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UNIUYO School Fees 2023/2024 for New and Returning Students

School fee payment is almost the most important factor that guarantees student’s membership in the university after being admitted and paying the acceptance fee.

This page will provide UNIUYO school fees for both fresh and fresh students for all the courses offered at the University of Uyo.

The payment must be made before the UNIUYO portal is closed. After the payment, you must print the original copy of the school fee receipt with some photocopies; take the original to the finance office for endorsement.

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If you just checked your name on the UNIUYO admission list and got admitted or you wish to find out how much UNIUYO students pay, you will get everything you need here.

Every student must know that the school fee is not refundable. You must be careful not to pay the money to the wrong source as fraudsters are out there to make sure most students especially the fresher’s are misled.  

How Much Is UNIUYO School Fees 2023/2024 Session

The University of Uyo students pay 57, 250 Naira to 62, 250 Naira for new students, and 46,100 to 49, 100 Naira per session depending on the department and level.

Breakdown of UNIUYO School Fees for Freshers 2023/2024

Below is the breakdown of UNIUYO school fees 2023/2024 for new and returning students

University of Uyo
2023/2024 summary of Sundry Charge payment.
YearNew Students  
 100 levelDirect Entry
 1st  semester2nd  semesterTotal1st semester2nd semesterTotal
Comm Arts37,00023,25060,25038,00024,25062,250
Theatre Arts37,00023,25060,25038,00024,25062,250
Other Departments34,00020,75055,25035,50021,75057,250
Other Departments34,50020,75055,25035,50021,75057,250
Basic Medical Sc.35,50021,75057,25036,50022,75059,250
Business Adm.34,50020,75055,25035,50021,75057,250
Clinical Science38,00024,25062,25039,00025,25064,250
Environmental Studies36,50022,75059,25037,50023,75061,250
Social Science34,50020,75055,25035,50021,75057,250

UNIUYO School Fees for Returning Students 2023/2024

2023/2024 Summary of Sundry Charges  Payable
Year200, 300, 400, 500, 600
 1st semester2nd semesterTotal
Comm  Arts25,85023,25049,100
Theater Arts25,85023,25049,100
Other Departments23,35020,75044,100
Other Departments23,35020,75044,100
Basic Medical Sc.24,35021,75046,100
Business Adm23,35020,75044,100
Clinical Science25,60023,00048,600
Environmental Studies25,35022,75048,100
Social Science23,35020,75044,100

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The school permits payment of school fees per semester if you cannot afford to pay for the full session.

When you are done paying the school fees, proceed to your examination officer and get your pin for course registration before the portal is closed.

Make sure you print the original copy of the course registration form, sign it, and then get it signed by the following people, the examination officer, the head of department (HOD) of your department, and the faculty officer.

I strongly believe you found this information useful. If you have any questions about the UNIUYO school fees, kindly drop your questions in the comment box.

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