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Best MBA Business Schools in Chicago

If you are a future MBA business school students who are yet to identify the MBA business school that will be adequate for your study, then this article is for you because we will be listing out the best MBA business schools in Chicago that you can easily choose from. Read on!


Students who are determined, creative, and willing to put in the effort are poised for success in business school.

Many professionals and recent graduates choose to obtain their Master of Business Administration degree to propel their careers.

Along with gaining business skills, the many opportunities provided by business schools prepare graduates for success.

MBA students can utilize their business knowledge to succeed in any role from an entrepreneur to a business executive in a large corporation.

While in business school, MBA students will study a variety of courses such as accounting, finance, marketing, economics, management, and business ethics.

They will learn technical knowledge and many transferable skills. Analyzing information, problem-solving, and commanding respect are important abilities in any industry, giving business students a competitive edge.

From Silicon Valley technology to Wall Street finance, an MBA degree can help professionals break into highly competitive business sectors.

Chicago is an international hub that excels in many industries including finance, technology, manufacturing, and technology.

By demonstrating business leadership abilities, MBA graduates will gain a competitive edge in the job hunt. This is shown by the average increase of $30,000 in salary after obtaining an MBA degree.

The state has over 70 MBA schools, providing many options to study business in an exciting location.

Here are the best MBA schools in Chicago, based on each school’s placement in the US News Best Business Schools list.

The Best MBA Business Schools in Chicago

  • University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
  • University of Illinois Liautaud Graduate School
  • Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business
  • Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart School of Business
  • Northeastern Illinois University College of Business and Technology
  • Saint Xavier University Graduate School of Management

1. University of Chicago Booth School of Business

All of the MBA programs at the University of Chicago employ the renowned “Chicago Approach.”

This method provides theoretical frameworks that help business students define problems, seek out specific answers, and create innovative solutions.

After graduating, 92% of MBA alumni feel confident that they can tackle business programs that they have never seen before.

Aspiring executive MBA students can choose to advance their career at University of Chicago’s London, Hong Kong, or Chicago campus.

At any location, students will learn from renowned faculty and join a global community of business professionals. See what University of Chicago is known for.

University of Chicago is the only US business school that has campuses on three different continents.

Along with analytical abilities and a global outlook, University of Chicago  MBA students graduate as qualified leaders in business.

LEAD was one of the first experiential leadership development programs offered by a top MBA school. This innovative program helps students become more effective leaders in their fields.

MBA students can take part in a number of business centers at University of Chicago, such as the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation.

Since 2012, the center has launched over 100 social impact startups and funded 30 research projects.

2. DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business

The MBA program at DePaul provides transformative education for solving business challenges. Students can choose from 16 different concentrations including business strategy, entrepreneurship, international business, strategy, and many more. This specialized education gives students an edge in their future careers.

MBA students are surrounded by world-class employers and entrepreneurs. Graduates can leverage this network for internships and employment opportunities.

92% of Kellstadt graduates were employed, continuing education, or pursuing alternative goals within six months of graduation.

Outside of the classroom, MBA students at DePaul can participate in unique opportunities to practice their business skills.

The Kellstadt Case Competition allows students to work in teams to develop a business strategy and pitch their ideas to a panel of respected judges.

In 2018, MBA students engaged in a “pitch” competition, with executives at Microsoft judging.

3 University of Illinois Liautaud Graduate School

Over the past years, the UIC business school has evolved its offerings to meet the demands of students. Presently, the school is home to nearly 150 faculty members and 300 graduate students.

At UIC, MBA students have the flexibility to tailor a program to their specific needs and interests. There are accelerated, weekend, flexible, and online curriculums to fit the life of any working professional.

In addition, students can choose to concentrate on a variety of subjects from business analytics to entrepreneurship.

While in classes, MBA students can choose from many unique courses to gain the hard and soft skills necessary to stand out.

An improv and leadership course is available for students to experiment and determine their executive presence.

For more technical skills, business students can study fundamental web analytic skills and learn how to apply software tools.

MBA students at UIC have the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs from Brazil to Normandy.

In these programs, graduate students meet with local businesses, study local business issues, and attend presentations.


Having read to this point, we believe you have been able to identify the school that would be right for your MBA Business Schools study.

In case you have any questions to ask us on this topic, we will be in the comment section to attend to them.

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