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Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the US

Today, we will be talking about the Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the US. Our aim is to make your choice of school selection process easier for you, whenever you are ready to embark on your business school journey. Let’s get started!


The best business school for a particular student will depend on many factors, including the student’s current education level, previous work experience, career goals, and life circumstances.

Many schools offer four-year Bachelor of Science degrees in business administration and one- or two-year Master of Business Administration degrees.

Moreover, a number of schools offer part-time and full-time programs and online programs, as well as dual degree programs, meaning that students can earn a business school degree alongside a degree in another field, such as nursing, law, public affairs, engineering, or another subject.

Most undergraduate business schools have some key features in common: students will have opportunities to network with local business leaders and intern at companies in the region.

Of course, when “local” is a few hours (or a few minutes!) from Wall Street, “local business leaders” can mean anything from the owners of mom-and-pop shops to the CEOs of multinational investment banks.

Hands-on experience is highly prioritized by business schools, and, in addition to internships, many integrate real-world projects into their educational programs.

Students can consult for local businesses, create start-ups, engage in venture capital investment, and graduate with real practical skills.

As the world has become increasingly interconnected, the skills necessary to operate a global enterprise have expanded.

Accordingly, business degree programs now encourage students to concentrate on a variety of subspecialties, including technology, supply chain management, health care management, information systems and data analytics, real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, and more.

Below are the selected 10 Best Business Schools in New York, they were selected for this list as they are frequently included in online publications of the best business schools in the United States.

Here are 10 of the best business schools in the United States.

  • University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business
  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • USC Marshall School of Business
  • University of Michigan Ross School of Business
  • NYU Stern School of Business
  • UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
  • Washington University in St. Louis Olin School of Business
  • Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
  • Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business
  • UT Austin McCombs School of Business

1. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business

 Through its unique blend of liberal arts, business, and practical research, the Wharton School of Business sets itself apart as the top business school in New York.

While many other business schools reserve true research opportunities for graduate students, Wharton takes pride in offering these advanced opportunities to any dedicated undergraduate ready to take on the challenge.

The Wharton Social Impact Research Experience provides students with grants that empower their studies in the intersection of business and the environment. See University of Pennsylvania Acceptance Rate.

Through this powerful opportunity, students can plan their own research projects and work alongside the talented professors on staff to see their projects to fruition. See the University of Pennsylvania Transfer Acceptance Rate.

Likewise, the Warton Summer Program for Undergraduate Research allows the top students of this ambitious program the chance to dive into a ten-week program, working alongside the most dedicated faculty on staff to study any area of their chosen field.

2. MIT Sloan School of Management

While participating in the undergraduate program at the MIT Sloan School of Management, students have access to a program built by students and led by experts.

As with everything at MIT, the Sloan School of Management works from data to create the highest possible learning experience for its students. See MIT Acceptance Rate.

The Student Advisory Board– comprised of fifteen students from all fields of the business program– works diligently to gather information about ways this program can constantly improve.

Tackling its mission with the drive this program notoriously carries, this organization surveyed students to compile a list of ways that this business school will continue to propel its students into the best opportunities in the nation.

With its determination to always reach for a better future, this program inspires students to look beyond their present into a brighter future. See what MIT is known for.

3. USC Marshall School of Business

The facts speak for themselves; the USC Marshall School of Business offers chances students are unlikely to find at any other business school in the nation!

90% of all students in this school participate in valuable internships, providing them the connections they need to step confidently into the real world. See USC Acceptance Rate.

The World Bachelor of Business– also known as WBB– is the only four-year program in the nation to span over three continents, offering students massive opportunities to study the world of business from a global perspective.

Moreover to being home to the first-ever integrated entrepreneurship program, Marshall is also the only school to offer a Business and Cinematic Arts program while pairing with the top film school in the world.

Suppose a student is hoping for a degree that will carry them around the world, guide them through the unique intersection of business and the arts, and open extraordinary opportunities into the future. In that case, the Marshall School of Business is the place to be.

4. University of Michigan Ross School of Business

While enrolled in the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, students have access to an environment that cares about more than just their tuition; it cares about their future happiness.

Moreover, offering access to some of the top professors in the field– leading this school to be ranked fourth for business undergraduate programs by the QS World University Rankings.

The Michigan Ross School of Business Summer Academy offers the chance to learn about the competitive world of business prior to full enrollment. See the University of Michigan Acceptance Rate

5. NYU Stern School of Business

NYU takes pride in ensuring that, while in the rigorous program of the Stern School of Business, students benefit from the connection and mental wellness resources they need to succeed.

Through Be Well at Stern, students have access to the resources necessary to combat the stress so often associated with the competitive world of business.

Free counseling services are available on the appointment, while deeper psychiatric help is only a few questions away. See NYU Acceptance Rate.

Within the Relaxation Oasis, every undergraduate can learn stress management techniques and mindfulness strategies to carry with them throughout the campus and beyond.

From yoga to meditation, these researched methods are guaranteed to continue providing relief for years to come. See what NYU is known for.

In a further show of the care this business school provides, Stern takes an effort to educate every undergraduate on the social impacts of their choices, including possible enrollment in the four-year Social Impact Fellows Program.

Here, students can network, learn about the connections of business and sustainability, and even receive monetary stipends to help them pursue their goals of positively impacting the world.


That was all on The Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the US. This article listed out and explained in detail some of these schools to help you in selecting the best school that will be suitable for your business school journey.

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