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University of Phoenix Acceptance Rate and Ranking 2023

Do you have the ambition of Studying at the University of Phoenix and you are also interested to know what the school will demand while sending in your application to them?

Here is the information you need to know about the school’s acceptance rate, tuition, courses, and admission requirements. Keep reading to get the information.

University of Phoenix Acceptance Rate

University of Phoenix has an acceptance rate of 100%, which is known to be non-competitive to gain admission into it.

Notwithstanding, the admission standard is not high, and most Students who have high school scores have the possibility of having a strong application and this would allow them to be admitted without much stress.

Tuition and Enrollment

University of Phoenix has an average male-to-female ratio of about 29% to 79%. Even so, as of 2023 the total enrollment rate was 85,836 of which 24,656 were males and 61,180 were female.

Nevertheless, the private for-profit university does charge tuition for both undergraduate and postgraduate scholars. See University of Missouri (MU) Columbia Acceptance Rate.

The educational establishment charges $9,552 for prospective students and $16,239 for 2023 graduate school tuition and fees.

More so, the charge per academic session on course materials and books is undisclosed. Furthermore, $9,270 is charged on room and board with other estimated expenses.

However, the school has lots of financial aid programs to aid scholars to save and cut study costs. According to data from the school, 62% of enrolled undergraduate students have received grants or scholarship aid and the average grant amount is $4,124.

After receiving the financial aid, the net price is $16,058 including tuition, fees, books & supplies costs, and living costs.

University of Phoenix Admission Requirements

With an acceptance rate of 100%, getting admission to study at the University of Phoenix would be a very easy thing.

However, meeting the general admission requirements of the institution can be simple and straightforward.

  • Those interested in going to school need to submit an application for admission and official high school transcripts. 
  • The University of Phoenix does not require standardized test scores as part of its admissions process.
  • You are required to have earned a high school diploma or GED
  • Be at least 16 years old at the time of application (for a bachelor’s degree program)
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. or hold an approved, valid visa (as well as meet an English proficiency requirement)
  • Not have been expelled from a previous institution
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Meet any state/territory-specific requirements

Depending on the program, such as the nursing program, you may need additional licensure before gaining admission into it.


Written in this article are all the requirements you are expected to know about the University of Phoenix 

Knowing this requirement will equip you while sending in your application to the university and it will also make your application stand out among other applicants.

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