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NYU Acceptance Rate 2023, 2026, 2027 | See Admission Requirements

As an applicant of New York University, it is very important for you to know the NYU Acceptance Rate for the year 2023. In this article, I will be discussing New York University admission for their applicants.

NYU Acceptance is the rate at which New York University offers admission to their respective applicants for a particular year.

It should be noted that it is not everyone who applied for admission in New York University (NYU) that must be considered for admission every year.

As such, the same is going to be used while New York University works on its admission processes for the 2023 academic year. See NYU Waitlist

I have noticed that a great number of applicants do not know about this NYU acceptance rate, especially those new applicants.

That is the reason why I deemed it right to publish this article here for the benefit of the general public.

If you have applied for New York University admission for any level or you are about to start the application process and you would like to know more about the NYU Acceptance Rate, kindly read this article to the end.

NYU Acceptance Rate

New York University (NYU) has stated that its acceptance rate for 2023 is going to be 13%, making it one of the most difficult universities to get into. This is based on the acceptance rate that the institution used for the previous year.

Half the applicants admitted to NYU have an SAT score between 1450 and 1570 or an ACT score of 32 and 35

The following are the different rates for admission consideration into the New York University (NYU) for the 2023/2026 academic year:

NYU First-year Admission rate is 16.2%

NYU Transfer Admission rate is 24.63%

NYU International Students Admission rate is 16.2%

NYU Early Decision (ED) acceptance rate is 38%.

NYU Regular Decision (RD) acceptance rate is 16%

Average Annual Tuition and Fees cost:

NYU Graduation Rate

6 years of graduation rate8 years of graduation rate
First-time full-time84%85%
Other full-time87%87%
First-time part-time20%24%
Other part-time52%54%

NYU Ranking

  • The number #4 Best Medical Schools in the World
  • Number #1 best Medical School Acceptance Rates
  • #1 among the 15 Most Popular Colleges with ACT score requirements between 25-29
  • The #1 Law School Rankings by Median Salary
  • Number #1 Best Master’s in Art Therapy Programs
YearAccepted ApplicantsTotal ApplicantsAcceptance Rate (%)

Required Documents for Admission

  • Documents. All applicants are advised to send only copies of their documents and not the original documents because NYU will not return your documents after your application.
  • Supplementary materials. All applicants are to send their supplementary materials (DVDs, pictures, articles, formats, etc.) for programs that require an audition or portfolio.
  • International student’s financial aid: International students seeking financial support during application should take note that their request will be factored into the NYU admissions decision.

Admission Policy: NYU does not support any form of discrimination in its admission process. The institution is established to admit students based on merit and not by birthright or social class.

How to Check your Admission Status after application: Feedback will be sent to all applicants after three weeks after their application, which will let applicants know if their application has been received and also give them information on how to track their admission status.

If there is any other thing you would want to ask us about the NYU acceptance rate, let us know in the comment section.

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