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Tech-U School Fees 2023/2024 for Freshers and Returning Students

Technical University TECH-U, Ibadan, Oyo State is an outstanding academic institution with the responsibility of providing quality education to its undergraduate students.

The institution is located in a serene environment that guarantees the safety of life and properties of the students.

The school fees for TECH-U is expensive, that is why one must know the exact amount of money required for tuition/school fees before making a choice of choosing TECH-U as a destine institution for learning.

I am going to show you how much the students of Technical University, Ibadan pay for all the Tech U courses from level 100 to final year.

If you are a fresher who checked and found your name on the Tech U admission list or an aspirant who wishes the know how much is Tech U school fees, here is the right place for you.

The Technical University, Ibadan, Oyo State has released the amount of School/Tuition Fees payable by all undergraduate students of the institution for the 2023/2024 academic session.

The breakdown of these fees is shown on this page. Make sure you go through it to know the exact amount for this session’s school fees.

Tech-U School Fees 2023/2024 for Freshers

Note: Mobile users should scroll to the side to view all the contents in the tables below.

Admission Service Charges
1.Result VerificationN10,000.00Once
2.Caution FeeN 25,000.00Once
3.Medical TestN15,000.00Once
4.Student Handbook/ProspectusN2,000.00Once
5.Matriculation Fees/Gown RentN10,000.00Once
6.Branded University Corporate Items
(e.g. School Tie/Scarf, T-Shirt, Laboratory Coat Set, etc.)
(Please note: All newly admitted students are meant to pay the sum of N 99,000 service charge; a one-off payment, then proceed to make payment of school fees, structured below.)
8.Development LevyN40,000.00Sessional
9.Medical Health InsuranceN20,000.00Sessional
10.Course RegistrationN10,000.00Sessional
11.Examination FeeN20,000.00Sessional
12.ICT (Email, Internet access, E-Portal)N40,000.00Sessional
13.ID CardN2,000.00Sessional
15.Laboratory PracticalN50,000.00Sessional
16.Workshop/Studio PracticeN30,000.00Sessional
17.Excursion/Field TripN10,000.00Sessional
18.Sports Development LevyN20,000.00Sessional
19.Entrepreneurship & Language StudiesN50,000.00Sessional
SUB-TOTAL 2N722,000Sessional
Municipal Services Charges
20.Accommodation & Municipal ServicesN200,000.00Sessional
21.Bus ServiceN20,000.00Sessional
22.Parent ForumN5,000.00Sessional
23.Association DueN2,500.00Sessional
SUB-TOTAL 3N177,500
GRAND TOTALN1,048,500.00

Tech U School Fees for Returning Students 2023/2024

Development LevyN40,000.00Sessional
Medical Health InsuranceN20,000.00Sessional
Course RegistrationN10,000.00Sessional
Examination FeeN20,000.00Sessional
ICT (Email, Internet access, E-Portal)N40,000.00Sessional
ID CardN2,000.00Sessional
Laboratory PracticalN50,000.00Sessional
Workshop/Studio PracticeN30,000.00Sessional
Excursion/Field TripN10,000.00Sessional
Sports Development LevyN20,000.00Sessional
Entrepreneurship & Language StudiesN50,000.00Sessional
SUB-TOTAL 1N722,000Sessional
Municipal Services Charges
Accommodation & Municipal ServicesN200,000.00Sessional
Bus ServiceN20,000.00Sessional
Parent ForumN5,000.00Sessional
Association DueN2,500.00Sessional
SUB-TOTAL 2N227,500
GRAND TOTALN949,500.00

Students are advised to make the payment on time and directly to the school portal. As a newly admitted student, do not give your school fee to anybody for payment as there are fraudsters around the school environment.


Print the school fee receipt after making the payment. All payments should be done through the designated banks provided by the school.

Failure to pay the school fees means the students are not eligible to sit for exams. I wish you success in your academic pursuit this session.

If there is any question you want to ask us about the Tech U school fees, let us know in the comment section.

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