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Best Ivy League Summer Programs for High School Students

Are you looking for a distinguished summer program where you can learn, experience life on a college campus, maybe even earn credit, and get good value for your money? Then you are on the right track.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Ivy League summer programs for high school students in this post to guide and also show you some amazing things you need to know about the program. Read on!


In the past few years, colleges and universities across the country are offering so many summer programs for interested high school students to get their feet wet in the world of college life and academics.

Hundreds of summer programs have become popular ways for high school students to get a jump on college classes, connect with highly engaged peers, or try out a college before committing to a four-year degree.

Summer programs typically focus on specific areas of study and involve on-campus options for both residential students and commuter students. See Best Culinary Summer Programs for High School Students

During the ivy league summer programs, students can choose between math and science, theater arts, journalism, business, global studies, and so much more.

If you have a specific interest, chances are, there is a program tailored specifically to that interest. Some programs offer college credit, and others are purely experiential, but all offer the opportunity for high school students to connect, learn, and grow.

In this article, we have decided to choose only colleges with specific distinguished programs for high school students.

Below are the best ivy league summer programs for high school students

  • UPenn Pre-College Residential Program in Biology
  • Summer@Brown
  • Harvard Pre-College Summer School Program in Anthropology
  • Cornell Precollege Studies Program in ASL
  • Yale Summer Drama Program
  • Columbia Climate School in the Green Mountains
  • The James Madison Seminar on the Principles of American Politics at Princeton
  • Dartmouth GenCyber Summer Program
  • Harvard Pre-College Summer School Program in Cambridge, MA
  • Columbia Summer Immersion Course in Drawing

Yale Summer Drama Program

Yale is home to the Yale Summer Session, an intensive, pre-collegiate summer program during which high-achieving high school students get the chance to learn from real professors.

Yale Summer Session has a Summer Drama Program for students interested in theater, which offers an acting course, the Yale Summer Conservatory for Actors.

All through this five-week program, students develop a strong foundation in the basics of acting. The program’s curriculum aims to provide students with skills that will serve them in all future studies in theater, with a particular emphasis on the principles of Stanislavski.

Topics include utilizing body language, analyzing text, articulating, storytelling, and more. See Yale University Acceptance Rate.

Columbia Climate School in the Green Mountains

Columbia University offers one of the most unique summer programs for high school students out there, the Columbia Climate School in the Green Mountains.

Open to students entering ninth grades through graduating seniors, the Climate School is a two-week intensive program that allows students who are passionate about environmental justice to engage in critical thinking regarding solutions to climate change.

Taking place on campus at Vermont State University, students at Columbia’s Climate School study the most pressing climate issues of today, developing an understanding of how to advocate for the planet in various ways.

The Climate School is taught by Columbia faculty, staff, and climate science researchers. University of Northern Columbia Acceptance Rate.

The program goes beyond the scientific understanding of climate change, encouraging students to consider the social, legal, and political factors that will impact the future of Earth. 

UPenn Pre-College Residential Program in Biology

Founded in 1740, University of Pennsylvania offers a handful of world-class summer programs for high school students.

In addition to an online program with a quite similar curriculum, the University of Pennsylvania College of Arts and Sciences offers an enriching Pre-College Residential Program.

Participants have the chance not only to learn in an Ivy League environment but also to earn college credit while doing so. There are two different options for students taking the biology course. See UPenn Acceptance Rate.

First, they can opt to take only Biology 101, for which they will receive 1.5 credits. Alternatively, students can take biology and another class in a different subject area, earning 2.5 credits.

One of the strengths of taking Bio 101 at the University of Pennsylvania is that the course includes a rigorous lab component, with possible subjects covered being cell biology, molecular biology, and genetics.


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