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WashU Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirement

If you are interested in studying at Washington University and also know about the necessary things you should know about the institution, then here is the necessary information you are required to know about Washington University transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. Let’s kick off!

Things about the Institution

Established in 1853 was Washington University in St. Louis. The academic establishment was named after the first president of the United States and is founded to discourse on the requirement for midwestern institutions of higher learning.

Right from then, the Institution has become one of the country’s most distinguished private research schools. See Barnard Transfer Acceptance Rate.

Washington University has a brave history of excellence which is why it was chosen as tier-one academic research institute.

The school has been affiliated with 25 Nobel laureates, encompassing many institutions whose primary research occurred at Washington University close to its 150-year history.

Among medical schools, only three other institutions have received more funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Washington University has educated diverse range of essential figures. The Institution’s alumni include Oakland Athletics owner Lewis Wolffand, director/actor Harold Ramis, actor Peter Sarsgaard, J.P. Morgan CEO George Gatch and .

Since 1881, Washington University has been home to the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, which accommodates works from legends such as Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, and Max Ernst.

The academic establishment attracts so many applicants to itself and it is also recognized and a well respected Institution because of its high standard of education.

Washington University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Washington University in St. Louis has a low transfer acceptance rate of 20.2%. This implies that amount all the applicants who send in their admission application, only 20.2% will have the tendency of being admitted.

Many universities admit a lesser percentage of transfer students acceptance rate than the acceptance rate of regular admission students.

This takes place as a result of so many reasons which include; limited number of students a school can admit to a bias against those who do their prerequisites at another school.

Washington University does not pursue this tendency. The Institution’s 20.2% transfer acceptance rate is much larger than its acceptance rate for freshmen.

For the 2022 school year, Washington University sent offers of admission to just 10% of its applicants, down from 16% in other years.

Though the transfer acceptance rate is almost double the standard acceptance rate, yet, it is extremely hard to transfer to Washington University.

With the odds against you, it is crucial to craft the strongest possible application. See Washington University Acceptance Rate.

Application Requirements & GPA

The minimum GPA to be admitted for transfer at Washington University in St. Louis is 3.5.

Just as you might have predicted from the limited transfer rate, Washington University has extreme anticipation for those who want to join their campus.

At a minimum, Washington University transfer applicants to have gotten a GPA of 3.5 at their previous University. Moreover, they extend admission only to those who get mostly A’s, with only a handful of B’s.

However, that is the minimum to apply, which means everyone trying to switch to this academic establishment acquires those grades.

The fortunate transfer students who got admitted into Washington University definitely had a higher grade average, something closer to a perfect 4.0.

Aside from the GPA, Washington University does not have several other demands for all transfer applicants. Students can transfer during their freshmen year, or they can apply as late as their Junior year.

If a student has been away from higher education for more than two years, the school suggests they take a few classes at the various institutes before sending in their application to transfer.

With that being said, some academic programs do have their own requirements. Some anticipate transfers to finish all prerequisites before sending their application to the school, while others require to see a portfolio or audition as part of the application package.

Washington University Transfer Deadline

The transfer deadline: The transfer admission application deadline at Washington University is 1st March.

You have to document this date to enable you to remember it If you are going to transfer from your present school to Washington University in St. Louis.

Make sure that you submitted all the necessary requirements on that day to avoid waiting for an additional one year before being eligible to re-apply to the school because the school only permits transfer Students to send in their application during the Fall period.

Where first-year students can choose from multiple early decision dates and the standard deadline of January 1st, transfers get only one shot. If you miss that deadline, you will require to wait a full year before you can apply again.

You might as well recognize that the transfer deadline comes quite a bit later than the deadline for first-year students.

The reason for the distinction is the preference Washington University shows for incoming freshmen.

The University first needs to know the number of new freshmen it’s accepting before it can decide on the number of transfers to bring in.

Some might consider this a slight against transfers, but the later deadline does work out in your favor.

Those extra months can be spent gathering application materials and making the best possible argument for your acceptance.

What Is the Decision Date for Washington University?

Decision Date for Washington University: The decision date for transfers to Washington University in St. Louis is 1st April.

The advantage: Washington University does not make transfer students wait any longer than first-year students between submitting an application and hearing a decision. In both cases, the University takes three months to respond.

The disadvantage: While freshmen joining Washington University have so many months between getting their decision on 1st April and the commencement of the Fall Semester, transfer students have just over three.

That’s not a lot of time to enroll for lectures and secure materials for the upcoming semester.

In the month between making decisions for freshmen and making decisions for transfers, the university considers the number of slots available. Like each other university, this Institution has to give priority to incoming first-year students.

But once the school has gotten that number, they can then send offers of admission to the maximum possible amount of transfers.


Sending your application to the distinguished school won’t be a bad idea because of the school’s standard of education.

All you just read is emphasized on WashU Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements. Please, you can share your thoughts about this article with us via the comment section.

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