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University of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements 2023

If you have a goal of becoming a student at the University of Texas at Austin, here is the necessary information to consider before applying to the institution.

It is very important to consider the school’s acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements before applying to the school, this is to enable you to know if you are qualified to apply and also to know the vital steps to take during the application process.

This article consists of all you need to know about the University of Texas at Austin acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. Let’s get started!

University of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate

University of Texas at Austin has the most selective admissions policy with an acceptance rate of 29%. This low acceptance rate shows that the University of Texas at Austin is extremely competitive.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to have it in mind that the University of Texas at Austin accepts any scholars who are in the top 60% of their graduating class at a high school in the state of Texas automatically.

Moreover, a law authorizes that 90% of University of Texas, Austin’s student body must consist of state residents.

As a result of this specific law and the instant acceptance process, a sizable portion of the applicant pool has a 100% opportunity of being admitted to the school. This immensely increases the acceptance rate for all other students.

University of Texas, at Austin GPA Sores

University of Texas, at Austin does not specifically need a minimum high school GPA for undergraduate applicants.

The average high school GPA of first-year students who are admitted to UT Austin is 3.8 in the previous years.

Nevertheless, in order to increase your chances of being a competitive applicant, applicants should be able to get mostly A’s in high school, with very few B’s.

This high standard puts University of Texas, at Austin in 4th place in the rankings for the highest average GPA for incoming freshmen among all colleges in Texas.

This means that an overwhelming majority of those who get accepted to UT Austin fall within the upper quartile of their high school class, indicating that admission to the college is very selective. 

Notwithstanding, in order to qualify to be considered for admission for one of the school’s graduate degree programs, it is mandatory for applicants to have completed a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent foreign degree program with a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

University of Texas, at Austin SAT or ACT

In the previous years, half of the applicants who were given admission in the University of Texas at Austin have an SAT score between 1210 and 1470 or an ACT score of 26 and 33.

Nonetheless, one-quarter of applicants who were admitted achieved scores above these ranges given and one quarter scored below these given ranges.

But, SAT or ACT test scores are not needed for the fall 2022 University of Texas, at Austin application cycle.

The school came up with this decision so as to ensure that difficulties with standardized test-taking because of the COVID-19 pandemic do not affect the ability of aspiring students to apply to the school.

Although, It is not yet known if University of Texas, at Austin will demand for SAT or ACT score submission for first-year students for the fall 2023 application cycle and beyond.

It has been clearly stated by the school that standardized test scores are just one of medium for students to show their academic potential, so those who feel as though their test scores show good academic performance are motivated to submit them.

Other Admission Requirements

Application form: The University of Texas at Austin application can be completed through the Coalition Application or the ApplyTexas application.

Application fee: A nonrefundable $75 application fee is required at the time of applying, although fee waivers are also available. , the application fee for international applicants is $90.

Essay: The application includes some short instant answers that are compulsory for applicants to answer along with an essay.

Transcript: it is mandatory for applicants to submit an official high school transcript, including all completed coursework and their class rank.

Students who have earned college credits while in high school through AP classes or dual enrollment must send a request to their previous institution to send their official transcript for the credits earned directly to University of Texas at Austin.

Some extra materials required differ depending on the majors in which applicants are interested in. As some programs of study have different prerequisites.

Scholars are required to submit any extra items needed for the majors they identified as their first and second choice on their application.


The article above emphasized on the most important things applicants need to put into consideration before sending their application to the institution.

Some of those things include the University of Texas at Austin acceptance rate, GPA, and admission requirements.

It is essential to note that the application deadline is Dec. 1, so endeavor to submit your application before then. Feel free to ask your questions concerning this article using the comment box.

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