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Texas A&M Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

Are you willing to be part of the Aggie community as a transfer student? Do you really care to know how to become a transfer student there? You are on the right page if your response to the questions is positive.

In this article, we will disclose to you various steps you can take to increase your chances of being admitted to the school as a transfer student. This article focused on Texas A&M Transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. Let’s get started!

A brief history of the school

Located in college station Texas, is Texas A&M University. Texas A&M University is a flagship institution of the Texas A&M University System that was established in 1876.

The academic establishment is also a public land-grant research university and it is known with the nickname Aggie. See WashU Transfer Acceptance Rate.

The school became the flagship institution of the Texas A&M University System in 1948 and its student body is the largest in the United States( Fall 2021).

The distinguished Institution is the only university in Texas to hold simultaneous designations as a land, sea, and space grant institution and it was inducted as a member of the Association of American Universities.

Texas A&M is part of the Texas A&M University System, which is made up of eleven universities, eight state agencies, and the RELLIS Campus.

The prominent Institution on itself is led by the university president, who has executive responsibility. This individual is chosen by and reports to the chancellor.

Texas A&M University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Texas A&M University has an acceptance rate of 52%. This means that the school admitted 52% of transfer applicants for 2021 fall admission, according to their fall transfer report.

This acceptable rate is a bit lower than average compared to the average transfer rate over the last 5 years for the Fall semester at the institution which is 55%.

Although, a 52-55% transfer acceptance rate is higher than other top tier-one Texas universities like University of Texas at Austin.

To maximize the tendency of being part of the 52%, of students who are willing in transferring to Texas A&M, you have commenced by going through the institution’s transfer information resources.

Applicants can participate in a special zoom Transfer Information session, or even participate in a session physically if they stay close to the school.

All transfer applicants must select a major and are encouraged to identify a second major in their application materials – it is only in the circumstance that potential transfers have fewer than 30 graded transferable credit hours that their high school performance will be more completely considered.

Application Requirements & GPA

The Texas A&M University minimum GPA requirement varies based on the transfer applicant’s indicated program of study and ranges from a minimum of 2.25. All majors within the School should expect a GPA of 3.7 to 4.0.

Less competitive programs, such as majors offered within the School of Social Work or certain programs in the College of Fine & Applied Arts require a GPA within the range of 2.5 to 3.0.

There are up to six various materials to submit as part of Taxes A&M University  application requirements and they are;

The application: Within the application, prospective transfer applicants should indicate their desired major (or second major), write responses to the essay prompts, and describe their involvement in extracurricular activities, work experience, and honors or awards received.

This is not the time to be humble! After all, the Office of Admissions uses the transfer application to determine whether or not a student is admitted to an honors program or whether they receive a merit-based financial award.

When it comes to essays, transfers are asked to answer up to two prompts, depending on their indicated major or undeclared major status. All essay responses should be within 300 to 400 words.

If a potential transfer is applying to a specific major, they should explain their interest in the subject area, how they have developed their interest in and out of a classroom setting, and how the major connects to their professional goals.

If applying as undeclared, students should explain their academic strengths and interests as they relate to their future career plans. See the best medical school in London.

Some transfers will indicate a second major – in this scenario, they should also use the essay section to explain their interest in the second major.

Application fee: An application fee of $75 will be required.

Transcripts: Official copies from all colleges or universities that the applicant has previously attended, as well as from the high school where they graduated.

These documents must come directly from the institutions where the student obtained credit, and may not be self-reported.

Next, all transfer applicants are required to prove proficiency in the English language. There is a list of conditions for satisfying this requirement.

Finally, there may be additional requirements for specific majors. For example, those intending to transfer to the School of Art & Design should complete a portfolio, while dance and theatre applicants will perform an audition.

Texas A&M University Transfer Deadline

For fall/ summer admission to Texas A&M University, transfer application filing operates in March 1st. The office of admissions advises interested students to apply as soon as their first semester grades are available, as degree programs tend to fill quickly.

If a potential transfer is applying for spring admission, they must submit all of their application materials in October 15.

A transfer applicant’s admission decision is based in large part on earning remarkable grades in the college-level courses they enrolled in prior to entering Texas A&M University.

It is just as important to continue excelling in class work at the applicant’s present university, even after they receive an acceptance notification from Texas A&M University.

What Is the Decision Date for Texas A&M University?

Students intending to transfer to Texas A&M University in the fall/summer will receive their admission decisions from January to mid-March.

For spring applicants, they will hear from the Office of Admissions in early December. The decision dates vary based on the college and major to which the transfer student is applying.

The application review committee makes decisions, in large part, based on a transfer applicant’s desired course schedule.

It is important to note that transfers will not be able to unenroll from a required course for their major after they have already been accepted to Texas A&M University.

Transfers who accept their admission decision sooner than later receive priority registration status for orientation, housing, and other benefits – it also grants the student more time to prepare for the transition!

Deciding Whether You Should Transfer to Texas A&M University.

Texas A&M University students credit the institution with feeling more like a family than a school – an inclusive community where people of all demographics belong and contribute.

Students who still feel “lost” or “untethered” at their current university may find Texas A&M University more appealing.

As a university that focuses on so many research areas, A&M has various academic options that offer something for almost everyone.

Starting from Ocean Engineering to Veterinary Medicine, A&M has some of the best academic programs in the nation.

A quality academic program often comes with a big price tag, but students will find that A&M is one of the most affordable universities in Texas.

With many different options to access financial aid, the university believes in offering quality education at an affordable price.

How to Apply As a Transfer Student to Texas A&M University:

Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher? If so, you’re in an excellent place to commence your transfer application to the institution.

The Admission requirements are the same not considering if you are applying to the fall or spring semester:

All applicants must submit these materials before their application will be reviewed.

The first order of business is to complete the full application, which includes the essay prompts related to one’s major and second major.

It is okay to apply as an undeclared major, but still important to highlight one’s interests and career-related goals within the essay responses. The next item to take care of is the application fee, which will be $75 for most applicants.

Transcript: Potential transfers should contact all current and previous collegiate (and high school) institutions they have attended and request the point of contact to submit their official transcripts. Texas A&M University will not consider self-reported documents.

These students should check the requirements for their specific program, which often include a portfolio or audition of some kind.

All transfer applicants should remember to maintain a high level of academic performance at their current institution since colleges reserve the right to change their admission decisions pending a student’s final course grades.


That was all on Texas A&M Transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. Don’t fail to send your thoughts and questions about this using the comment box. You can also invite your friends to like and share this page.

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