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Best Summer Programs in New Jersey for High School Students

Do you want to enroll in a summer program in New Jersey as a high school student? Here are the things you need to know about the best summer programs in New Jersey. Keep on reading to access them.


It has happened to every high school student at some point or another. The spring term was much more hectic than expected, the stress was rising alongside the temperature outside, and one found themselves counting down the clock for that final bell of the term to ring.

When the bell rings, one feels a rush of freedom, but as suddenly as the summer arrives, it passes us by. See Best Summer Programs in Michigan for High School Students.

Each summer feels like such an invaluable opportunity for freedom and adventure, but it can be difficult to actually achieve our goals for the summer of our dreams before it’s gone.

But there are ways to both fill one’s summer with one-of-a-kind experiences while getting a taste of the exciting adventures in store for us at a future college or career.

Summer programs are a wonderful opportunity to gain early, hands-on experience in one’s field of choice while beginning to develop one’s network of connections with people in one’s area of interest.

Not only that, but such summer programs are a fantastic way to build one’s resume, and in particular, they’ll help high school students stand out to college admissions officials.

As such, this article will break down 10 of the best summer programs across the state of New Jersey for those wanting to both build their knowledge and resume, and have lovely summer experiences.

In no particular order, these are our picks for the 10 best summer programs throughout New Jersey for high school students.

  • Game Design Academy at Rider University
  • Fairleigh Dickinson Summer Pre-College
  • The Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure
  • Rutgers Summer Business Camp
  • NJCU GEAR UP College Bound Program
  • Rider University High School Musical Theatre Intensive
  • Rowan University STEAM Academy
  • Stevens Institute of Technology Cybersecurity Pre-College Summer Program
  • Changemakers Entrepreneurship Pre-College Program
  • The Princeton Summer Journalism Program

Game Design Academy at Rider University

Rider University has such an impressive array of summer programs for high school students that we couldn’t just spill the details on the Musical Theatre Intensive – the Game Design Academy seems to have an equally strong pull on enthusiastic tech-savvy students!

In just one week, students will create a totally original 2D video game that can be played in real life. Venture into the sparkling new Game Production Lab, where top-notch hardware and software tools await eager emerging video game designers.

In addition to their many hands-on experiences, students will learn about the myriad possibilities for careers related to video game design and experience a preview of college residential life.

Only 36 high school students are accepted to this competitive program, which costs just under $1,000 to attend.

The Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure

Camden city high school students are eligible to participate in the internship option of this aquatic adventure – the selection is based on a demonstrated passion for marine biology, oceanography, and ecology rather than academic excellence.

Just how hands-on is this intern program? High school participants will literally hold live aquatic creatures in their hands as they teach others all about the animals’ unique traits and talents.

Don’t worry – you won’t get pushed into the shark tank without the proper training! Ready for some impressive statistics? See Best Nursing School in New Jersey.

100 percent of CAUSE interns who have completed the program graduate from high school, 99 percent have enrolled in college, and 78 percent major in a science- or education-focused bachelor’s degree.

Students frequently remark that their favorite component of the five-week internship is the chance to design a summer science camp curriculum for up to 200 Camden school children.

Fairleigh Dickinson Summer Pre-College

No other program on this list offers students the chance to earn not three, not six, but 12 college credits in one summer!

Additionally recognized as a top 50 best-value pre-college summer program, Fairleigh Dickinson’s Summer Pre-College Program (PCP) is almost entirely online. Is this too good to be true?

Students engage in coursework Monday through Thursday, with a few on-campus opportunities advertised.

Generally 2.5 weeks in length, a Fairleigh Dickinson PCP experience includes courses in global tourism management, financial markets and trading, and the power of social justice. This sampling barely covers the diversity of subjects offered.

In one course entitled “Introduction to Criminal Justice and the American Legal System,” students will develop a mock legal defense and analyze complex cases from a prosecutorial standpoint.

Alternatively, “Drug Discovery: The Exciting Future of Pharmacology 21st Century Treatment Protocol) positions students as experts poised to manage the global spread of infectious diseases.


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