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Best Summer Pre-Med Programs for High School Students

If you are interested in finding an amazing pre-med summer program for high school students, this article is for you. Read on to discover the best pre-med summer programs for high schoolers in the United States.


The medical school admission process is notoriously difficult for many students. For high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine, one of the best ways to prepare for medical school is to start as early as possible.

Participating in a pre-med summer program is an excellent way to kickstart your medical education. The purpose of attending an intensive summer pre-med program is to understand better what a career in medicine might look like by giving students first-hand exposure to the medical system.

Many pre-med programs help students have the knowledge and skills they need when working on the human body. Check the Best Musical Theater Summer Programs for High School Students.

These types of programs also offer an opportunity to learn from some of the nation’s leading experts in the medical field, from medical professors, practicing doctors, medical scholars, and more.

Each pre-med summer program will have a somewhat different curriculum, but common subject areas that are covered include genetics, so, evening, public health, human anatomy and physiology. See Best Pre-Law Summer Programs for High School Student.

In addition to serving as an opportunity to develop a basic understanding of medicine, pre-law summer programs are also a great way to connect with like-minded peers, gain a stronger sense of your professional aspirations, and become a stronger applicant to the college — and medical school — of your dreams.

Here is the list of amazing pre-med summer program for high school students

  • Georgetown Summer High School Science and Medical Program
  • Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program
  • National Institute of Health Summer Internships in Biomedical Research
  • Boston University Introduction to Medicine
  • Nova Southeastern University Achieve in Medicine
  • University of Washington: INSIGHT High School Program
  • Tufts University Mini-Med School
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital High School Senior Summer Intensive
  • Wake Forest University Summer Immersion Program Medicine Institute
  • Penn Medicine Summer Program
  • UC Irvine Summer Surgery Program

Nova Southeastern University Achieve in Medicine

Designed for high-achieving juniors and seniors, the Achieve in Medicine program from Nova Southeastern University is a five-day immersive camp.

In every session, students work with Nova Southeastern faculty to gain hands-on experience as medical students. See Best Pre-med School in Florida.

These camps not only inform students of the expectations they’ll need to meet but also will give them a head start on their research interests.

Nova Southeastern offers two forms of Achieve in Medicine learning.

There is a day camp for high school students ranging from rising first-year students to rising seniors.

Students spend their days on campus participating in seminars and laboratory experiments but do not live on campus. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors can apply for the residential camp.

While living on campus for five days, students get the whole college experience, including meeting other med students and attending special events.

National Institute of Health Summer Internships in Biomedical Research

For high schoolers who want to get a head start dealing with medical challenges, it’s hard to beat working at the National Institute of Health.

One of the largest funders of medical research in the country, the NIH works with doctors and universities across the world to improve the health of Americans.

Through the National Institute of Health’s Summer Internships in Biomedical Research, high schoolers get a taste of the big leagues.

Selected participants will spend their time working with the National Institute of Health-affiliated scientists in one of the Institute’s state-of-the-art facilities.

With access to more than 1150 laboratories on and off-campus, including the 240-bed Hatfield Clinical Research Center, students have ample opportunity to gain experience with the latest in devices and techniques.

Of particular note is the National Institute of Health’s commitment to addressing diversity concerns in the scientific community.

The Institute encourages internship applications from underprivileged and minority communities, including those affected by economic and physical disasters.

University of Washington: INSIGHT High School Program

Designed as a sampler program for young scholars, the INSIGHT High School Program at the University of Washington adapts the school’s intensive summer internship program for high school students.

During the four weeks of the program, students are exposed to teachers and researchers in subjects such as public health, biomedical research, and medicine. See University of Washington Acceptance Rate

Unlike many summer programs, INSIGHT invites applications from those who have recently graduated, giving them more time to decide on their future plans.

Regardless of their level, students in the INSIGHT program enjoy the benefits of working with academics at the University of Washington, doing the real work of a medical student.


Pre-med summer program experiences give participants a good start in their studies, forming a knowledge base and connections they will require in their future careers.

With just a few weeks out of the summer program, students can commence their academic journey toward a satisfying life as medical professionals.

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