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Best Art Summer Programs for High School Students

Are you a young artist who is looking to explore your artistic talents while building your college portfolio? Attending an art summer program will be good for you. It will enable you to know what the field demands and equally expose you to important basics in the field.

In this article, we have compiled the best art summer programs for high school in this article. Read on!


The best thing high school talented teens with dreams of becoming good artists can do for themselves in the process of preparing for life after graduation is to plan ahead and to start taking steps towards those future goals as early as possible.

Many of the most respected schools in the country offer art summer programs, giving artists some of the benefits of a college program.

More than a mere summer camp, these programs range from one to five weeks and put students through the paces of a real college musical theater experience.

Taught by the school’s faculty and by visiting guests, these programs give students everything they need to advance their careers. See Best Writing Summer Programs for High School Students.

In these programs, students get a chance to not only hone their skills but also work closely with others just as passionate about their art.

They learn how to develop art techniques and how to collaborate with other art skills. More importantly, they get a taste of the expectations placed on them in college, helping them better understand their plans.

Each of the offerings on this list can change a lazy summer into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here, we have compiled some information about 10 of the best art summer programs for high school students

This is the list!

  • Champlain’s Art and Design Portfolio Course
  • Moore College of Art & Design
  • NYU’s High School Summer Art Intensive
  • RISD Pre-College
  • SCAD Summer Seminars
  • MICA PreCollege Art & Design Residency Program
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • ST.ART (Austin, TX)
  • UCLA’s Art Summer Institute
  • ASU’s Summer Art Camps

Champlain’s Art and Design Portfolio Course

A degree in art is often thought of as impractical financially or career-wise, but Champlain College has a goal to get students ready for their futures, and their career-focused curriculum builds students with practical skills for the real world – which includes the art world!

This goal extends to their Summer Programs, which provide high school students with opportunities to develop hands-on experience with everything from audio engineering to cybersecurity. Also included is their Art and Design Portfolio Course.

This three-week, credit-bearing course gives students with a passion for art, graphic design, and digital technology the chance to get feedback on their work, grow their portfolio, and gain experience with a wide variety of art techniques.

High school students will work directly with Champlain College professors who are experts in their artistic field.

Professors work closely with students to mentor them and help strengthen their artistic and technical skills so students can develop competitive portfolios for their college admission process.

Tuition includes on-campus housing and dining, transportation, and class and lab materials. Students who would like to apply for financial aid should submit an application by the priority deadline on April 15th.

A special financial aid deal for Vermont students includes the opportunity for tuition reduction through the Vermont Dual Enrollment Flexible Pathways program.

Moore College of Art & Design

Moore College of Art & Design is the first art college for women in the United States. It has a long history of training students to adapt their skills to a changing world.

It is to alumni like singer Pink, photographer Sharon Wohlmuth, and graphic designer Anna Russell Jones, Moore has a little bit of everything artistic to offer students.

During this program, participants will have access to Moore’s tradition of excellence through the college’s Youth Education programs.

Moore offers two excellent opportunities for students to explore, the Young Artists Workshop and the Summer Art & Design Institute.

Young Artists Workshop is a year-round program that includes both high school students and middle and elementary school students.

Students can choose from a selection of 1, 4, or 5-week courses on topics that include Design, Fine Arts, Animation, Fashion, Photography, and Film Making.

The Summer Art & Design Institute permits women and non-binary high schoolers to attend a four-week credit-bearing course that enables them to work in Moore’s studio, labs, and gallery.

Because Moore is in the middle of Philadelphia, students’ learning experiences will include attending museums, galleries, film screenings, historical sights, and much more.

Scholarships are available depending on availability, so students should check the program page early to determine what is available.

Students who complete the SADI program and who decide to attend Moore to pursue their post-secondary education will be eligible for an annual $2,500 scholarship.

NYU’s High School Summer Art Intensive

There is no better place than New York City to explore art in its many forms. New York University is home to a group of art faculty who have showcased their work at MOMA, have received prestigious awards like the Guggenheim Fellowship and Nobel Prize, and who have trained students who have gone on to win Tony, Pulitzer, and Emmy awards.

The High School Summer Art Intensive is part of New York University’s pre-college summer arts program.

This 4-week program cultivates an intimate cohort of students who get a taste of what it is like to have the New York University and New York City artist experience. See New York University Acceptance Rate.

In addition to learning from gifted New York University faculty, students will be able to visit New York City-based artists and learn what it takes to make it in the contemporary art world.

In fact, exploring New York City and all it has to offer is part of the learning experience, and students will get plenty of opportunities to go to Broadway shows, museums, and galleries.

Students who need aid to attend have the chance to apply for and use The Scholastic Awards Summer Scholarship program for the Art Intensive program.

In addition, New York University offers an internal scholarship that students can apply for – but they should make sure to do it by the priority deadline to have the best chance at being accepted!


That’s all about the best art summer program for high school. If you find it interesting, you can share your thoughts with us.

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