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Royal Roads University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses and Requirements

Is studying in Royal Roads University your ample desire? Do you want to know how things are done in the school?

Here are the answers if your response is positive. In this post, everything about Royal Roads University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements has been carefully written and discussed to guide you on your decision.

Endeavor to read this post to the end to help you retrieve all the necessary information you desire.

About the school

Royal Roads University is a public university with its main campus in Colwood, British Columbia. It is situated at Hatley Park National Historic Site on Vancouver Island. The school was commissioned in 1995.

Following the decommissioning of Royal Roads Military College, the government of British Columbia created Royal Roads University as a public university with an applied and professional degree-granting focus.

Royal Roads University offers applied and professional programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, focusing on graduate level career development.

The programs are primarily offered in a cohort model as a blended format, combining periodic on-campus residencies for face-to-face intensive sessions with online courses.

The University offers three formats:

  • on-site with 100% face to face learning,
  • blended, with part of the program taught in a face to face residency and the balance online; and
  • completely online.

This format is designed to favour working professionals, who may complete the programs at a distance while maintaining their career. The university also offers some full-time accelerated on-campus undergraduate programs.

Royal Roads University provides world-class, innovative and competitive applied post-secondary education to career-minded professionals and individuals in Canada and abroad through an environment that meets their needs and is financially self-sufficient, including those involved socially and environmentally.

The government views Royal Roads Military College alumni as part of the broader RRU alumni community. See Universities That Accept Low GPA For Masters in Canada.

Presently, the institution has graduated more than 20,000 Scholars in the areas of leadership, business, environment, communication, tourism, hospitality and social justice who have employment opportunities in more than 60 countries around the world.

Royal Roads University Acceptance Rate

Royal Roads University has an acceptance rate of 60%. This shows that the school is selective and also competitive. It is important to note that the selection of the candidate is solely based on merit.

The requirements are the requisite scores for the defined institutions and degrees making it a little less competitive. 60-65% in the best 5 subjects is a mandatory requirement that is to be fulfilled by the candidate.

Tuition fees at Royal Roads University

The tuition for local students studying Ph.D. Programs is $79,460 while domestic students are charged within the range of $21,630 to $39,450.

Moreover, International students pay around $27,830 to $45,650 for graduate programs. For undergraduate studies, domestic students pay tuition of around $13,056 to $17,680 while International students are charged within the range of $26,624 to $35,360.

Furthermore, the tuition deposit for national students is $550 while that of the International students is $5,000.

Royal Roads University Academic Programs

  • Advanced Coaching Practices
  • Graduate Certificate: Asia Pacific Trade and Investment
  • Bachelor: Business Administration
  • Doctor: Business Administration
  • Graduate Certificate: Business Development in International Education
  • Graduate Certificate: Change Management
  • Graduate Diploma: Climate Action Leadership
  • Master of Arts: Climate Action Leadership
  • Graduate Diploma: Conflict Analysis and Management
  • Master of Arts: Conflict Analysis and Management
  • Graduate Certificate: Corporate Social Innovation
  • Graduate Diploma: Disaster and Emergency Management
  • Master of Arts: Disaster and Emergency Management
  • Graduate Diploma: Educational Leadership and Management
  • Master of Arts: Educational Leadership and Management
  • Bachelor: Entrepreneurial Management
  • Master of Arts: Environment and Management
  • Master of Science: Environment and Management
  • Graduate Certificate: Environmental Education and Communication
  • Graduate Diploma: Environmental Education and Communication
  • Master of Arts: Environmental Education and Communication
  • Master of Arts: Environmental Practice
  • Master of Science: Environmental Practice
  • Bachelor of Arts: Environmental Practice
  • Bachelor: Environmental Science
  • Master of Arts: Executive and Organizational Coaching
  • Graduate Certificate: Executive Coaching
  • Master of Business Administration: Executive Management
  • General Studies
  • Graduate Certificate: Global Leadership
  • Graduate Diploma: Global Leadership
  • Master of Arts: Global Leadership
  • Master’s: Global Management
  • Bachelor of Arts: Global Tourism Management
  • Master of Arts: Higher Education Administration and Leadership
  • Graduate Diploma: Higher Education Administration and Leadership
  • Graduate Diploma: Human Security and Peacebuilding
  • Master of Arts: Human Security and Peacebuilding
  • Graduate Certificate: Instructional Design
  • Master of Arts: Intercultural and International Communication
  • Graduate Diploma: Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Graduate Certificate: Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts: Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Master of Arts: Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Graduate Certificate: International Business and Innovation
  • Bachelor of Arts: International Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Arts: Justice Studies
  • Master of Arts: Justice Studies
  • Graduate Diploma: Justice Studies
  • Graduate Diploma: Leadership
  • Master of Arts: Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate: Leadership
  • Graduate Diploma: Learning and Technology
  • Master of Arts: Learning and Technology
  • Graduate Certificate: Management and Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate: Management Consulting
  • Graduate Certificate: Organization Design and Development
  • Graduate Certificate: Personal and Professional Leadership Development
  • Master of Arts: Professional Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts: Professional Communication
  • Graduate Certificate: Professional Communication Management
  • Graduate Certificate: Project Management
  • Graduate Diploma: Project Management and Organizational Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate: Science and Policy of Climate Change
  • Doctorate: Social Sciences
  • Graduate Certificate: Strategic Enrolment Management
  • Graduate Certificate: Strategic Global Communication
  • Graduate Certificate: Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Graduate Certificate: Sustainable Community Development
  • Graduate Certificate: Systems Leadership in Higher Education
  • Graduate Diploma: Technology-enhanced Learning and Design
  • Graduate Certificate: Tourism Management
  • Master of Arts: Tourism Management
  • Graduate Certificate: Transforming Child Protection to Wellbeing
  • Graduate Certificate: Values-Based Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate: Workplace Innovation

