a relatively small student-to-faculty ratio which enables them to experience a one-on-one support and interaction in their class environments.

The school welcomes a very large number of transfer students to the school yearly, though 92% of their admission is given to students from a California community college.

Read on to retrieve all the necessary details on the school’s transfer admission.

University of California, Berkeley Transfer Acceptance Rate

University of California, Berkeley has a transfer acceptance rate that hovers around 25%. This number is considerably more extreme than their more selective acceptance rates for first-year students which is 17%.

Nevertheless, the state authorized a high proportion of transfer students to be accepted by schools located within the state each year but, Berkeley has made up their mind to make it a priority for only students coming from the California community college system.

The University of California, receives Berkeley about 5,000 transfer students each year, out of this number about 92% of them are transferring from a California community college.

It is important to note that the rate of acceptance for transfer students is based on the discipline individuals opt to go for.

Transfer applicants who desire to apply to UC Berkeley should check the school website to get the exact acceptance rate for the program they want to choose.

At Berkeley, there is an opportunity for students to ask for financial aid. In the school, about 65% of undergraduates get scholarships, and Sharer Scholars Program scholarships, are specifically accessible to transfer students alone.

Application Requirements & GPA for University of California, Berkeley Transfers

The school requires transfer applicants to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all transferable college-level coursework.”  

The transferable coursework is all the coursework completed at another UC public or community college.

All transfer applicants must complete the Coalition Application Transfer Application or the Common Application Transfer Application.

To be eligible to transfer to the school, it is mandatory for transfer applicants to have earned at least 60 the University of California -transferable credits from their previous universities.

Applicants must have accomplished lower-division courses in their majors. Transfer applicants are required to submit final, official transcripts from all their past attended schools.

You can check on the school’s website to get more information on the requirements based on the discipline you are opting for.

University of California, Berkeley Transfer Deadline

The priority application deadline for the University of California, Berkeley transfers is November 30th.

Those admitted to the institution are required to accept their admittance offer on June 1st of yearly. See what UC Berkeley is known for.

Applications for the University of California, Berkeley become accessible on August 1st.

On January 6th, an online form for transfer students will be provided for them to modify their application with the latest grades from their past institution.

The deadline for the modification of the transfer application form is January 31st, notwithstanding that the application form can still be accessible to transfer students after that date, it is highly recommendable that students complete it before the deadline date.

Those who need financial aid are expected to fill out and submit the FAFSA and the CA Dream Act prior to the deadline date which is March 2nd.

The financial aid deadline date is also the application deadline date for general Berkeley scholarships.

What is the Decision Date for University of California, Berkeley Transfers?

Admission decisions for the University of California, Berkeley transfer applicants become available in late April of each year.

The admitted Students are expected to send their acceptance of admission offer response to the school by June 1st.

After accepting the admission offer, the statement of intent to register (SIR) form will be made accessible to be filled out by the admitted transfer students and the submission deadline for this form is also June 1st.

While the admitted transfer student is accepting the offer of admission, they are expected to pay an acceptance fee of $250 (this fee can also be waived in so many ways)  

After the submission of the SIR and payment of the acceptance fee might have taken place, students are expected to submit the final official transcript on July 1st which is the submission deadline date.  


All you just read is based on the University of California, Berkeley transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. Feel free to send your thought on this article to us via the comment section.

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