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University of Alberta Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses and Requirements

Are you planning to be a student at the University of Alberta but you don’t know the essential information pertaining to the things that you will be required from you as a prospective student of the school?

Never mind, because this post is for you if your response is positive. We will cover everything about the University of Alberta acceptance rate, tuition, courses, and requirements in this article.

University of Alberta has been approved as one of the best research universities in the world., The institution ranks among the top five education and research universities in Canada.

The institution offers more than 200 undergraduate programs and more than 500 graduate programs at its various campuses. The school has five campuses where it carries out its programs.

This academic establishment has over 40,000 scholars from different parts of the world as a result of its high standard of education.  

This academic Institution makes so many alternatives for its students to give attention to meaningful research and make outstanding discoveries by having the second largest research libraries in Canada.

In the process of learning at the institution, the scholars experience supporting the learning environment, encouraging them to follow academic, research, recreational, cultural and political interests.

The school ranked #2 in graduate employability, the university offers an excessive amount of privilege in the form of internships, job shadowing and career mentoring.

The University of Alberta can be an excellent alternative for international scholars who are willing to be among exceptional people, making global impact.

University of Alberta Acceptance Rate:

The University of Alberta has an acceptance rate of 58%. See Mount Royal College Acceptance Rate.

University of Alberta Tuition:

A new tuition model has been introduced for international students by The University of Alberta. Prospective students will be required to submit guaranteed tuition rate during the admission process.

With this guarantee, the students can look out for a stable and predictable tuition cost throughout the program duration With this guarantee.

Tuition For undergraduate programs:

Fresh students in the institution are demanded to pay non-refundable tuition charge of CAD 1,000. other tuition and fees can be estimated by using a cost calculator because tuition charges for undergraduates differ based on the program each individual is studying.

For graduate and doctoral programs:

The students instructional fees differ between programs with standard fees and programs with non-standard fees.

Moreover, there are numerous non-instructional fees such as administrative fees, sports facility access and insurance which are demanded to be paid by the Scholars.

It is mandatory to note that full-time students are automatically admitted in the GSA Health and Dental Plan in the Fall Term (providing 12-month coverage) and at a pro-rated cost to students commencing in the Winter Term.

International students can make payments via Global Pay for Students by using Western Union Business Solutions.

  • The Annual Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs ranges between CAD29,500.00  to 47,314.26.
  • The annual tuition fee for Masters Programs with Non-Standard Fees (MBA, Master of Accounting, Master of Education) ranges from CAD 5,110.00 – 28,281.00
  • Annual tuition fee for Non-Thesis Graduate Programs is CAD 1,864.30 per three courses
  • Annual tuition fee for Masters (Thesis) Programs and PhD is CAD 8,700.00

Source: University of Alberta

It is very essential to note that, as the tuition and other fees are realiable to change at any point, international students are suggested to check the actual tuition cost of each Program at the university website.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

International students can be looked at attentively for diverse international University of Alberta scholarships.

The university awards CAD 32 million each year in undergraduate scholarships. Both Application-based and Admission-based scholarships provided for undergraduate Scholars.

Admission-based Scholarships

For Admission-based Scholarships, international undergraduate students are checked when they send in their application for admission.

Scholars with higher academic status have better opportunities of getting these scholarships as the qualification is focused on the Scholars’ high school admission average at the process of the admission offer.

There are different types of scholarships given under admission-based Scholarships and the amount given in it as financial aid can range between CAD 5,000 and CAD 9,000.

Application-based Scholarships

For Application-based Scholarships, undergraduate students are demanded to send is their application early on basis of their qualifications.

Under this type of Scholarship, some scholarships are given on the basis of leadership ability and higher academics, while others look at declared financial need along with exceptional admission average. The scholarship worth is between CAD 7,500 and CAD 53,000.

Courses offered in University of Alberta:

University of Alberta offers approximately 359 undergraduate programs and more than 500 graduate programs in 300 research areas.

 There are chances for international students to apply for degrees, diplomas or certificates provided under different faculties at the institution. There are alternatives for full-time and part-time courses at both undergraduate and graduate level.

Here is the list of courses offered in University of Alberta;

  • Engineering
  • Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation
  • Law
  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Science
  • Native Studies
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Public Health

Qualification and Documents Required from Students

For you to be admitted to the University of Alberta as an international student, you are required to pass the eligibility stage mainly on academic grades, English proficiency and completion of required subjects.