Royal Roads University Ranking

Royal Roads University ranked the top public university for an active and collaborative academic experience and level of academic challenge by The 2011 National Student Engagement Survey (NSSE).

In 2008 The Globe and Mail’s Canadian University Report gave Royal Roads grades in particular categories along with 55 other universities. The grades are based on the Globe and Mail student satisfaction survey.

Royal Roads was one of the 14 universities in the under 4000 students assessment pool and received a grade of B. See Okanagan University College Acceptance Rate.

The school ranked the Bcom 25th overall out of 47 universities and 4th in the Small Sized Business School category in Knights Magazine.

The MBA ranked 22 overall out of 35 universities and 4th in the Small Sized Business School category. Corporate Knights magazine bases its rankings on “the integration of environmental and social issues into university and college programmes

Admission requirements

To be qualified to send in your application for degree programs at Royal Roads University,

You must be a student presently or have graduated from a recognized college preparatory school or high school with a minimum score of B (73%) average in four 12th grade academic courses, including English. 12.

Additional requirements include:

The completion of the following approved courses:

  • English 11
  • Foundations of Mathematics 11 or Precalculus 11
  • Science 11
  • Social Studies 11/12 of BC High School Curriculum or equivalent

Application procedures

You must complete the following steps and submit all supporting documents; then your application will be evaluated. Follow the steps below to apply.

1. Apply Online

With your email address, create an account. Please list your high school diploma, along with currently completed or enrolled postsecondary courses or programs and pay the application fee.

2. Submit Official High School Transcripts

Electronic transcripts are accepted from British Columbia High School and British Columbia Postsecondary Institutions.

Otherwise, official transcripts are expected to be sent directly from the issuing institution or examining body in their original sealed envelope.

Note: International transcripts or credentials are subject to a credential evaluation fee or a credential evaluation report.

3. Write a Personal Statement

At Royal Roads University, you are encouraged to be actively involved in your learning, so you should write a one or two-page essay that answers the following questions:

  • What informed your decision to apply to Royal Roads University?
  • What interests you about the chosen program and makes you feel that it is right for you?
  • Why is it important to you to make changes?
  • Add any other information that you think might be relevant to your application.

4. Provide Proof of English Language Proficiency

You must submit an English language proficiency qualification report, in case English is not your primary language.

5. Submit Other Documents

You must provide a copy of your permanent resident (PR) card with your application if you are a permanent resident or have a refugee status by convention in Canada. You must declare the original card when you arrive at Royal Roads.

Advance Conditional Offers

An advance conditional offer may be extended to you if you have completed or are currently enrolled in your preferred program courses and have met the minimum GPA requirement.

This offer will include admission conditions that must be met before starting your program.

Your final transcript and confirmation must be received at RRU indicating that you have met the admission requirements as of the date identified in your offer letter before your program can begin.

Language Requirements

English is the primary language of instruction and communication at Royal Roads University, therefore it is mandatory that all students meet the English language requirements.

Accordingly, you must show proof of a minimum level of English proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing when applying.

More so, Undergraduate candidates are expected to have the following;

IELTS-Academic: 6.5, no single band scores less than 6.0

TOEFL-iBT: 88, a minimum of 20 in reading, writing, listening and speaking

PTE-A: 60, with a section not less than 58

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