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WAEC GCE Agric Practical Questions and Answers 2023/2024 | Alternative to Practical

WAEC GCE Agric Alternative to Practical Questions and Answers 2023. Many WAEC GCE candidates find it difficult to answer the WAEC GCE Alternative to Agriculture Practical Questions correctly due to not understanding the questions. I will show you the best way to answer WAEC GCE Agric Science Practical questions and get a good grade in your Agricultural Science examination 2023.

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You need to understand the WAEC GCE Agriculture Practical marking scheme before attempting any question so as to present your answers in such a way that it will look attractive to the examiner to enable you to earn big marks.

Bear in mind that every single procedure is awarded marks. So, ensure you do not skip any step while reporting and presenting your practical results. And do not forget to remember that neat drawing and labeling are very important.

You will be expected to carry out an experiment and report your observations.

What you will see will not be far from the WAEC GCE Agric Specimen given to your school.


WAEC GCE Agric Practical Answers 2023 (EXPO)

Note: The 2023 WAEC GCE Practical Agriculture answers (expo) will be posted here during the WAEC GCE Agric Practical exam. Keep checking and reloading this page to know when the answers are posted. Do not forget to reload this page in order to see the answers.

Be patient while waiting in case the answers come late.

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Today’s WAEC GCE Practical Agric Answers:


A – Clay soil
B- Sandy soil


Cylinder A:
Percentage of water retained = (Water collected / Water added) x 100
= (10 cm³ / 30 cm³) x 100
= 33.33%

Cylinder B:
Percentage of water retained = (Water collected / Water added) x 100
= (25 cm³ / 30 cm³) x 100
= 83.33%
A – wheat, barley,oats

B – Carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes

I. Brooder box
Uses: To keep the chicks warm during this crucial time.
II. Poultry boning knife
Uses: Used for removing bones from poultry meat.
III. Syringe and needles
Uses: for giving livestocks drug
IV. Feedrack
Uses: for giving livestocks feeds and water
V. Weighing balance
Uses:  for measuring weight of livestocks

The seeds are planted in the farm tool containing the required soil. The set up is placed in the sun with frequent supply of adequate water. After leaving for few weeks,the seeds starts to germinate and it’s then transplanted to the field properly.

The plant population of groundnut can be determined by using the formula:

Plant Population = Area of Farmland / Spacing

In the table, the area of farmland for groundnut is given as 3 hectares, and the spacing is given as 1m * 0.5m.

First, let’s convert the area from hectares to square meters (1 hectare = 10,000 square meters):

Area of Farmland (in square meters) = 3 hectares × 10,000 square meters/hectare

=30,000 square meters

Now, we can use the formula:

Plant Population = 30,000 square meters / (1m × 0.5m)

Plant Population = 30,000 square meters / 0.5 square meters

Plant Population = 60,000

So, the plant population of groundnut is 60,000.

To calculate the expected plant population for maize, we will  use the formula:

Plant Population= (Area of Farmland)/(Spacing) × Germination Percentage

Given that the area of farmland for maize is 5 hectares (50000 square meters) and the spacing is 1m×1m, the formula becomes:

Plant Population= (50000/1×1) ×0.9
= 45000

(i) Temperature
(ii) Sunlight
(iii) Rainfall

(i) Crop rotation

(ii) Weed control 
I: Ovary
II: Fallopian tube
III: Uterus
IV: Vagina
V: Vulva

I: Produces eggs and hormones.
II: Transports eggs from the ovary to the uterus.
III: Nurtures and protects a fertilized egg during pregnancy.
IV: Connects the uterus to the external environment serving as the birth canal.
V: Protects the reproductive and urinary openings.

(i) Cow
(ii) Pig
(iii) Sheep
(iv) Chicken
(v) Horse
(vi) Goat

(i) Estrogen
(ii) Prolactin
(iii) Progesterone


If you have any questions about the 2023 WAEC GCE Agric Practical 2023, kindly let us know in the comment box.

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