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University of Michigan Acceptance Rate 2022/2026

This article is all about the University of Michigan (UMich) Acceptance rate for 2022. If you have tried to find out how they offer admission to their prospective students, this is an article that you cannot afford to miss.

The University of Michigan (UMich) Acceptance rate 2022 for the class of 2025 undergraduate freshman and transfer admission has been published by the management of the institution.

For those applying for admission into the institution and would like to compare the University of Michigan admission rate and statistics for last year’s admission make sure that you read this article.

More so, I am going to show you the average Test (ACT/SAT) Score requirements, GPA, High school grade, and the general requirements needed for the UMich 2021 admission for the class of 2025 for in-state and out-of-state transfer, freshman and international, early action, early decision, special student, and undergraduate applicants for the 2021 admission by major.

It should be noted by all prospective students of the University of Michigan (UMich) that the rate at which the institution gives admission to its applicant is solely dependent on the decisions which shall be taken by the management of the institution.

As such, all applicants are expected to ensure that they possess all necessary admission requirements as have been stated by the University of Michigan (UMich).

To know more about these necessary admission requirements of the University of Michigan (UMich)  and the acceptance rate, ensure that you read this article from the beginning to the end.

University of Michigan (UMich) Acceptance Rate

The University of Michigan is selective and has a very low acceptance rate. Half of the total applicants that gain admission at the University of Michigan have an SAT score range between 1330-1510 or an ACT score range between 30 – 34.

I know that some of you might have been asking questions to know their fate on the admission. To have a clearer picture of what the University of Michigan (UMich) Acceptance rate for 2022 is going to look like, you have to compare it with the last years’ rate.

From UMich’s last year’s admission, it was discovered that about 23% of those that applied for admission were given admission. Of course, this Admission rate is extremely low and shows that the University of Michigan is very competitive.

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Acceptance Rate

The following are the numbers of students that the University of Michigan (UMich) admitted for the year 2021.

Number of Applicants received: 64,972

The Number of Applicants Accepted: 14,883

Enrolled Students: 31,266

Acceptance Rate By Gender:


Total Number of Females Applicants: 31,275

Number of Female Applicants Accepted: 7,896

Female student’s Acceptance Rate: 25%


Total Number of Males Applicants: 33,697

Number of Female Applicants Accepted: 6,987

Male student’s Acceptance Rate: 21%

UMich Average Test (ACT/SAT Score & GPA Requirements)

SAT Score Range: 1330-1510

Reading 25th: 660

Math 25th: 670

Composite 25th: 1330

Reading 75th: 730

Math 75th: 780

Composite 75th: 1510

ACT Score Range: 30-34

Reading 25th: 31

Math 25th: 28

Composite 25th: 30

Reading 75th: 35

Math 75th: 34

Composite 75th: 34

Average High School GPA for Freshman: 3.88

Other Admission Requirements

It has been discovered that the reason why some students are not considered for admission for admission in the University of Michigan (UMich) is because of lack of the expected admission requirements.

Here, I will show you some of the basic requirements that you are expected to possess before you can be considered for admission in the University of Michigan (UMich). They include the following:

  • High school Transcript (required)
  • Essay (required)
  • Recommendation (1 recommendation letter required)
  • Application Fee: $75
  • Interview (may be needed for some programs)

University of Michigan Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Student Body Stats

The University of Michigan’s Acceptance Rate is: 22%

Average Yearly Cost for in-state

Before aid: $31,056

After aid: $16,010 (From Grants and scholarships)

Out-of-state: 50,872

Average Full-time student’s fees: $328

Room & Board: $11,996

University of Michigan Undergraduate Students’ stats

Total Number of Undergraduate students: 31,266

Percentage of International Students: 7%

Out-of-state students: 41%

Students Percentage By Region

Whites: 56.7%

Latino: 6.89%

Different Races: 4.74%

Other  Regions: 4.51%

Black American: 4%

Alaska Native: 0.12%

Asian: 15.6%

Pacific Islander: 0.04%

How to Apply For Admission in University of Michigan (UMich)

Anyone who wishes to apply for admission into University of Michigan (UMich) should make their application via the Wolverine. The application should be made to any of the under-listed colleges

The 8 different Schools and colleges that admit first-year students are:

  • College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  • College of Engineering
  • Ross School of Business*
  • School of Music, Theatre & Dance
  • School of Kinesiology
  • School of Nursing
  • Stamps School of Art & Design
  • Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

After you have selected the course that you would want to enroll in the institution, you have to proceed to the Application Portal via:

I hope that you have found this article helpful. You can leave your comment in the comment section below.

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