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University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

If Studying at the University of Pennsylvania is your academic plan, then you are on the right page. Having an opportunity to study at this elite school as a transfer student will actually be a lifetime adventure because of the great experience you will have while in the school.

But there is the basic information you need to know prior to sending your application to the school. See the Pennsylvania State University Acceptance Rate.

As a transfer applicant, you are required to know about the University of Pennsylvania transfer acceptance rate, GPA, decision date, application deadline and requirements and we will be discussing all this basic information in this article. Endeavor to read this article to the end to retrieve all the basic information.


 Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The University of Pennsylvania is the fourth-oldest institution of higher education in the United States. I

Founded in 1740, the private Ivy League research institution has 4 undergraduate schools as well as 12 graduate and professional schools and it’s among the highest ranked universities in the world.

Students at the University of Pennsylvania are permitted to have access to any course of their choice at all undergraduate and graduate schools excluding the medical, veterinary and dental schools in the institution.

The institution has made so many discoveries both scientifically and Medically in the past. Some of these discoveries include the discovery of a dialysis machine, cancer’s link with genes, cognitive therapy, the Rubella and Hepatitis B vaccines and the technology behind PET Scans.

The array of excellence at University of Pennsylvania is as a result of its system’s commitment to connection, diversity, and accessibility. One major way this shows up at the institution in terms of making the school accessible to transfer students.

University of Pennsylvania Transfer Acceptance Rate

The University of Pennsylvania has a transfer acceptance rate of 8%. The transfer acceptance rate is just one percent less than the overall acceptance rate of the school which is 9%.

This shows that University of Pennsylvania as an ivy league School has a very competitive and selective admission policy for both transfer and first year students.

Application Requirements & GPA for University of Pennsylvania Transfers

The University of Pennsylvania does not have any specific minimum GPA requirement, but the transfer applicant’s admission status will be considered on the basis of how many college courses with grades of C or higher an applicant has already completed.

One of the factors that is very crucial when you want to opt for a course to apply to at the University of Pennsylvania is the number of courses you have already completed in your previous school.

Every aspiring student is demanded to send their application to either The College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Nursing, Penn Engineering, or the Wharton School as part of the application process.

Nevertheless, it is essential that before a transfer student opts for any of these schools mentioned above, it is required to check if they are actually qualified to apply to the schools.

To attempt to transfer to the University of Pennsylvania, you must first complete an application and complete a transfer report.

University of Pennsylvania accepts either the common or the coalition application. At this point, you must declare a major, as the school does not permit unidentified transfers.

For those trying to be among the lucky admitted applicants, the most vital aspect of the application is the essay.

An Essay: University of Pennsylvania requests students to write a short essay, in which they describe their journey as transfer students.

is your opportunity to give an explanation of what you will bring to the school, qualities that could offset lower than average grades.

Furthermore, to transcript from all college courses and high school, University of Pennsylvania also requires evidence of high school graduation.

Letter of Recommendation: University of Pennsylvania demands applicants to submit three letters of recommendation and a mid-term report.

Application fee: Applicants will be required to a $75 application fee, notwithstanding, there is room for fee waivers.

Like many universities during the pandemic, University of Pennsylvania has put an end to its SAT and ACT testing requirements until further notice.

Students should check in with the admission office to determine if it will be mandatory to submit scores for the years they are looking forward to attending Pennsylvania.

Transfer students need to check the selective major information page as soon as they consider University of Pennsylvania to ensure they have met all requirements.

University of Pennsylvania Transfer Deadline & Decision Date

Transfer students will need to apply for the Fall semester by March 15th. It is worth noting that transfer applicants are only eligible to apply to school via fall semester.

For applicants who are submitting Fine Arts supplementary information like a portfolio of some kind, the deadline for these items is March 20th.

The decision date for University of Pennsylvania transfer students is on May 15th. This decision date will inform students whether they have been accepted to the school or not.

University of Pennsylvania released transfer acceptance notifications in the middle of May and students will be required to approve their offers of admission by June 1.

The post was all about the University of Pennsylvania transfers admission with emphasis on its acceptance rate, GPA, application deadline, decision date, and requirements. It was written to guide applicants on the right path to take during their application proc

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