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University of Richmond Acceptance Rate 2023, 2026, 2027

If you are interested in studying and knowing some vital information about the University of Richmond, you are on the right track.

There is so much information you need to together about the school before applying to the school. Some of that information includes the school’s acceptance rate, GPA, requirements, and more.

We will be giving details on the University of Richmond Acceptance Rate, GPA, Requirements, and More in this article, to assist you during your application process. See University of Phoenix Acceptance Rate.

Founded in 1830, the University of Richmond is organized into 5 colleges and some of the colleges include the School of Arts and Sciences, the Robins School of Business, and the Jepson School of Leadership Studies.

Over its 193 years, the University of Richmond has graduated so many impressive alumni, including Chuck PalahniuM. Caldwell Butler formal U.S. Representative,  Leslie M. Baker, Jr. former president and CEO, Wachovia Corporation.

The academic establishment is one a private liberal arts college in Virginia. and it is one of the best piivate research universities nationally.

The school also has a faculty-to-student ratio of 18:1, thereby making the class interactive during learning.

The University of Richmond is an institution where excellence and accessibility meet to develop a well-balanced academic experience for students from every background.

They are committed to five a quality standard of education for its students making them excel in all areas of their academic field.

University of Richmond Acceptance Rate

As one of the best private university in the United States, University of Richmond receives thousands of applications each year.

The University of Richmond has an acceptance rate that sits around 29%. This shows that the institution has a low probability of giving admission to its applicants.

While there are certainly some people who value exclusivity in a college, this low acceptance rate is not encouraging, for a few different reasons.

Obviously, it’s not encouraging because most people who want to study at the University of Richmond will not get the opportunity to do so.

But it’s also not encouraging because few accepted applicants give less diverse student body to the school, which gives everyone a less enriching educational experience.

University of Richmond GPA

As a very high competitive school, University of Richmond require a very high GPA. On average, students who get accepted to the University of Richmond GPA have a GPA of 3.87.

To earn that type of grade, it is mandatory that one earn primarily A’s and B’s in high school classes.

More importantly, applicants should work to get substantial grades in the classes related to their major. Students who have less than a 3.87 will need to go through an alternative admissions process.

University of Richmond SAT & ACT Requirements

For the class entering in Fall 2024, applicants may apply with or without standardized test scores.

Applicants who desire to submit their scores to the school are free to do so but they will need to send them directly to the University of Richmond official score report directly from the testing agency before the start of the Fall term the application deadline.

The University of Richmond superscores the SAT and ACT for students who submit test scores. Students that get into University of Richmond have an SAT score between 1410–1500 or an ACT score of 32–34.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips for University of Richmond

University of Richmond has a reasonably straightforward application process. Anyone who has academic transcripts from their high school degree can apply by filling out an application and paying the application fee of $50.

The University of Richmond has various application deadlines based on what major a student has interest in and the time they would like to begin.

Applicants can apply for Early Action by November 1st, for the Early decision 1 and 2 by November 1 and January 1.

The University of Richmond permits those who applied for Early Action to find out if they have been admitted by January 25, while that of Early decision 1 and 2 with be by  December 15 and January 15.

Applicants are required to submit all their financial aid and admissions information by February 15th, for the regular decision admission deadline.

Once a date is selected, applicants can commence with sending in their admission application coupled with other required materials to the University of Richmond using either the  Common App or Coalition App.

Secondary school report: This document is completed by a school official. It provides a profile of the high school, and a summary of the applicant’s academic standing within the context of their graduating class.

One recommendation letter from a school official is required, ideally from a school counselor.

Up to two additional recommendations will be reviewed with the application; however, given the volume received each year, these cannot be tracked or acknowledged individually.


That was all you need to know about the University of Richmond – Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements prior to applying to the school. Feel free to ask your questions about this article via the comment box.

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