Listed below are the specific eligibility requirements you are expected to pass based on the level of program you are aspiring to study. See the best law school in Canada.

Undergraduate Level Requirements

For the undergraduate level, international students are assessed based on grade 10 and 12 board results.

If the students are looking out for Early Admission, predicted Grade 12 results are to be submitted to the institution. Confirmation of admission will take place after submitting the final Grade 12 results.

Other Requirements encompass

Successful completion of five academic subjects related to the course and the faculty.

Students who scored more than 75 percent in All India Senior Secondary School Certificate (ISSC) Core English, given by the Central Board of Secondary Education, meet the University of Alberta’s English language proficiency requirements.

  • IELTS Academic: An overall band score of 6.5 or higher; individual component scores of 5.5 or higher
  • TOEFL iBT: Lowest score of 90 overall with lowest score of 21 in every section
  • Pearson Test of English-Academic (PTE): An overall score of 61 or better; individual component scores of 60 or better
  • Duolingo English Test (DET): An overall score of at least 115 for English Language Proficiency, with no subscore below 95. 125 for Spoken English Proficiency, with no subscore below 105.

Graduate Level Requirements (Master and Doctoral programs):

For Master program, a four-year Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent as well known by University of Alberta)

For Doctoral program, Master’s degree (or equivalent as recognized by University of Alberta)

Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3 on most 4-point grading systems or B on most letter grading systems, based on the most recent two years of full-time study (or equivalent) is required for both Master and Doctoral programs.

Students, having a degree or its academic equivalent from an institution recognized by the University of Alberta and where the language of instruction is English, meet the University of Alberta’s English language proficiency requirements

IELTS Academic: An overall band score of 6.5 or greater; individual component scores of 5.5 or better

TOEFL iBT: Minimum score of 90 overall with a minimum of 21 in individual component scores

Pearson Test of English-Academic (PTE): An overall score of 61 or better; individual component scores of 60 or better

What all documents are needed for application?

Documents Required for Admission Application:

If you are an international student applying to the University of Alberta

For applying to the University of Alberta, international applicants are required to upload the scanned documents in jpeg or PDF format with the UAlberta application.

The maximum size of the file is 10 MB. The students can add updated documents at a later date into the online application by clicking ‘update courses’.

The hard copies of the final documents will be sent to the official address of the University of Alberta.

  • Applicant Type
  • Documents Required
  • Undergraduate Applicants (currently attending post-secondary institutions)
  • High School Transcript of Grade 11
  • Any Interim Grade 12 Scores
  • Any Final Grade 12 Scores
  • English Language Test Score / Result
  • Undergraduate Applicants (completed post-secondary education)
  • High School Certificate/Diploma
  • Transcript of Grades
  • English Language Test Score / Result
  • Graduate and Doctoral Applicants Required Documents for Admission:
  • English Language Test Score / Result
  • Transcripts, Degree Certificates, Marksheets
  • Department-Specific Documents
  • CV, Statement of Intent, Statement of Research Interest, Writing Samples
  • Reference Letters

It is necessary to note that, As document requirements may differ depending on the program, international applicants are suggested to check the program page for specific application related requirements

Admission Process

The admission procedure at the University of Alberta commences almost one year before the program commences.

Admission for undergraduates begins on 1st October and ends on Ist March for some of the programs.

The students who accept the offer can register for the program in the month of April. Ist May is the deadline to accept the admission offer.

The students are needed to submit the required documents by ist August as lectures commence in September.

What are the chances to get into this university?

The University of Alberta offers undergraduate admission based on competitive average in the required courses for a program.

For graduate programs, the chances of gaining admission into the University of Alberta are determined by the department specific requirements.

Some departments require extreme academic eligibility and even look at the applicants previous work experience, statement of research interests along with GRE and GMAT scores.

In order to have better opportunities of gaining admission to the institution, international students should are advised to retain outstanding grades throughout their academic journey.


All you have read in this article is vital information about the University of Alberta.

This article covers all you expected to know about the University of Alberta acceptance rate, tuition, Courses, and requirements as an aspiring student of the academic establishment. Don’t hesitate to ask your question using the comment box if you have any.

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