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UPenn Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date

If you desire to study at the University of Philadelphia as an early decision student. Here is the necessary information you need to know about the school.

This article will guide you on the processes involved in early decision admission. Try to read this article to the end to gain the necessary information.

Established in 1740, the University of Pennsylvania is the fifth-oldest university in the United States. The campus accommodates less than 10,000 Scholars, comfortably settled in the flourishing urban setting of Philadelphia. It was established by Benjamin Franklin.

University of Pennsylvania offers a host of medium in which students in the institution entertain themselves in their leisure time.

Such medium for entertainment include museums, historic landmarks, restaurants, theaters, and sports arenas. See what UPenn is known for.

Should a student desire to spend some of their four years outside of Pennsylvania, they can apply for one of many study abroad excursions.

Early decision application to the University of Philadelphia is both selective and competitive process.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll discuss the acceptance rate for early decision applicants, as well as specific admission requirements and important deadlines.

 University of Pennsylvania Early Decision Acceptance Rate

 The University of Pennsylvania currently admitted 15.6% among 7,795 applicants who applied into the class of 2026 through early decision process.

Historically, this recent acceptance rate at University of Pennsylvania is slightly higher than the one from the past academic year which was 15 percent.

Among the 1,218 applicants that were admitted to the school, 14 percent were regarded as first-generation college students.

It is important to note that, among the students who were accepted at the school, 24 percent of them that were accepted via the early decision program didn’t submit any standardized test scores.

For those who submitted their standardized test scores, The middle 50 percent of accepted early decision applicants who submitted ACT scores within the range of 34-35 on the ACT.

University of Pennsylvania Early Decision Decision Date

Applicants who applied via Early decision will get a decision from University of Pennsylvania by mid-December as either admit, defer, or deny.

Early decision program at University of Pennsylvania is binding, so applicants who are admitted are required to commence their study at University of Pennsylvania.

Early decision applicants are expected to pull back any other active applications at other colleges or universities immediately after they receive a decision from the school.

And those who were admitted are expected to confirm their enrollment status at University of Pennsylvania till January 5.

Any applicant who applied through early decision but later deferred to the regular decision is expected to wait till May 2 for the confirmation of the decision.

University of Pennsylvania Early Decision Deadline

It is compulsory for early decision applicants to submit their materials to the institution by November 1, the application process for early decision does not differ from that of the regular decision candidates.

The material they are required to submit include;

The FAFSA, CSS Profile, University of Pennsylvania Financial Aid Supplement, and federal tax returns for both the students and their guardians.

How to Apply to University of Pennsylvania for Early Decision

An applicant is first and foremost expected to complete the Common Application, Coalition Application, or QuestBridge Application whenever they are sending their application to the University of Pennsylvania.

An application fee of $75 is required to apply to the University of Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, those who are eligible can waive the fee.

All applicants are requested to choose among one of four undergraduate schools or programs at University of Pennsylvania which are; the College of Arts and Sciences, Penn Engineering, the Wharton School, or the School of Nursing.

University of Pennsylvania Engineering applicants should show proof of talent in physics and mathematics.  

School of Nursing applicants are required to demonstrate their dedication to patient care, curiosity in regard to healthcare issues, and a strong background in sciences like chemistry.

Once early decision applicants have designated the school to which they are applying, there are seven additional required components of the application, and they are;

  • A Pennsylvania specific essay.
  • An Official high school transcript  
  • A School Report
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Early decision applicants can go about the process in one of the ways.

First and foremost, submission of a high school counselor suggestion and two recommendations from teachers; alternatively, they may submit a recommendation from a high school counselor, a teacher, etc.

Secondly, an extra recommender can be someone like an employer, mentor, coach, extracurricular instructor, spiritual leader, or cultural leader. UPenn does hold workshops throughout the early decision and regular decision admission.

The Early Decision Agreement (EDA): This is a document signed by the applicant showing their promise to enroll upon being admitted to the university.

Early decision applicants also have an opportunity to take part in a virtual alumni interview between mid-October and early December.

Over 90% of applicants receive an invitation for an interview, depending on the availability of alumni volunteers.

That was all on the University of Pennsylvania Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date. Endeavor to ask your questions if you have any.

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